Where Anxiety Hangs Its Hat

Anxiety can hang its hat on almost any hook. It can focus on relationships, fertility, parenting, health, the world, money, career, death. Within each of these topics, there are endless sub-topics that lure anxiety into its lair. If we’re talking about relationship anxiety, for example, the hook can be: lack of physical attraction, lack of sexual attraction, focusing in any area of perceived lack (education, intelligence, social fluency, humor, wit, height, ambition), religious differences, we never had an infatuation stage, or just a pervasive sense that the relationship is “wrong”.

But what if I haven’t listed your particular hook? Does that means this work doesn’t apply to you? That’s the classic response from the anxious mind!

So when I receive emails like the following…

Have you written anything on being in a relationship with significant age gaps, socioeconomic differences or previous marriage and kids in the picture? I’m curious about Click here to continue reading...

Ode to Women

On my way to yoga this morning, I noticed my heart aching with a familiar combination of sadness and indignation. It didn’t take many breaths to uncover the source: Mother’s Day. A national holiday to honor mothers created by a woman named Anna Jarvis in 1908, and later denounced by her as she felt increasingly disgusted by its commercialization. She actually spent the latter part of her life trying to remove it from the calendar.

There are many spokes to the wheel of my sadness:

1. While I know that mothers deserve to be honored (more on that in a minute), I also know how deeply painful this day is for: the millions of women who longed to be a mother and their childbearing time has passed; women who are in their 40s, single, and longing to meet a partner with whom they can have a child; women who … Click here to continue reading...

Birthing a New Mother Home Study Program Now Available!

My Birthing a New Mother program is now officially open for registration! If you sign up early, you’ll save $77 on the program!        And the first 20 people who sign up will receive a spot one year membership to a monthly telephone support group hosted by me and guest experts.                                       

If you’re tired of feeling anxious or depressed during your transition of becoming a mother and you want to make sure that you’re ready to bond with your newborn and babyproof your marriage, I invite you to join me today for my new home study program, Birthing a New Mother: A Roadmap from Preconception through the First Year to Calm Your Anxiety, Fortify Your Marriage, and Prevent Postpartum Depression.


Here are a few important things to know about the program:

* It’s a self-paced program consisting of eight online lessons so that you can work through … Click here to continue reading...

One Moment At A Time

One of the slogans in the 12-step programs is One Day At A Time. In the life of someone enduring a transition – whether in the midst of a break up, becoming a mother, trying to conceive, or retiring – a more appropriate and helpful phrase is One Moment At A Time.

This topic recently emerged in my video interview with psychotherapist Carrie Dinow for my upcoming Birthing a New Mother Home Study Course. We were discussing how the common initiation of first trimester sickness is an initiation into the struggles of parenthood in the sense that, when a woman approaches the test with consciousness, she learns skills and calls on inner resources that she’ll use countless times in her life as a mother. For Carrie , the resource she called upon was staying in the moment. She would tell herself, “I’m sick in this moment. It’s not … Click here to continue reading...

Who Says I’m Too Old?

I’m delighted to share this post with you from my soul-sister and gifted psychotherapist, Carrie Dinow. Carrie is a specialist in mind-body fertility and works with women who are trying to conceive. As I know this is a current topic for many of you, I’m excited to share her wise and hopeful information on this sometimes challenging and ultimately growth-producing transition.


As a psychotherapist and a specialist in the field of mind-body fertility, I have counselled many women who have put off having children until they felt the time was right for them.  They postponed marriage until they achieved financial security and found a partner they loved.  They delayed pregnancy until they felt mature enough to forge an emotionally satisfying relationship that could provide them and their children with a nurturing environment.  I personally think this is admirable.  But the media and the medical establishment’s inclination to depict women … Click here to continue reading...