Bréne Brown: The Power of Vulnerability

A client sent me a link to this video, and I found it inspiring, insightful, and illuminating. If there’s one through-line I’ve noticed between all of my clients who are suffering from anxiety – either transitional or life – it’s the belief that says, “I’m not enough. There’s something wrong with me. I’m not worthy.” Ms. Brown addresses this belief and discusses the key to leading the fullness of life that you deserve. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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  • Shauna

    Every part of what she said touched me.

    It made me realize that I have been carrying a ton of shame around with me because I didn’t have that “I just knew” feeling. I felt like something was wrong with me and my relationship.

    I am scared right now because I think I just realized that in order to move past this and grow, I need to share these fears with my fiance and I am really scared of what he might think.

    I want you to tell me I don’t have to but I think I do.

  • Tanya

    Love it! I recently stumbled onto the work of Dr Brown and it has helped me immensley to identify and begin to release the false beliefs that have been buried and hidden deep beneath the layers of relationship and life anxiety I have experienced!Here are the links to Dr Brown’s most recent Ted talk – it is as inspiring and insightful as her first one. Dr Brown’s honesty is so refreshing!

    Thank you for your ongoing inspiration Sheryl – your blog continues to make a significant difference in my life!

  • Blm5126

    Shauna, I think you will be surprised at how your fiance will react. If he is anything like the hundreds of men and women who are the partners of us conscious brides and grooms, he will be incredibly supportive. My fiance has said that this experience has given him a renewed sense of strength in who he is as a person, compelling him to be the man he has always wanted to be (strong, supportive, stable, loving, giving, etc). Fears are just fears, they don’t have to have any big meaning and if you continue to hold them in you are just giving them more importance. You can limit what you tell your fiance. You don’t have to tell him every little detail or annoyance. Check out the e-course if you need/want additional support. There is a forum there of conscious brides and grooms that understand exactly what you are going through. Stay strong!

  • Laura_m_B

    Hi Sheryl, thanks for posting this film, it was incredible and it was a real ‘a-ha, now I get it’ for me (with lots of tears!).I realise that I’m not ‘whole-hearted’ at all. Do you think that a person can become whole-hearted if they work at it? Thanks. Lx

  • Absolutely, Laura! That’s what the spiritual/healing path is about: learning to open your heart more and more so that you can evolve in your capacity to give and receive love.

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