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  • Michelle

    Loved the post on Love – what love is and is not. I have been married 14 years and am realizing that all of the “shoulds” are at the root of all of our fights.

  • Renuka Mani

    I’d like to subscribe to the newsletter. Thanks.

  • Merilee Spengler

    Please sign me up for your newsletter
    Thank you 🙂

  • Karen Grosskreutz

    Your book was recommended to me by a guide at a Vision Fast Training. It’s been great! On my second reading now.

  • Amanda

    Hi Sheryl,

    I love your blog, and it has been so helpful to me. Can you please let me know when and how to sign up for your next Open Your Heart e-course?


  • Unknown

    No real comment, just signing up for newsletter. Lol. Actually (looking forward to receiving the tools needed for REAL LIFE)

  • Carmen

    Hello Sheryl,

    Could you sign me up for your newsletter?

  • Mi

    Hi Sheryl,
    Just wondering how to sign up for your newsletter?! I have looked and tried everywhere in the website. I would love to receive your articles directly into my inbox.
    Thank you!

  • Savina

    I haven’t done any of Sheryl’s courses….but her blogposts on relationship anxiety and what love really is have been so soothing to my heart. I’m a seasoned woman and this is the first site I’ve found that addresses these issues in such a broad, gentle and real manner. I have my own issues with anxiety and am considering doing one of her courses as an investment in myself.

  • Rachael

    Hi Sheryl,
    I’ve been through three relationships with this anxiety, I’ve posted before about the relationship anxiety on your blog. I really believe that the relationship I’m in now is a serious, adult relationship. I have learned (am still learning and practising) the art of productive, adult discussions (not fights) and I’m really working on my communication. I’ve come to your site early this time, we’re just after two months in and it’s started. I have horrible, horrible anxiety and I just need some advice as to which step to take next.


  • Kristi Forsman

    I would love to receive your newsletter please.

  • Hello Sheryl,
    I came across your site because I was looking up “conditional love”. I recently lost my father and all I can think about is his conditional love for me. I never met his conditions therefor I was not in his life for most of my adult life. I have been struggling with my own family (we have come back together because of the funeral) because I feel that I unconsciously passed this conditional love to them. I’m trying to change but when I’m with them I’m so hurt that I can’t be happy for their accomplishments. I just know that I was not a part of it. I have apologized over and over again but I have hurt them deeply. Yes, I have told them this but they continue to exclude me. I’m at wits end and don’t know how to get past this. Is there something that I should be doing that I have not done already?

  • Karina

    Hi Sheryl,
    I was wondering how to access your relationship quiz?
    It seems your form registers me to the newsletter instead.

    Thank you kindly

  • Elizabeth

    Hi Sheryl,

    I’d like to sign up for your newsletters please 🙂

    Thank you,

  • Natalia

    Dear Sheryl,
    I’m having difficulties figuring out how to comment, I can’t seem to figure out how to add a comment to a thread etc. I would, however, like some advice from someone who has gone through relationship anxiety before and come out on the other side. I’m going through a breakup with a boy I loved so much it scared me. How do I comment underneath one of your articles?

    • You should be able to comment on any of my recent articles. When an article is three weeks old, comments are closed, but the last three are open for comments. Let us know if you continue to have trouble.

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