In honor of the first day of autumn, I’m publishing a diagram I created of the seasons of transitions. The diagram expresses visually many of the concepts that I’ve discussed on this blog, especially in the overview of transitions tab. On this day, as the earth continues its tilted journey around the sun, we begin to exhale and turn inward into the darker seasons of the year. The more you can breathe into the melancholy mood of autumn, allowing for the memories and quieter feelings to surface, the more gracefully you can enter this time of introspection and move into the fallow season of winter. Wherever you are in your personal transitions, when you can tap into the energy of the season at play, you can allow it to guide your toward the lessons of letting go. And remember that the more you let go, the more readily you can invite in the rebirth that awaits you on the other side. The essential question is: What is it time to let go of?

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