Healing the Mother Wound: A 40-Day Course for Daughters – Late Registration

Do you struggle with not feeling good enough and a deep, abiding sense of shame?


Do you long for a female figure to nourish you, take care of you, and accept you unconditionally?


Do you feel enmeshed with your mother, struggling to know where she ends and you begin?


Growing up, were you a parentified child, and now do you feel like you’re the adult and your mother is the child at times?


Are you afraid that if you say no to your mother, express a difference of opinion, or set a boundary with her that she’ll reject you, punish you, or abandon you?


Do you struggle with self-trust?


Do you feel like you have to be a good girl and good daughter, and that even perfect isn’t good enough?


If so, you may be suffering from a mother wound. 

Over the years of working with women all around the world, I’ve noticed a common source of pain and wounding around their relationship with their mother.

For some women, this shows up as the feeling of being enmeshed: not knowing where your mother ends and you begin.

For other women, it shows up for as a fear of abandonment, especially if you express a difference of opinion or try to establish boundaries and separateness.

For most women, it shows up as a combination of both.

And for all women it leads to a disruption in self-trust and a deep, abiding sense of shame – the feeling of not being good enough – not beautiful enough, not smart enough, not successful enough, not worthy of love and belonging.


What exactly is a mother wound?

A mother wound is a rupture of attunement where a mother, due to her own unmet needs, lack of fulfillment/sense of self, and/or narcissistic and judgmental tendencies is unable to meet the emotional needs of her child. The mother’s expectations and needs become paramount and the daughter learns to orient around those needs.


This isn’t about hating mothers or blaming for mothers for all our pain. The bottom line is that our parents will always fail us in some way; it’s the nature of being human. Just like there’s no such thing as a perfect partner or friend, there’s also no such thing as a perfect parent.

Many daughters are afraid to name and see the wound clearly because they’re afraid that they’re betraying their mother and are bound by an unwritten loyalty contract.

But we must name and see our wounds clearly so that we can heal them. And healing the mother wound is one of the most empowering and liberating journeys we can take for when we name the wound and allow our mothers to be fallible and human we can examine the old contracts, write new ones, and set ourselves on a trajectory that allows us to chart our own path, regrow self-trust, step into intrinsic worthiness and the fullness of our light, and receive nourishment from other sources of mothering.


In this 40-day course, I offer a roadmap for healing this wound. It’s a personal course and a collective course, for when we heal the mother wound we do so not only for ourselves, but also for the generations that come after us and before us.


It’s also collective in the sense that when you gather with a group of women from around the world and learn that your pain and struggles are not unique, several layers of shame fall away. We heal best in community.

I’m so excited to offering this roadmap to you. Like all of my courses, this one has been gestating inside of me for many years. And now it’s ready to be birthed.


Are you ready to heal from your mother wound? If so, take my hand and the hands of many other women as we sit in a circle in a sacred grove together and spiral into several layers of healing. I look forward to seeing you there.

When You Sign Up For The Program, You Will Receive:

 – One email from me every day for 40 days which will contain a letter about the mother wound and a gentle action that you can take toward healing at the root.

 – At least one video and several MP3s each week that will offer additional insight and information on that week’s topic and essential visualizations and meditations that will help you connect to and heal your pain, shame, anger, and longing while also growing new pathways of healing, hope, and joy.

 – Access to a private forum specifically for this program. My private forums are exceptionally supportive communities where people feel safe enough to be vulnerable and do very deep work and, while participation is not essential, it can be a transformational part of the course.

 – Group coaching calls where you will have the chance to ask your questions and bring your concerns directly to me. All calls are recorded.

 – Lifetime access to all of the material

The inaugural round of this course is now open for registration and will begin on July 31st, 2021.

I very much look forward to connecting with you there!

Frequently Asked Questions

My mother is no longer in my life, either because of estrangement or because she’s deceased. Is this course still applicable?
The course is applicable to anyone struggling with a mother wound regardless of levels of contact. So if your sense is that the pain around your mother-loss and the ruptured relationship still looms large and affects your well-being and your other relationships, I encourage you to take the course.
I’ve done a lot of work around this wound through therapy and other places. Should I still take the course?
As I often say in my work, we heal in layers and spirals. If your sense is that there are still more layers that need attention, the course will help you gently spiral into those unhealed places.
I don’t live in the U.S. Will I still be able to access the group calls?
Yes, we either use a bridge line, which has local access numbers, or we meet over Zoom.
I have more of a distant relationship with my mother than an enmeshed one. Could the course still be helpful?

Yes. While many daughters grew up enmeshed with their mothers, many other daughters grew up feeling pushed to the side, neglected and ignored. In either case, there’s a rupture of attunement where the daughter’s needs aren’t acknowledged and tended to, and this is how a mother wound is formed. If you look closely enough, there’s often a fear of engulfment and abandonment in both types of relationships.

Is the content geared toward repairing my relationship with my mother, who I know is toxic?

No, the content is NOT geared toward repairing a relationship with a toxic mother. The course is about healing the mother wound, which for some daughters means staying in relationship with their mother and for others means severing ties. I acknowledge throughout the course that if your mother is abusive in any way and on the far end of the Borderline/Narcissistic spectrum, it’s probably not loving for anyone to continue the relationship. However, some daughters with Borderline/Narcissistic mothers do find healthy ways to remain in relationship with their mother. As always, there are no formulas; there’s only what’s most loving for you. 


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