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Dear forum participant,

Welcome to Conscious Transitions, LLC and to the forum. My forums tend to be exceptionally supportive places where you will receive deep support from an international group of compassionate and wise members as well as skilled moderators. I’m so glad that you’ve found your way here.

In order to keep my forums safe, please read through and abide by these terms in their entirety. If you are in any doubt about anything on this form, please email for clarification BEFORE agreeing.

1. I understand that the forum is not therapy and that the Conscious Weddings E-Course forum moderators are not therapists. I understand that the moderators are there to keep the forum safe and contained, offer suggestions and advice, and, ultimately, to reflect back to me where I can take personal responsibility for my healing.

2. I understand that the moderators are not available for personal messages and that, if I send a personal message to a moderator, I will not receive a response.

3. I understand that Sheryl Paul is not one of the moderators on the e-course forum (only on the 30-day programs) and that, due to the volume of emails she receives, she’s not able to respond to emails about the course. As such, I will bring all questions either to the forum and/or to my personal therapist.

4. I understand that I may uncover deep wells of pain inside of me through doing this work, and that I may require additional support in order to guide me through this pain. I take full responsibility for finding this support.

5. I understand that the forum is not a replacement for the course material and I understand that it is strongly recommended to go through the entire e-course at least once before joining the forum.

6. I agree to read through all of the Announcements at the top of the forum, especially the ones entitled “Forum Guidelines” and “If you are at the end of your rope…” I agree to abide by the terms stated in these threads.