It’s a choice to open your heart.

It’s a choice to cast fear aside, to say no to the demons that try to keep you separate from love.

It’s not an easy choice, and battling the demons of fear is a courageous pursuit, but it’s a choice nonetheless.

Imagine you’re sitting beside your beloved and you can’t feel your love for him or her. Fear says, “You must not really love him. You must be making a mistake by marrying her.” Fear says these things because fear wants you to leave. In that moment, it’s a choice to brush – or sometimes bush-whack – away these voices. They can be loud and convincing, I know. But it’s still a choice: to allow fear or love to drive the car.

You may think you don’t have a choice, but imagine this: someone walks into the room and says, “You have ten minutes to be with your parter. After that, we’re taking him away and you’ll never see him again.” Would you choose to stay walled off and protected, or would you cast off fear’s heavy cloak and open your heart to your beloved? Now do you see that it’s a choice?

There is nothing more scary than committing yourself body, mind, and soul to another person, risking love and thus risking loss. And there is nothing more worthy than taking that risk, asking yourself to grow beyond your comfort zone so that you can learn, at increasingly deeper layers, about what it means to love and be loved.

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