When Fear Meets Love

When fear pricks the heart it flies in the face of every message about love we absorb from the culture: that love should provide a safe haven against the storms of life; that love should be easy; that love and fear are mutually exclusive, and that if fear enters the picture it means something is wrong.

Nothing could be further from the the truth. One of the most profound messages my life-changing therapist who I saw in my twenties shared with me is that the depth of the love is equal to the depth of the fear. In other words, each time you deepen the love – each time you move toward your partner and strengthen your intimacy – the fear deepens as well. Imagine that there are two wells living inside of you: a well of love and a well of fear. The well of love is filled with … Click here to continue reading...

Am I Meant To Be With My Ex?

In a one-minute video spot Eckhart Tolle read a question from a woman who asked, “I’m currently married but I can’t seem to get over an old boyfriend. I haven’t seen this man in over ten years but I’ve had minimum contact with him. I understand that these thoughts are my ego and that I need to remain present but is it possible that I’m really meant to be with the old flame?”

After he read the question, he smiled and paused, and the audience laughed. And then he said, “Very unlikely. It’s one way to create an almost fantasy situation. The mind sometimes likes that so that it can stay in control. It creates some kind of fantasy that draws you in every day, you can go there, it’s like a room in your mental house. And you go there every day to live out the fantasy in your … Click here to continue reading...

Transitions: The Body Remembers

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November 2009

Colorado Autumn

It’s autumn, the season that epitomizes transitions. The leaves are turning brown, then falling, revealing birds’ nests in the trees’ bare limbs. The sun’s golden light infuses everything, from the expanse of cottonwood to the wide swaths of green lawn to the creek’s babbling waters. The world is aglow with the interface of life and death, an exquisite beauty that inspires us to inhale deeply as we attempt to grasp on to the last warm days before the silence and cold of winter sets in. It’s an ineffable beauty, bittersweet in that we celebrate the richness and yet know its temporality. It’s the season of melancholy and memory, of family holidays and outdoor play, of bright orange pumpkins and amber … Click here to continue reading...