Love in the Time of Corona

The title of Gabriel Garcia Marquez's book Love in the Time of Cholera keeps popping into my head. It's been years since I've read the book and it likely bears little resemblance to what is currently sweeping the globe, but nevertheless when a title embeds itself into...

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This Is the Fastest Way I Know to Shift From Darkness to Light

There are times when it feels like the walls of the world are caving in, when the windows of psyche slam shut with curtains drawn so tight that no light gets in. The darkness can enfold and leave in a moment, or it can remain for a while. It's during these times that...

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This is One of the Scariest Things Humans Do

Whenever I meet someone new and we talk about how my 15-year old son is a pilot, they look at me sideways and say something like, "You're a brave mom to let him fly." As I've written about in other posts, allowing him to fly does, indeed, drag me into a regular...

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I Hid in the Bookstore to Learn About Sex

In response to an email called "Emerging Womanhood" from my Sacred Sexuality course, a member shared the following on the forum. What touches me so deeply about her response is not only the exquisite vulnerability with which she tells her stories of becoming a young...

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