Conscious Transitions TV: Be Careful Who You Talk To

In this week’s video blog, I explore how important it is to protect your internal space during the vulnerability of transitions.

4 comments to Conscious Transitions TV: Be Careful Who You Talk To

  • I just found your blog via Heather. What a great find. I had my third babe in Oct. and it’s by far been the most difficult transition. Your words ring very true. Looking forward to more.

    • Welcome, Sarah. So glad you found your way here. I can imagine how challenging the transition from 2 to 3 would be. Did you find it more challenging than 1 to 2? I’d be curious to know more.

  • Erin


    Your work is helping me navigate thru the emotions of being a first time bride in the over 30 age group . . . I appreciate all your insight especially regarding with whom I listen to and gain insight from. I do agree that talking to my partner has helped us strengthen our bond and grow. You have helped me find courage to ask the difficult questions and be real with all the conflicting emotions of wedding planning / transitioning to marriage. Keep up the great work – you are a blessing!

    – Erin

    • Thank you, Erin. I’m so glad my work has been helpful – and especially happy that you’ve grown closer to your partner through talking about the difficult feelings. I think most people are under the illusion that talking about the feelings will lead to conflict when actually the opposite is true. Blessings to you – Sheryl

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