If you’re reading this blog, it might be because you’re on the ride of being engaged. One of my primary intentions in starting this blog/site is to be able to communicate you easily on weekly basis through blogs, articles, and videos to make sure you know that if you’re feeling anxious during your engagement, you’re not alone.

You may have felt excited when your fiance proposed, or not. You may have felt excited leading up to the proposal, or not. You may find that you’re feeling more anxious, confused, and scared than you ever thought you’d feel during your engagement. You’re supposed to be on cloud nine, right? You’re supposed to be excited about planning your wedding, right? Well, that’s certainly true for some people, but if you’re having a different experience, you’re far from alone.

One of my clients last week said to me, “Why am I the only person I know who feels this way?” To which I responded, “You’re not. I talk to women and men every day who are as confused and anxious as you are. And I’ve been doing so for twelve years. You are NOT alone.” But the only way she’ll really believe me is if people start speaking up and telling the truth about how they really feel during their engagement. So here we are.

Let’s start this honest, conscious conversation about how people really feel during their engagement and first year of marriage. I’ll be blogging as much as possible and creating videos each week on various topics that related to your engagement anxiety. And I look forward to hearing back from you as we change the way people talk about wedding in this culture – and around the world. Be sure to check out my site for articles and videos that will help you as well –



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