Moments of Beauty

There are some moments when I look up and really see the beauty that surrounds me. I’m filled with such joy that I have to remember to breathe, and then I say the prayer I always say in the presence of gratitude and beauty: Thank you. Thank you for this beauty. Thank you for this life.

I’ve noticed that these moments often come in the aftermath of a hard day or two. Yesterday I found myself taken under into the underworld of the psyche. Too tired? Too much sugar? Not enough me-time? Hormones? My mind tries to hang itself on an answer until I remember that there are no definite answers; then I allow for the state to exist, reminding myself of its value, and trusting that it will pass. Where there is darkness, there is light. Where there is struggle, there is relief. Where there hopelessness, there is the possibility of hope.

The shroud lifts and I wake up with that wonderful open place inside which causes me to smile. My baby smiles back, my big boy wakes up, and we all walk outside to enjoy this beautiful Fall morning. Thank you. Thank you for this beauty. Thank you for this life.

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  • Sarah

    It’s interesting – almost every blog I subscribe to has written a post about gratitude in the past 2 days (it’s only 3, but enough to be a sign). I finally just connected the dots and thought, “Hmm, maybe the Universe is trying to tell me something.” Things have been settling down for me lately, and I’ve begun to understand the rebirth phase of transitions. However, I’ve been thrust back into decision-making mode as I have to think about if I want to reschedule another date for our wedding by the end of this month. All of the same feelings are coming back up, and I just don’t know if it’s too soon to revisit that dark place. But, being grateful for what I’ve been through, what I’m going through, and all of the good in my life is helpful.

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