There are transitional times in a day, a week, a month, and a year. These are times when the ordinary boundaries of time and space are loosened and we’re offered portals into the unconscious and intuitive realms.

My husband refers to dawn and dusk as “the magic hours.” If we believed in fairies and elves, this is when they would appear. When we slow ourselves down and attune, we see what fairies and elves metaphorically represent: symbols from the unconscious. When we pay attention, the portal opens and wisdom walks through.

It’s as if day and night are two pieces of fabric, and dusk and dawn are the seams where they’re stitched together. If you hold the fabric up to the sky, it’s difficult to discern light. But if you hold it up at the seams, the light shines through.

Perhaps that’s why we’re so moved by sunrises and sunsets. The sky turns visually magnificent, yes, but it’s our souls that are inspired by the beauty. As depicted in the film, City of Angels, those are the times the angels arrive: of inspiration, of imagination, of gratitude, of light. These are power times: dawn and dusk, the wedding day, labor and birth, the full moon and our corresponding menstrual cycles, summer and winter solstice. It’s when our defenses are lowered and in the wide-open state, we can receive information that can guide us toward the next stage of our growth.

Whether or not we’re in transition, dawn and dusk are good times to meditate, pray and ¬†journal. With the veils between the worlds lifted, we will have easier access to the unconscious feelings and thoughts that want to be known. The transparency inherent to these portals are invitations to simultaneously drop down and reach up into the deepest and highest places in ourselves, stretching ourselves across the tension of our internal oppositional polarities until we arrive at a clear place of truth and balance.

This is not easy work, and many people will resist the slowing down that results in touching the difficult places inside. But this is the work of a conscious transitions. It’s the work, really, of a conscious life.

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