Death, Eventually

There it is, beneath the thoughts, the chatter, the doubt, the irritation, the barriers against love in all of its varied manifestations: the fear of loss, the fear of change, the excruciating awareness that we will, all of us, ultimately, be separated from the ones we love. At times it seems one of the cruelest realities of life on this planet: that we can love so deeply, but eventually we will separate. Yet as much as we can rail against life, beat our heads against the walls of the universe, argue, bargain, and rage, at some point we need to come into acceptance of death if we are to live our lives with any measure of peace. Death is what is, and to resist what is leads to suffering.

And yet… the more sensitive you are the more acutely aware you will be of death’s many faces, and the more … Click here to continue reading...

Conscious Transitions TV: Managing Anxiety

Apologies for my head being cut off. I’m still learning about this video world!

In this week’s video, I discuss a simple and powerful tool for managing the anxiety that arises during transitions, especially when you’re feeling out of control.

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My Sons Are Teething

Like most transitions, as both my sons struggle through teething, I'm aware of the emotional manifestation as well as the physical one.