At the core of my work in transitions, especially in the wedding transition as I guide people through the minefields of fear, is helping people awaken to their true essence of love. I often receive emails from people who read this blog letting me know that it gives them hope, and honestly, there’s nothing that warms my heart more than knowing I’ve offered someone hope.

Today my dear friend Lisa (in Boulder) directed me to the work of Ocean Robbins, and the ray of hope was offered to me in the form of these inspiring words:

November 22, 2010

We’re up against it — what can we do?

By Ocean Robbins at

We can’t outrace, outsmart, or outduel the madness. Established systems have more money, more guns, and more smart people hired to frame their agendas, than we could ever even imagine. Some of us, sensing this reality, give in to apathy. If you’re on the Titanic, you might as well have a nice dance party. But we can come from a deeper place, guided by a wisdom born of the survival urge embedded in life itself. And from that place, given the depth of the human heart and the mysterious creative brilliance that has against all odds guided us all this far—anything is possible. Apathy, to my eyes, is what happens when we disconnect from our hope and from our humanity. We have all faced enough suffering and disappointment to have more than enough cause for giving up on our world and the people in it. But the sun rises each day, no matter what happened the night before. Something causes us to wake up every morning and start the day anew. And some part of our hearts wants to love. So I place my faith not in a systematic analysis of the data—which, frankly, can be pretty sobering. I place my faith, strange as this may sound, in love. Because I think that our love gives us a power, and a vitality, that changes the whole conversation. And where there is love, there is willingness to live again—and to take action on what now truly matters to us.

“If the world is to be healed through human efforts, I am convinced it will be by ordinary people whose love for this life is even greater than their fear.”  — Joanna Macy


Hope is power. Love is power. Unless we address the barnacles of fear that want to keep us separate from love, we barricade ourselves from ourselves, our partners, our communities, and our planet. The work of self is the work of the planet. There are many avenues through which we can help the movement to heal. When we commit ourselves to one or several of them, we find their points of intersection, where the world’s pain is our personal pain and the healing of our personal pain and barriers helps to heal the world.

Like Ocean, I put my faith in love. When I’m stuck in fear and anxiety, either of a personal or planetary nature, I feel trapped in a low frequency that only creates paralysis. When I can transform the darkness into hope – as happened today when I read the above blog post – I feel the return of the high frequency energy in the form of hope and inspiration. We can do this. We have to do this. For the love of this great gorgeous earth and all the magnificent, miraculous creatures who walk it (humans included), we have to do this. And by “this” I mean removing the fear-blocks that keep us separate from knowing, breathing, and living in love.

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