I’ve been inspired (yet again) by Heather at Shivaya Naturals to close out the season of Spring through a photo essay that acknowledges the memorable moments and experiences of the past three months. The heat and light of Summer are about to burst through the door and reach a peak on the Summer Solstice, but before we usher in this next season, let’s ritually say goodbye to the one we’re in.

Spring is symbolically the season of rebirth. When I talk about transitions, I often use the seasons as a metaphor that correlate to the four stages of transitions: letting go (autumn), liminal (winter), rebirth (spring), celebration (summer). You can find all of my blogs on the symbology and subtleties of the seasons by clicking on the category on the right called “Holidays/Holy Days/Seasons.”

While Spring connotes rebirth, we’re obviously not always in a state of rebirth during this season. The truth is that we’re almost always in some form of transition so almost always working with one of the four stages. Spring might find you in the last stage of an engagement, just days before getting married. Spring might find you anxiously awaiting the arrival of a baby. You might be graduating from college or starting a new job. Or perhaps you’re witnessing your children growing into their next stage of development.

Wherever you are in your season of transition, I encourage you to take some time to concretize your experience of the last three months. I’ve been writing a lot lately about the importance of ritual (see category on the right called “Rituals and Symbols”) in containing the emotions activated by transitions. The more we can contain and concretize through rituals or creative expression, the more gracefully the emotions will pass through and make room for the next stage of growth. So whether it’s through a photo essay, a journal entry, a fireside talking ritual, a sweat lodge, a poem, a song, or a dance, spend time acknowledging the transitions you and your family have endured this season of Spring. In just a few days, the fullness of Summer will be upon us, beckoning us into her celebration in the broadest meaning of that word.

Spring witnessed…

My baby turning one and growing into a toddler

My little boy turning into a little big boy

The loss of  a dear friend

And the birth of many new skills

Letting go and letting Grandma so my husband and I could have our first evening date in years (more on this next week : )

Everest discovering the tenderness and joy of being a big brother

And, most relevantly for you, my devoted readers, the birth of this blog

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