Dr. Pat Love on Feel the Feelings but Do The Right Thing

A member of the Conscious Weddings E-Course forum shared a link to this video and it’s so right on I just have to share it here:

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  • Bettina

    Oh Sheryl,
    I love this! I guess in words of Inner Bonding she would say “don’t follow the truth of your WS but learn to educate it. Follow the truth of your core essence!”
    It is sometimes hard to differentiate between wounded feelings and core feelings, but isn’t that the challenge…
    I also really like with how much conviction and passion she talks about it, she seemed to have had such a big breakthrough on this…
    Thank you so much for sharing this!

  • Bettina


  • Bettina

    ups, sorry! 🙂

  • Sammy

    WOW!! This was incredible…like she was talking in my ear. Thank you for sharing!

  • lookingforthelight

    I never thought of anxiety as a Pavlovian Response. This really makes so much sense when you think about it.

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