Conscious Weddings E-Course Lesson Overview – Sampler

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Welcome to the Conscious Weddings E-Course. Congratulations once again on taking an important step in finding your serenity and clarity. I’m thrilled to be offering you this information and I have no doubt that you will benefit enormously from it.

This E-Course is delivered to you by email over three weeks, but you can easily go at your own pace.

You should have received an email with your password which you’ll need to open up the Lesson pages. If you’ve just purchased the E-Course, the email should be arriving shortly. If you don’t receive the email soon, please contact me by using the Contact menu in the menu above.

Here’s an outline of the E-Course so you know what to expect and what order you should open the files:

Lesson 1: What’s wrong with me? or Understanding Your Personality Type and An Overview of the Wedding Transition

Where you’ll learn about the profile of the anxiously engaged, why some people seem so happy during their engagement when you’re struggling, and an overview of the wedding transition.

  1. Welcome video
  2. Checklists
  3. Articles
  4. Conscious Weddings Message Board Posts
  5. Email Sessions with Maria
  6. Exercises and Worksheets
  7. Interview with Melissa mp3


Lesson 2: Why is my partner driving me crazy? or Understanding Projection

Where I’ll explain the concept of projection and the breakdown of the fantasy of the perfect partner that begins when you get engaged. Here you’ll understand why you feel disconnected from your partner when you thought you would feel closer than ever.

  1. Video on “Projection”
  2. Articles
  3. Conscious Weddings Message Board Posts
  4. Email Session with B.
  5. Exercise
  6. Interview with Erin mp3


Lesson 3: What if I don’t love him or her enough? or Real Love versus Infatuation

Where you’ll learn about the difference between real love and infatuation and why our culture is so dysfunctional when it comes to ideas of love and marriage.

  1. Video on “Real Love”
  2. Articles
  3. CW Board
  4. Anne mp3 interview

Lesson 4: What if these feelings mean that I’m making a mistake? or Accepting Uncertainty

Where you will learn to distinguish between real fear resulting from a red-flag issue in the relationship, anxious fear and healthy transition fear – as well as learning to accept uncertainty.

  1. Video on “Making a Mistake”
  2. Articles
  3. Conscious Weddings Message Board Posts
  4. Interview with Leisha mp3


Lesson 5: How do I manage my anxiety?

Where you’ll learn highly effective tools for handling the anxiety both in the moment and for the rest of your life.

  1. Articles
  2. Video 1: “Breathe”
  3. Video 2: “Thich Naht Hahn”
  4. Video 3: “Tonglen”
  5. Video 4: “Journaling”
  6. Conscious Weddings Message Board Posts
  7. Notecards for the Anxiously Engaged


Lesson 6: What if I feel like this on my wedding day?

(Answer: You won’t if you work through this E-Course!)

  1. Video on “Anxiety about the Wedding Day”
  2. Conscious Weddings Message Board Posts
  3. Wedding Day Tips
  4. Wedding Day Audio Meditation mp3

Lesson 7: What does marriage mean today?

Where you’ll uncover your expectations about what it means to be a wife or husband and what marriage means to you.

  1. Video on “Marriage”
  2. Articles
  3. Interview with Kevin – PDF
  4. Interview with Jill
  5. Audio interview with Kevin
  6. Conscious Weddings Message Board Posts
  7. Exercises


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