Gray Colorado Day

I love a gray, rainy day. To me, it’s the perfect excuse to hole up indoors and do nothing. When the sun shines, I feel almost obligated to get outside and do something. While I love being outdoors, with 300 days of sunshine in Colorado the real gray days are few and far between, so when they arrive, I feel relieved to have a valid excuse to stay inside.

It’s poignantly indicative of the compunction to “do something productive” that informs this culture that I feel like I need an excuse to do nothing…

Today, as I lied down on the floor in my pajamas and my baby climbed over my head and put his fingers in my mouth, as I stared out the window into the outline of gray sky between the bare branches of the enormous cottonwood trees, I thought, of course, about transitions. I thought about how, if a transition is to be conscious, there needs to be this down time, the time in the day or week when we slow down, lie down, and do nothing. For it’s only in these slowed down moments that the memories, feelings, and dreams that need to be processed arise from the body or unconscious state, the places that live beyond our rational, thinking, active minds.

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