Twenty years ago, in February 1999, I created my first website. It was a laborious and painstaking process back then: no high-speed internet, no drag-and-drop, user-friendly website templates, no digital capabilities like uploading images from a smartphone or downloading them from the internet. Every step required ten other steps, but I was committed to bringing my work around transitions – which was my primary focus at that time – further into the world and the internet seemed like the best way to accomplish this goal. So I sat in a tiny room in a corner of a house that cold winter, pouring over manuals and learning basic coding until a simple first site was born. I loved that site; not only did it allow me make contact with a broader audience for the first time but it was thrilling to see a tiny seed in my imagination come to fruition through the magic of the computer.

It’s now February 2019, twenty years after that initial launch, and I’m delighted to unveil a new incarnation of my website. After months of working closely with my brilliant webmaster, Sam Winter of Geekpoint, today the new site is born. Other than the beautiful visual changes that have been implemented on each page thanks to Sam’s brilliant design eye, I’d like to outline the main changes and offerings for you:

1. Mobile-Responsive:The biggest functional change is that, at long last, my site is now mobile-responsive. Yay! This means that for the 75% of you that access my site through phones and tablets, you’ll be able to see, click, comment, and scroll with much greater facility. Many of you have contacted me in recent years to let me know that my site was running slowly or that it was difficult to comment from a phone, and that should be resolved now.

It took me some time to catch up with the trend, and I’ll tell you why: Twenty years ago cell phones didn’t exist. Even when I re-launched my site ten years ago and started my blog they were still a tiny blip on the technological horizon, and tablets were unheard of. And because I’m not a gadget person (I still spend most of my screentime on my laptop) it took me a while to catch the wave. But eventually, thanks to some hints from Google and a few gentle nudges from my audience, I realized the importance of having a mobile-responsive site and I caught up with the trend. I hope this makes your site experience more enjoyable.

2. Blog Collections: As you’ll see if you click on Blog in the menu above, my top posts are now organized into categories. This will not only help new readers to gain quick access to my most helpful posts on a particular topic, but it will also long-term readers easily access their favorite posts. It will also help if you would like to send someone to my site and direct them to their specific manifestation of anxiety (intrusive thoughts, general anxiety, lack of attraction, transitions, etc). Click here to learn more.

3. Free Offerings: I have several new free offerings, and now they’re consolidated and beautifully organized (again, thanks to Sam) on one page. The most exciting of these free offerings is a 7-day free course on anxiety! You can learn more and sign up here.

4. Self-Paced Option for my 30- and 40-day Courses: I have four live courses that I lead once or twice a year: Open Your Heart, Trust Yourself, Sacred Sexuality, and Grace Through Uncertainty. I will still be leading these courses, but if you don’t want to wait for the next round, you can now sign up for a self-paced option at a reduced price, then pay a small additional fee to join the next live round and receive the full support of the calls and forum.

For example, I’m just finishing up a round of Sacred Sexuality and I won’t be offering another live round for a year, but if you want to go through the course on your own then join the next live round when I offer it again in a year you now have the option to do so. Click on any of the courses above for more information.

*** Please Note: Registration is now open for my 14th live round of Open Your Heart: A 30-Day course to feel more love and attraction for your partner.

5. MP3 with Blog Posts: Some of my blog posts will now include an MP3 version. I know many of you like to listen to podcasts while commuting or exercising, and this will give you the option of hearing my post read to you instead of reading it on your own. You can see and hear an example of this on the Inspiration Collection Page for the blog post You Are Loved.

6. My New Book, The Wisdom of Anxiety, is Available for Pre-Order: Finally, my new book is not only available for pre-order but you can sign up to receive a free sample chapter on this page. I know many of you have been asking on Instagram when the book will be available. The publication date is May 28, 2019, but if you preorder it now you will be the first to receive it. And apparently pre-orders help Amazon’s algorithm kick in, so it’s a great way to support my book. Thank you in advance and I’ll be making more announcements about my book as the publication date nears.

There are other changes as well; too many to list here. In fact, every single page has been redesigned, from the Home Page to the Contact Page, so I encourage you to click around and have a look and let me know your thoughts!

Lastly, my team asks for your patience over the next few days as we iron out any glitches that arise. This is a massive site, and while Sam has an extraordinary attention to detail and is truly a master of his craft, there may be technological glitches that arise. If you’re a Break Free From Relationship Anxiety course member and you have trouble accessing the material, please contact my assistant, Kathryn, and she will gladly assist you (kathryn at conscious hyphen transitions dot com).

And lastly, lastly… thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support over the years. Thank you for reading my weekly posts, for your heartfelt comments, and for allowing me to guide you into the dark and beautiful inner labyrinths of soul. Thank you for your willingness to be vulnerable and share your inner worlds with me. As I say in the acknowledgments of my book, you all are my greatest teachers, and none of this would exist without you. Thank you. 

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