Open Your Heart – Let’s Continue the Work!

IMG_3231 Are you feeling sad that the program is almost over? Are you thinking about your participation in the last round and wishing you could participate again? Are you wishing you had more time to dive more deeply into this rich material?

What I’ve noticed in all three rounds of Open Your Heart is that as we move into the fourth week of the program I hear comments like, “I feel sad that it’s ending. I want more!” So I’ve decided to give you more.

Research shows that it takes 90 days to solidify a new habit. A lot of the work we’re doing in the program is replacing negative, self-defeating, heart-closing habits with positive, nourishing, heart-opening habits. You’ve completed about 35 days and I’d like to guide you through another 35 days.

If you’d like to join us for the continuation of Open Your Heart, this is what you’ll receive:IMG_3310

• The Daily Emails starting from the beginning (these are the same emails you’ve already received)

• Continued support on a new forum specifically for continuing members (your current forum will remain accessible to you but the posts tend to fizzle when the program ends, and I will no longer be on it).

• Two more group phone calls (at the second and fourth week of the continuation). These are likely going to be smaller groups so you will have more chance to ask your questions and participate.

Let’s sit in our virtual teepee together and support each other as you continue to learn how to cultivate love, attraction, and intimacy for yourself and your partner!


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