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One of the greatest joy of doing the work I do is coming into contact with the most beautiful, compassionate, wise, kind, honest people on the planet. A few days ago I had a meeting with some lovely women who I’m considering bringing onto my team and as I was describing my audience to them, tears came to my eyes. I said something like, “They’re truly the kindest people in the world, and I feel so lucky to be in connection with them. Even on Instagram, which can attract negative and mean-spirited comments, I’ve only had to delete a few comments over the last four years.” They both raised their eyes in wonder, knowing the rarity of this experience. How lucky I am to know you…

For many years, the way I connected most with you was through this blog. We would converse through the comments, sharing stories and insights, and your names became familiar to me. I loved connecting here, and when blogging started to fall away as the primary platform of conversation, I grieved. I could see that people were gravitating to social media, but I wasn’t quite ready to enter those platforms yet. Eventually, upon the prodding of my publisher before the release of The Wisdom of Anxiety, I trepidatiously joined Instagram, and was thrilled to discover the same kindness that I had experienced on my blog. Again, how lucky I am…

But the limitations of Instagram also became clear. For one thing, I knew that many of my long-time readers weren’t on that platform at all. Secondly, the constraints of the platform aren’t conducive to deeper dialogue. And lastly, I felt the promptings of wanting to express myself not only through writing but also through conversation, and that’s when the seed of the Gathering Gold podcast took root. I floated the idea to Victoria, we had a few delicious and bubbly conversations about it last March 2021, and the podcast was born.

Creating, recording, and sharing the podcast with you has been one of the great joys of this past year. When we started the podcast, we did so as an experiment; we would see how it felt and we gave ourselves permission to close it out at anytime. How would we be received? Would we find enough topics to delve into? Would it feel nourishing? I had made a commitment to myself that I wouldn’t take on anything that didn’t feel nourishing, so this last question was particularly important. 

It quickly became clear that the podcast was a YES in all ways. We’ve loved hearing from you. We’ve loved imagining you listening and speaking to your places of tenderness. We’ve loved connecting through this platform. And week-after-week, month-after-month, it felt nourishing in ways I couldn’t have even imagined when we first began.

As we approached its one-year anniversary, Victoria and I began to assess where we are with the platform. We landed on two places that needed more attention. 

  1. There are costs associated with running a podcast and in order for this to be sustainable we needed to figure out a way for it to make financial sense.
  2. We’re longing to be in more conversation with you, our audience. One of the downsides of a podcast is that there isn’t an easy way to be in dialogue. We release an episode and it goes out into the virtual arena, and while we do hear from many of you through various channels, it’s not a public conversation. This hasn’t sat well with me since we released our very first episode, and I’ve wanted to find a way to shift it.

How to bring these two needs together?

We talked. We mused. We dreamed. And then it became clear…

We decided to create a Patreon page! This would allow those who feel called to help support the podcast financially – even in small way – to do so – and, because there are extra offerings with each tier of support, we’ll be in more direct conversation with you. In this week’s short episode, Victoria explains a bit about how Patreon works for those who aren’t familiar with it and goes over what you would receive in each tier. You can also go directly to the page here. 

We also talked about the first bonus episode you’ll receive as a Patron – one that we recorded months ago and didn’t release at the time because it felt too vulnerable. Because we now have trust with our audience, it feels absolutely right to share it now.

As part of our Patreon launch, our next Gathering Gold episode will be called “Ask Us Anything.” In the future, the opportunity to submit questions will be specific to Patreon members, but to get the ball rolling, everyone is welcome to submit. You can ask your questions here, or send them directly to Victoria at: [email protected]. We’ll respond to as many as we can on the next episode, but if you want to make sure to have a chance to connect, consider becoming a patron.

We’ve LOVED reading the questions that have already been submitted. There are plenty of vulnerable, tender ones, and then there’s the number one question: “Sheryl, what’s your favorite Taylor Swift song?” 😂 I’ll let you know on the next bonus episode!

Thank you for being here. Thank you for reading. Thank you for listening. I love you all.



  1. Yes! I’m so excited for this. I’ve just joined the Patreon, and can’t wait to listen to the bonus episode. I often have many thoughts and feels after each episode, and almost have to fight the urge to not DM Victoria every time I relate to something one of you shares in the episodes haha.

    I generally try to save the episodes for when I’m walking my puppy, Killua. Or if I’m feeling resistant to cook, go grocery shopping, or go to the post office. It makes these moments extra tender, and I get to drop into body and soul while doing the things I need to get done. I’m grateful for that.

    And of course, all of the gems and insights, the important reminders. I truly appreciate how vulnerable you both allow yourselves to be, and it’s a gift to listen in.

    Thank you both, and looking forward to seeing you on Patreon!

    • This is so beautiful to read, Mayi, and I’m thrilled that you’ll be part of the Patreon community. Thank you for your support! ❤️

  2. This is absolutely amazing! Cannot wait! I took your relationship anxiety course back in 2018 and my relationship is stronger than ever and I have no more intrusive thoughts! The mind is so powerful and I am blessed to have came across your teachings to better my life! Thank you!

    • This is wonderful Sheryl! I’m so grateful for your writing and now for this podcast with wise Victoria as well. Can’t wait to connect more 💗

      • Thank you, Pearl, and we’re so excited to connect more, too! 🥰

    • Wonderful, Tyra, and thank you for your support! 💕

  3. This makes me feel so relieved and happy! As the end of the 9-month course draws closer I was beginning to feel nervousness because I wanted to stay connected but didn’t think it made sense to just repeat the same courses over and over (not that repeating a course wouldn’t be helpful, but it would do more good if I repeated it because I felt I needed to an not simply as a way to stay connected. I may very well repeat Trust Yourself next year!).

    • Yes, I’m so happy to be offering a way to stay connected after courses end :). ❤️

  4. I’m really excited about this too! I’ll definitely support, and would love to have a way of contributing to the podcast.

    And I wanted to let you know that I’m starting a small woman’s circle in Melbourne, Australia for a group of amazing women to listen and then discuss you podcast episodes (like a book group, but for your podcast).

    Gathering Gold is such a gift. And the opportunity to get more involved is really exciting.

    • Ooooh, Clara, this warms my heart completely to hear! A woman’s circle in Melbourne! I’ll make sure Victoria sees this as well. I’m beaming…🥰

  5. Just finished reading the ” Wisdom of Anxiety”. As a true empath and highly sensitive person- I am looking forward to learning and growing here with a community. Truly loved your book and have never heard anyone speak of anxiety and “uncertainty through change” so eloquently before. Really feel ready for this chapter in my life and investing in myself this way. My future self will be grateful <3


    • I’m so glad you found your way here, Danielle, and welcome to this truly special community.

  6. best of luck in this new venture. Your ‘Break Free’ course kept me afloat in the early months of my relationship, and I have now been with my wonderful wife for seven years (married for four). I still dip into your work occasionally, and constantly find it a breath of fresh air. Thank you.

    • Thank you, Joshua! I’m so glad you’re doing well :).

  7. Maybe in the future could you guys do an episode on real love? I feel really alone because I’m in a long term relationship with a very committed partner. I don’t long for him. My friends are all in short term relationships with a partner that has one foot out the door. They all seem so “in love” and It makes me feel like I’m truly missing out. But the wise part of me knows I’m not because I have someone so devoted to me and our relationship. Sorry this was long but I just wanna know why do people with partners who have one foot out the door get to have all the in-love feelings!!


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