Most women who are trying to conceive, pregnant, or new mothers believe that if they eat the right foods, read the right books, and take the right classes, they’ll be able to manage their fertility or pregnancy anxiety, prevent postpartum depression, and be prepared to bond with their newborn.

I was one of these women, struggling either emotionally or physically at every stage of becoming a new mother. Although I had counseled thousands of women through transitions and had appeared several times as an expert on Oprah, nothing prepared for me for the emotional and spiritual earthquake of my own transition.

When my son was a year old, I threw myself into researching the motherhood transition, and that’s when I discovered the MISSING LINK.

Since offering my clients this missing link, I’ve watched every single one of them manage their fertility anxiety and calm their pregnancy fears. I’ve seen them successfully let go of their identity as a non-mother – while maintaining their essential self – so they could embrace their new life and bond beautifully with their new baby.

This FREE video training reveals:

  • * The Missing Link that will revolutionize the way you become a mother – even if you’re not yet pregnant!
  • * Why most books, forums, and classes only reinforce your anxiety and set you up for unrealistic expectations that lead to guilt and depression
  • * The 3 Mental Shifts you need to make to prepare for motherhood
  • * The 7 Essentials Steps that will calm your anxiety at any stage

Find out why Alanis Morissette and Dr. Christiane Northrup, both longtime supporters of my work with transitions, have wholeheartedly embraced this FREE training and are announcing it to their audiences right now! Watch it and be sure to leave your comments, feedback, or questions:

It only takes 10 minutes a day to give yourself, your baby and your marriage the best gift you can give: an emotionally healthy and available YOU. I’ll see you inside!

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