Conscious Motherhood: From Preconception through Early Motherhood

Welcome to Conscious Motherhood! Whether you’re thinking about trying to conceive, pregnant, or are in the first year of motherhood, you’ve found a place where you can begin to explore and express the exhilarating, terrifying, joyous, exhausting, and life-affirming journey of becoming a mother. While there are hundreds of web sites, books, and articles to assist women in understanding the physical aspects of pregnancy and new motherhood – the symptoms in each trimester, the baby’s growth, the foreign ground of diaper changing, newborn sleep patterns, and breastfeeding – this is the only site that is exclusively devoted to helping a woman understand the stages of transition that comprise the building blocks of her new identity as mother.

Please Note: Many of you have been awaiting the release of my Home Study Program: Birthing a New Mother: A Roadmap from Preconception through Early Motherhood to Calm Your Anxiety, Prepare Your Marriage, and Become the Mother You Want to Be. The program is now complete and available for purchase! To learn about the full program, click here.  

When a woman approaches each stage of her transition into motherhood consciously – allowing herself to listen to her body’s wisdom and slow down enough during pregnancy to express her fears, talk about her expectations, grieve the loss of the old life, and prepare spiritually for labor – she naturally finds that the shock that greets the vast majority of women during the first months of motherhood is tempered or non-existent and she can embrace her new identity and, more importantly, her new baby, with gratitude and presence. And if you are one of the 20% of women who is suffering from postpartum depression or the 80% who is struggling through the confusion of baby blues, this site will help you review your transition and do the necessary work that will allow you to understand your feelings enough to move through them and become the mother you are meant to be.

If you are pregnant, you are housing the miracle of a baby’s creation and if you’re a new mother you are witnessing the actualization of this miracle daily. But the birth of your identity as a mother is also a miracle! And miracles aren’t created without hard work, grace, and consciousness. In order to create this brand new identity, you must shed the old life, you must allow your other identities of work-self, wife-self, friend-self, daughter-self, and essential-self to hibernate for a season, you must face your expectations about how you thought you would feel and act as a mother and then, within the extraordinary mother-baby dyad, your new identity as a mother is born.

Motherhood is one of the most important transitions a woman endures. The degree to which a new mother can embrace her identity and lifestyle directly affects the degree to which she embraces her new baby. At present, 10-15% of women to suffer from postpartum depression and 50-80% of women to suffer through the confusion of “baby blues” with no roadmap or context to help them through this transition. When a new mother spends her first year of motherhood in shock and depression instead of the acceptance, gratitude and joy that emerge from a conscious transition, she deprives both herself and her baby of a present, emotionally available experience.

As a culture, we owe it to impending and new mothers and to their vulnerable offspring to facilitate their preparation for the monumental changes inherent to this transition. Our culture commits a grave disservice by encouraging a pregnant woman to focus exclusively on the baby’s development and the preparation of the nursery when she should be following the lead of her body and using the challenges of pregnancy to help prepare her for the birth of her identity as mother. Deprived of a essential information, most women have no idea that they are supposed to be following their bodies or how to do that. They don’t realize that there is, in fact, a roadmap that women’s bodies follow.

Conscious Motherhood was created to offer women this roadmap and information so they can complete the transition into motherhood with confidence and joy. Instead of spending her pregnancy focused exclusively on the physical growth of her baby and preparing the nursery, when a woman approaches each stage of pregnancy, birth and new motherhood consciously, she develops the resources of endurance, patience, tolerance, faith, and self-trust that allow her to blossom into the mother – and person – she’s meant to be.

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  • Roxanne

    I am wondering if anyone who lives in the NY/NJ metro area saw the news tonight about “prepartum” depression. There was a 10 minute segment talking about how more than 10% (don’t quote me) of all women struggle with intense anxiety, depression, and fear after finding out they are pregnant. They noted the awareness of postpartum depression and indicated that while most people accept postpartum depression as “normal” many do not understand how profoundly a woman changes psychologically after finding out they are pregnant and how it is not always “the happiest time of their lives.” The doctor talked about how they “massive life change” can bring on severe depression despite the notion of a woman feeling ecstatic over being pregnant.

    In addition, a few brave women were interviewed and discussed their “taboo” feelings and thoughts about feeling anxious, sad, fearful, and depressed about being pregnant.

    While watching this, I couldn’t help but connect what so many of us on this website think and feel about both engagement and pre-conception anxiety. It was refreshing to see the news anchors validate these women’s feelings. Hopefully this will bring some insight to people who can’t quite understand the anxious feelings as well as let other women who are struggling silently know that they are not alone.

  • This is VERY interesting and completely in line with the work that I do around the motherhood transition. In fact, it’s the primary reason why I created the Birthing a New Mother Home Study Program – and I’m happy to see that the taboo is starting to break about prepartum depression just as it has been for postpartum depression. I’ll have to find the interview!

  • Roxanne

    I’ll see if I can locate the interview–if I do, I’ll post the link! I know you’ll enjoy and appreciate the segment.

  • Roxanne

    Sorry Sheryl, but I wasn’t able to locate the interview…darn! Maybe it will pop up on the news again!

  • I’m considering the possibility of motherhood right now. I have quite a bit of fears, especially about the postpartum depression. I probably watch too much movie but I don’t want to be one of those women who does something really bad to the child while suffering this condition, if I did.

  • unrealistic reality

    Sheryl, I haven’t spoken to you in almost a year since before my wedding, not sure if you remember me. I was consumed with anxiety, awful thoughts, you name it. Well happy to say that you’ve given me tools that I can deal with my crazy thoughts on a daily basis. Being an anxious person my entire life, it feels amazing not to get overwhelmed with anxiety and let it take over your life. Either way, the reason I’m writing under motherhood is because I’m nine months pregnant and I can’t believe how much of a transition it feels to be, just like the one during an engagement. It’s like the same feelings soe back and almost feels like I’m being taken back to the same point of last year during my engagement. Difference is that I have my awareness thanks to you about these life transitions and how to deal with them. (besides the hormones which are less in my control:)
    I was wondering if you there is a post or if you may be able to write one about the last couple/few weeks of pregnancy before the arrival of a baby and the intensity of the transition as the due date nears the end.

    • Of course I remember you! It’s so good to hear from you and congratulations on your pregnancy! It sounds like you’ve done a great job managing the anxious thoughts, which is great to hear. Please email me directly so I can direct you to resources for this final trimester, and beyond into your fourth trimester and first year of motherhood.

  • Janelle

    Hey Unrealistic-

    How are you? I was excited when I saw your name! Congrats on the marriage and baby to be! I’ve been married for 2years now!!! If you get a chance, stop by the conscious wedding forum and say hi, I know that there are tons of men/women that would love to hear your story! best of luck!

  • Wow. So glad I found this site. I sat down to write a blog post on my desire to be a conscious mother and was searching for links to include at the bottom of the post for my readers to look to for more info…and Boom! I find your wonderful site.

    I’m a happy wife and new mom to the best 11 week old boy in the world (yes, I’m biased) and can’t wait to have more children.

    I look forward to reading through your site and exploring.

  • Val

    Hi Sheryl,
    I joined you program before my wedding because of my extreme relationship anxiety which I can now say is no longer an issue. Your program helped me so much! However, I just found out I was pregnant ( I’m still in total shock) and I am overwhelmed with fear and anxiety and I feel depressed. Is this something your motherhood program talks about? I just feel alone and terrified.


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