These thorough courses are designed to guide you at your own pace through relationship anxiety, wedding transition anxiety, lack of love and attraction for your partner, becoming a parent, and so much more.
Sheryl's two bestselling books, "The Conscious Bride" and "The Conscious Bride's Wedding Planner", can be found here. Her next book, "The Wisdom of Anxiety", will be published by Sounds True in June 2018.
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Wedding Day Serenity Meditation CD (download) A soothing audio meditation set to soothing music to help you practice settling your mind and creating a calm space in which to enter your wedding day.
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  • Jason Lynn

    I have the first form of relationship anxiety, called off the wedding once, rescheduled and am beginning to have negative thoughts again. I love this woman but seem to sabotage my relationship because I was hurt and betrayed in my previous 17 year marriage. The first 9 months of our relationship were amaxing. It has only been since introducing the idea if marriage that the anxiety has creeper in. Which course should I take that could help me on this quest?

  • Manisha

    I was laying down and all of a sudden I got a panic attack. After that all i did was cry, woke up in the morning scared to go through the day with this scary feeling inside of me. When i look at my boyfriend I keep saying “I dont want to leave you” i dont know why. When i feel like he looks good i feel safe but then i think about this guy who said he likes me and he is more attractive then my bf and that scares me. But I dont want to leave my boyfriend. I feel like im better looking than him but I dont want to leave him because he is a very nice guy. Ive been with him for 5 years and my panic attacks started after 2 month of dating him then I went on anxiety medication called cipralex. After that id have panic attacks after many months and feeling went away. A few months ago i lowered my medication and 3 months later i had a panic attack and have been crying and scared to wake up everyday. Suffering everyday.

  • Tina

    Please help. Ill try to be brief. After 18 years of suffering, (same partner) I’ve dicovered through your wonderful site , that this is a condition ! I should feel relief, but it’s made me feel soooo anxious. I am onto my third ‘breakdown ‘ in 18 years due to bereavement. These ‘breakdowns ‘ always start off with me fearing intensely the thought of losing my mother which is quickly replaced with relationship anxiety .
    I am an anxious person- no surprise! Would just like to ask:-
    – if after doing the course, will I then ‘hang my hat ‘ on another anxiety hook?
    – does the course place a lot of emphasis on meditation and yoga/ exercise and nutrition?
    Many, many thanks

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