The Mother Wound is Healable and I’m Here to Help you Heal

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Today I’m sharing three clips in different formats (text, audio, and video) from our Gathering Gold episode on the Mother Wound that speak to the heart of this very tender, and very healable wound.

One of the most gratifying parts of leading this course is watching the healing occur in real time. Through the safe and gentle roadmap of the course and the hearing other daughters’ stories of their mother wound from around the world on the calls and the private forum, layers of healing starts to unfold. There’s a global readiness to heal this wound, to reclaim your birthright as a daughter of the Great Mother, and set your own mother free from the imprisonment of your unmet needs and expectations.

The next round of Healing the Mother Wound: A 40-day course for daughters will start on May 6th, 2023. But even if you’re not joining the course, I hope these clips bring droplets of comfort and nourishment if you’re suffering with a mother wound.

Also, many of you have asked if this course is applicable even if your mother has passed on. The answer is yes. We can heal from a mother wound no matter what type of relationship we have with our mother – close, enmeshed, estranged – and even if our mother is no longer with us.

I look forward to hearing your responses to these clips in the comments section below and to connecting with you on the course.


Clip #1: The Freedom and Empowerment of Healing from the Mother Wound

“And it’s freedom not only for you but also for your mother and all of the mothers who came before you. The more you reclaim who you are and set healthy boundaries and step into your power and use your voice, your song, your dance – however that shows up for you. Power is freedom. Freedom is power. And you are also setting your mother free.

“You don’t have to be burdened by how her own mother wounding and how the very long intergenerational lineage of wounding… you don’t have to be burdened by that for the rest of your life. It’s actually a very healable wound, and I’ve seen that over and over again. It’s an incredibly empowering process to heal from this wound for you and for everyone around you. And I would say for the earth as well.”


Clip #2: A poem that I wrote 19 years ago when I was pregnant with our firstborn, Everest:



Clip #3: Mother is Matter



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