Were You Bullied or Teased?

If you were bullied or teased as a child or you have a child in school or any unsupervised peer group setting, you must watch this video. I was so profoundly moved; it brought me to tears. We tend to invalidate the ways in which childhood teasing can have a devastating effect on self-worth by saying things like, “Kids are just being kids.” Just as there’s no justification for child abuse, there is no justification for bullying or teasing (which is really another form of abuse).


3 comments to Were You Bullied or Teased?

  • Lisa

    Wow… unbelievably well expressed.. and described with amazing perspective and artistry… Thank you for helping spread this crucial message!

  • Katy

    Absolutely incredible x resonated in every sense !

  • Georgina

    This is such a powerful and poignant video, all parents/parents-to-be should watch it… Thanks for sharing it.