Live Interview with Alanis Morissette

I’m delighted to announce that on Friday, September 16th at 7pm EST (4pm PST), I’ll be interviewing Alanis Morissette LIVE! 

As most people know, Alanis speaks with honesty and wisdom and isn’t afraid to delve into the deeper aspects of her life, so if you’re wondering about her challenges, her joys, her fears, and how she prepared for the life-altering transition of becoming a mother, you won’t want to miss this exclusive live event.

When you click on the link below, you will be able to register for this special event and submit questions ahead of time. And if you’re one of the first people to sign up, you’ll have a chance to ask your question directly to Alanis during the live call!

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Alanis and the E-Course: Lesson 5 (Thank U)

“Every morning I had the luxury of carving out two hours to be alone and I would just sob. I would read The Conscious Bride or The Conscious Bride’s Wedding Planner”, sometimes I would talk to friends, but mostly I did a lot of journaling. I was looking at all of my thoughts about what a wife and marriage is.” – Alanis from the Interview

Lesson Five of The Conscious Weddings E-Course is called “How Do I Manage My Fear and Anxiety?” If you’re drowning in engagement anxiety, the only thing you’re looking for is a lifeline that will pull you out of the quicksand. Part of the lifeline is accurate information, which is why the first four lessons of the E-Course are dedicated to replacing the false beliefs you may be carrying about transitions, relationships, real love, and perfectionism with the truth. But most people are hungry for tangible … Click here to continue reading...

Alanis and the E-Course: Lesson 4 (You Learn)

“Perfectionism came in as well [during the engagement]. But if my number one priority is to evolve then there are no mistakes.” – Alanis from the Interview

Lesson Four of the Conscious Weddings E-Course is “What if These Feelings Mean I’m Making a Mistake?” or “Accepting Uncertainty”. It’s a scary question to ask during an engagement, but a natural outgrowth of the fear, grief, and confusion that accompany the transition in a culture that doesn’t understand transitions. In other words, if you expected to feel scared during your engagement, you wouldn’t mistakenly interpret the fear as a sign that you’re making a mistake.

But what is a mistake? As Alanis speaks to in her quote above, in the context of growth there are no mistakes, only opportunities to learn. Astonishingly, she seemed to know this at the age of 19 when she released “You Learn”:

You Learn

I … Click here to continue reading...

Alanis and the E-Course: Lesson 1 (Limbo No More)

“All of my unconscious fears were in my face about letting go of the current identity. A lot of the thoughts that came up were fear-based and false, so I had to work to let them go.” Alanis Morissette from her Interview

Alanis Morissette, as millions of fans well-know, is a most extraordinary musician and human being. She possesses that rare combination of strength and humility that allows her songs to shine the light of consciousness and offer a lifeline of hope without being dogmatic. Her commitment to her personal growth is evident; her commitment to the healing of the planet is inspiring. And for her, there’s no difference between the two, as she says in the interview: “Evolution and the growth of love are synonymous.”

The core of my work with transitions is about helping people heal the fear voices and faulty beliefs that interfere with their ability … Click here to continue reading...

Alanis Morissette: The Interview

It was an honor and a joy to speak with Alanis Morissette back in August about her recent transitions into marriage and pregnancy.

Consistent with her musical style, Alanis spoke with honesty and courage about the challenges she encountered during her engagement.

I’m deeply grateful for her willingness to help break the taboo that the engagement is supposed to be only a happy time and talk about her commitment to, in her words, “barrel through the fear thoughts” so that she could evolve toward love. I’m sure you will derive immense comfort and inspiration from her story.

To hear the interview and read the full story (including information about how to receive your FREE copy of the just released ebook, Conscious Transitions: The Seven Most Common (and Traumatic) Life Changes), simply click on the Home page of this site, which can be found here.

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