Trust Life

The doing arises from the being.

We’re all born of mother: the sea, the lakes, the waters of the amniotic fluid in the womb. We long for actual mother without understanding that it’s the great mother who’s always available to embrace us in her loving-compassion, waiting in the wings of our hearts for the invitation of yes. 

When we drop down into the center of Self, we find that place of inner mother and our self-trust is restored. When we trust in the flow life, we remember how to live. 


Summer 2015

It’s my time to write. But I don’t want to write. If I write now it will come from effort, pushing, the time pressure that this is my hour to write so better get busy. Nothing ever flows that feels good from that place. I’ve written enough that the discipline is in place and I can … Click here to continue reading...

Why We Homeschool

People often ask us why we homeschool. I used to launch into a long-winded answer about how we never planned to homeschool but by the time Everest was two it became apparent that, because of his high emotional and moral sensitivity and his asynchronous learning style, he would be crushed in any traditional school environment. I used to talk about our attached parenting style and our belief that kids need to be with their parents much longer than our culture encourages. I may have said something about our outdated educational paradigm and the dangerous focus on extrinsic learning through punishments and rewards. I would often find myself over-explaining because the reasons were too complicated to condense into a single sentence. But recently I have found the sentence that distills our reasons into five words, and now I simply say: Because we believe in freedom.

We believe in freedom of Click here to continue reading...

A Walk Alone

I just returned from a walk by myself. It’s rare that I’m alone these days; between my kids, my husband, and work, I’m constantly in contact with someone. But the day felt long and when my husband wrapped up his work, I told him I needed to get outside and walk alone. He took the boys into their room and I grabbed my cell phone and left.

My first instinct was to call someone. But I denied it, then laughed at myself; here I am, craving time alone, and I almost broke my silence to call a friend. Within moments, I could feel the benefits of silence and solitude entering me. I could hear my breath. I noticed the Rocky Mountains jutting up behind the silouette of winter trees and houses. I reveled in the sunlit puffy clouds painting the sky. All of this would have been lost had I … Click here to continue reading...