Conscious Transitions TV: Being Sick

by | May 17, 2010 | Parenthood transitions, Transitions - General | 2 comments

In this week’s video blog, I discuss the transformational opportunities that present themselves when we’re sick or when our bodies turn up the volume in their communication in other ways, like getting injured. I use an example of a client I worked with during pregnancy who couldn’t slow down, and thus attend to the essential emotional work of this transition, until she broke her ankle.




  1. Thank you very much for your pieces of wisedom, full of hope. I live in Spain and it has become a new joy to look for your messages and read them with a hot tea, slowly, a small break in the day for me. Thank you for that! I would like to encourage you to continue the way you are doing things. Your thoughts are extremely useful, I connect with them and help me a lot to understand my motherhood and myself in general better. I enjoy the way you use your own life to help us understand our own transitions. God bless you

    • Pilar – Thank you so much for your beautiful comment. It warms me to know that my words are traveling across oceans and are providing comfort and wisdom to you. Blessings to you, too – Sheryl


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