Conscious Motherhood Counseling

The need for an emotional midwife – someone to guide you through the challenges and joys of your birth as a mother – can arise at any stage.

Preconception: Are you trying to conceive and feeling scared or panicked as month after month your period comes?

First Trimester: Are you pregnant and feeling alone with the exhaustion or nausea that’s overtaken you in your first trimester, sensing that perhaps there’s a deeper function at play but mystified as to what that could be? Do you long to honor your body’s impulse to slow down and possibly withdraw to a quiet place but feel pressured to keep up the fast pace and act as if nothing is changing?

Second Trimester: Are you aware that alongside the radiant joy of being pregnant there are also fears, losses, and expectations about becoming a mother that need to be explored and expressed? Do you have a gender preference but are too ashamed to admit it and talk about it with anyone?

Third Trimester: Are you frustrated by the lack of information that will help you prepare spiritually for the most daunting rite of passage of your life: labor? Are you frustrated by the over-focus on “things” and concerned that your baby shower might leave you feeling empty since the ritual that you’re really needing is a mother shower?

New Motherhood: Do you feel alone, confused, inadequate, scared? Are you overwhelmed by the 24/7 reality of being a mother? Are you having a hard time bonding with your baby? Are you grieving the loss of the old life?

A woman would never consider birthing a baby without the guidance of an experienced professional, yet most women overlook the importance of seeking guidance for the birth of their own identity as a mother. Because our culture underestimates or ignores the importance of honoring transitions, women tend to forget that there is important work to be done in each stage that can immeasurably assist her as she crosses over from non-mother to mother. With a culture that over-focuses on the material and definable aspects of pregnancy and new motherhood – getting the right stroller, the right baby clothes, right paint for the new room, the ultrasounds, the baby’s development, the woman’s physical symptoms – a woman’s interior realms are ignored. The truth is that none of the externals matter as much as how prepared a woman is to let go of her old life so that she can embrace the one that is before her. Failure to discuss any of the above issues can interfere with the smooth development of the mother identity and impede a woman’s capacity to connect with her new baby.

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