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In 1998, I created Conscious Weddings bridal counseling service to assist women and their families with the myriad of emotions that arise during the marriage transition. Our culture tends to think of the wedding and all that surrounds it as only a happy time. While there is much joy in creating a day that celebrates and consecrates the love between two people, there is also an underbelly that we tend to ignore.

When asked, most people will say that their wedding process included as much engagement anxiety, wedding stress, chaos, grief, doubt, and confusion as joy and bliss. Yet they also felt that they had to keep those emotions hidden. Because expression of the “darker” side of the wedding is not encouraged, women and their families commonly transfer the difficult emotions onto the planning of the event. It is not uncommon to emerge from the wedding bewildered by the tension and anxiety that surrounded their day.

You don’t have to suffer alone!

In the last fourteen years, I’ve worked to bring the wedding’s shadow into the light and have counseled thousands of women and men worldwide to help them understand what is happening to them. Conscious Weddings is based on the premise that the wedding is an important rite of passage, an event that signifies a change in identity for the bride and groom and a significant transition for parents. The true work during the engagement is not so much about finding the perfect cake and flowers as it is separating from and grieving the ties to the current identity, exploring fears about marriage, and having honest conversations about expectations of what it means to be a “wife” and “husband” today. These are the core emotions that underlie what we commonly refer to as engagement anxiety and cold feet. If this work is not done during the engagement, people often need to revisit the wedding emotions until the transition feels complete. It is never to late to complete this transition, and no matter where you are on your marriage journey, Conscious Weddings bridal counseling can assist you in having the wedding, and marriage, of your dreams.

If you are currently suffering with engagement or newlywed anxiety, please check out The Conscious Weddings E-Course: From Anxiety to Serenity. There is no greater gift you can give to yourself and no faster way to provide comfort and relief. If you have any questions about the E-Course, please email me using the contact form above with your questions.

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