Conscious Transitions TV: “Are you 100% sure?”

This is one the top questions that creates anxiety for my engaged clients, but it can really affect anyone in transition on the precipice of a major life decision. It’s simply unrealistic to believe that you’ll feel 100% sure about anything in life, and this video explains the reasons why.

2 comments to Conscious Transitions TV: “Are you 100% sure?”

  • bettina

    Sheryl –
    Thank you so much for this wonderful video.
    This helps me so much espacially because I will move next week…I just discovered your CTTV which is a great idea! You have such a warm way to explain what is going on in our heads, such a comforting charisma.
    I am really looking forward to speak to you again next week.
    See you then!

  • Bettina –

    I’m so glad you found your way here all the way from Germany! Isn’t the Internet just amazing. Talk soon –


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