This morning I hosted a FREE teleclass on the topic of addressing your expectations regarding trying to conceive, pregnancy, and early motherhood. To listen to the replay, click on this link:

Remember when Brooke Shields broke the taboo on talking about postpartum depression? In this teleclass, together with a circle of experts, we broke the taboo on preconception, pregnancy, birth, and early motherhood and talked about topics that people simply don’t discuss anywhere else.

When people find my work on transitions, one of the most common questions I hear is, “How come no one talks about this?” The answer is that, when it comes to transitions, we live in a culture that propagates glossy-paged fantasies of unilateral bliss. We do not tell the truth, which leaves women and their partners feeling alone, inadequate and crazy, and prone to anxiety and depression.

In this free teleclass, we told the truth about the motherhood transition and offered a refreshingly honest antidote to the most popular pregnancy book on the market today (and the one that gives women the most anxiety!). Also, make sure you watch my FREE training videos at

• Video #1: “The Missing Link That Will Revolutionize the Way You Become a Mother – Even if You’re Not Yet Pregnant”

• Video #2: “The 3 Mental Shifts You Need to Make to Prepare for the Transition of Becoming a Mother” or “Learning by Moonlight”

• Video #3: “The 7 Tools for Managing Your Anxiety at any Stage of Your Transition”

I look forward to connecting with you soon and hearing your thoughts and comments about the teleclass!

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