Alanis Morissette

The 2010 Interview


It was an honor and a joy to speak with Alanis Morissette back in August about her recent transitions into marriage and pregnancy.

Consistent with her musical style, Alanis spoke with honesty and courage about the challenges she encountered during her engagement.

I’m deeply grateful for her willingness to help break the taboo that the engagement is supposed to be only a happy time and talk about her commitment to, in her words, “barrel through the fear thoughts” so that she could evolve toward love. I’m sure you will derive immense comfort and inspiration from her story.

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Learn from Alanis’ Lyrics about Relationship Transitions

Getting married

Over the next three weeks I’ll be writing a series of “Alanis-inspired” posts. The seven topics will be on where one of Alanis’ songs intersects with the seven lessons of my Conscious Weddings E-Course: From Anxiety to Serenity.

For example, Lesson 2 of the E-Course is called “Why Is My Partner Driving Me Crazy?” or Understanding Projection, and her song will be Madness.

In other words, I’ll be writing about how each of the seven songs elucidates a key point of the wedding transition.

Here’s one of my favorite quotes from the interview (which dovetails beautifully with Lesson 4: What If These Feelings Mean I’m Making a Mistake? or Accepting Uncertainty):

“The challenge was to be able to discern between the loud voice saying, ‘No! Don’t! Stop!’ and the truth. For me, I had to be able to stop and discern where that voice was coming from. Is this actually true? Am I actually making a mistake? Or is that I’m outside of my jurisdiction and in new territory that’s terrifying and my ego wants me to go back to my old comfortable ways.

“I had to not be reactive and say, ‘Okay, because I’m freaking out I’m calling it off’ or hit the pause button. Sometimes the pause button is great but for me I just wanted to barrel through the fear thoughts knowing that there were going to be a lot of voices that were attached to me being an individualistic person.”

Alanis Morissette

Thank you, Alanis, for your willingness to be honest and vulnerable, for your commitment to your own healing, and the healing of the planet. Let us all barrel through the fear and evolve in love.

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Alanis Morissette

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11 comments to Alanis Morissette

  • TAL

    What a tremendous quote from Alanis Morrisette on (not) listening to that loud “NO!” voice. That was the first thing I had to learn how to do to be able to discern what I was really going through during my own engagement terrors (I’ve now been very happily married for almost two years and haven’t regretted it for a second). Thanks for this!

  • Maya

    What an amazing interview! And what an awesome feeling to be in the same “club” as someone like Alanis Morissette! This will be such an inspiration to so many. I especially loved what she said about making mistakes…how she had to remember that her goal in life was to evolve and not be perfect. Similarly, I believe that whether or not something is a “mistake” depends completely on how you choose to view it.

  • Always appreciate an Alanis interview–someone who doesn’t play word games and tells everyone, this time Sheryl, exactly how she feels. I sure hope the new year greets her with even more success than she has currently achieved!

  • p.h.

    the day my now-husband and i filed our application for a wedding license, i sat in my car alone and bawled, utterly grief-stricken. i did this several more times, and i spent the first many months of my marriage feeling sad and resentful without any sense of why. thank you for this.

  • Alejandro L.A

    hi, i want to asf you something: i am a single-gay man i am 27 years old i spent last 10 years with a kind of “soulmate” but our relationship is over. after 8 months i feel overwhelmed because i cant overcome this situation, i miss him so mucho, he is in my dreams every night and the worst part is that he is happy with other person now. i scream to God with my prayers but he never answers me….what can i do now?

    thank u very much for your advice.


    • It can take a long time to move through the grief and anger activated by a break up. If you haven’t done so already, please download my free eBook on Conscious Transitions, as there’s a chapter on Breaking Up. You can access it through subscribing to my eZine on this site. The pain of a break up is real and intense and requires vast amounts of time to grieve. The pain also often triggers old pain from childhood around situations where you felt abandoned or replaced. God is answering you, but perhaps not the way you think it “should” come.

  • SH

    Do you know if Alanis has written elsewhere about her relationship with her husband? I would have been interested to know more about her specific fears – e.g. Did she fear that she didn’t love him enough? etc. And also about perfectionism/ocd type thinking – e.g. Did they struggle with conflict? Do you know if she has written about this elsewhere? Thank you so much.

    • I don’t know if she’s written about her marriage elsewhere but I do know that she’s deeply committed to dealing with her core wounds and root fears, and will stop at nothing in her quest for healing – both in her marriage and in her life.

  • SG

    This website is so calming, pure and honest. I love what you have created here.

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