Virtual Retreat: “The Wisdom of Anxiety During a Global Transition”

April 5th, 2020 from 1pm – 4pm ET / 10am – 1pm PT

Drawing on twenty years of work with both transitions and anxiety, this workshop will invite participants to harness the potent wisdom and healing opportunities embedded in this time of unprecedented global anxiety.

We will begin with an overview of both transitions and the wisdom of anxiety. You’ll then be guided through exercises that will help you identify what needs attention during this time and how to release what is ready to be shed.

This 3-hour workshop will be experiential and relevant to both your personal experience and the collective landscape through which we are all navigating. Whether you’re new to my work or you’ve been following me for years, this workshop will help you identify what is most needing attention during this time and teach you how to use this potency of this global transition to work through several layers of healing. 

Space will be limited.

Cost: $150

The Art Of Living Retreat Center

A Compassionate Approach to Healing and Wholeness

July 17th – July 19th 2020

The first part of this workshop will be devoted to shattering the beliefs that amplify anxiety and replacing them with the non-pathologizing mindset that is central to Sheryl Paul’s work. She will then teach the tools that have helped thousands of people break free from the stronghold of anxiety and intrusive thoughts. Through hands-on exercises, journaling, dialoguing, connecting with the beauty of the natural world, and safe, small group work, you will gain a clear understanding of what the wisdom of your own anxiety is—what it’s pointing to in your inner realms that needs attention—and a personal toolbox to help you heal anxiety at the root.

Whether you struggle with relationship anxiety, health anxiety, social anxiety, friendship anxiety, parenting anxiety, generalized anxiety, intrusive thoughts, self-doubt, or low self-worth, this 3-day workshop will steep you in a compassionate approach that will soften the shroud of shame and connect you to your fundamental goodness, wholeness, and self-trust. This is not a workshop about finding answers. Rather, it’s about discovering your own guideposts, the lamplights by which you can illuminate your inner terrain.

This program is open to everyone.

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