Autumn Anxiety

It might seem a bit early to talk about autumn, but highly sensitive people feel the turn of the seasons during these first days of August, and it can often trigger Autumn Anxiety. As I shared on Instagram recently:

Autumn is the season of nostalgia. It’s the season of grief and firelight and letting go. It’s a time when memories from the past often surface, and we feel more connected to our departed ancestors. Even though the heat of summer still blazes, as minutes of sunlight decrease each day we feel the descent. We can love autumn still feel anxious about its arrival as it signals the passage of time.

Community Garden Flower: Beth Hartshone

As such, it’s the ideal time to plant the flower that is Beth Hartshorne in the Community Garden. Two of her music videos are linked below, as well as a link to more of her work. Please feel free to share your comments below!

Here is Beth’s email to me after I announced the Community Garden (shared with permission):

I love the concept of a community garden and wanted to take the opportunity to share a song I wrote called Autumn’s Approaching, linked here.

I wrote Autumn’s Approaching several years ago as I noticed that, after losing my Grandma (my secure base / heroine), a fresh wave of sadness and sense of loss would arrive with this seasonal transition. I thought I was the only person to experience this until I read your book, The Wisdom of Anxiety. I remember how it brought a sense of validation and connection, knowing I wasn’t alone in this experience. It spurred me on to have the courage to share my songs with hope that I could extend that offering to another highly sensitive person.

Your work has helped me through anxiety, marriage and, more recently, becoming a mother. Again, I was surprised to find my experience reflected in your work as I wanted nothing more than to be by the sea when I was pregnant, and wrote a song called ‘This Shore’ – it’s so interesting to see how humans intuitively connect with nature’s wisdom at each stage of life!

Thank you for your work and wisdom.

Click here to listen to more of Beth’s gorgeous music.

What a gift you are, Beth, and what an honor to share the gift of you with my audience.

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