A Remedy When You Don’t Know Who You Are

Our culture entrains us not to know who we are. From the time we're born and continuing into our early years, we're conditioned to externalize our sense of self through being told when and how to eat, sleep, play, socialize, learn. Although this may be changing, the...

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How One Lightbulb Moment Can Ease Your Anxiety

In every session with clients, I drop down into the core of myself, breathing and opening into the vessel of being so that I can listen with the ears we do not see, the ones that hear underneath the top layers stories into the invisible layers where the gem that needs...

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One of the Anxious Statements I Hear Every Week

One of the blessings of listening to the inner worlds of my global audience is that I hear about the thoughts, feelings, questions, and stories that are archetypal to all human beings. I've written extensively about the various intrusive thoughts that enter my virtual...

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One of the Most Powerful Questions to Cut Through Anxiety (Relationships, Parenting, Health, Friendship)

When addressing anxiety effectively, we must attend to all four realms of self: physical, emotional, cognitive, and soul - or body, heart, mind, and soul. Attending only to one of the four realms is helpful, but it won't help you heal anxiety from the root. By...

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