Sometimes, after my baby has fallen asleep, I lean in close and inhale deeply. He smells like God. Really. If you could smell God, this is exactly what He, or She, would smell like. There are immense sacrifices that accompany parenthood – sleep deprivation, lack of self-time, behavioral challenges, sibling issues – but the privileges and joys are unparalleled.

God is everywhere.

In the light of beauty

and the beauty of darkness

In the order of everyday chores

and the chaos of creativity

In the miraculous dance of a bee and a flower

and the wonder of discovery

In a rainstorm

and in mud play

In the honor of witnessing another mother

in all Her forms

but when I inhale his scent each night, when the breath fills me with a smile so deep that I have to whisper, “Thank you,” I wonder if I’ll ever be closer to God than I am right now.

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