Alanis Morissette

Sheryl Interviews Alanis


It was an honor and a joy to speak with my dear friend Alanis Morissette back in August 2010 about her transition into marriage and the following year about her transition into her first pregnancy.

Consistent with her musical style, Alanis spoke with honesty and courage about the challenges she encountered during her transitions.




Interview on Marriage Transition

I’m deeply grateful for her willingness to help break the taboo that the engagement is supposed to be only a happy time and talk about her commitment to, in her words, “barrel through the fear thoughts” so that she could evolve toward love. I’m sure you will derive immense comfort and inspiration from her story.

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Interview on Motherhood Transition

As always, Alanis speaks with honesty and wisdom and isn’t afraid to delve into the deeper aspects of her life. In this exclusive interview from 2011, she shares her challenges, joys, fears, and how she prepared for her life-altering transition into motherhood:

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