Zoom meetings – 9-month

Following is the audio recording for the 7th group call for the Break Free From Anxiety 9-month course on December 22, 2020:

And here’s the quote about grief I read on the call from Francis Weller’s book “The Wild Edge of Sorrow”:
“It is the accumulated losses of a lifetime that slowly weigh us down – the times of rejection, the moments of isolation when we felt cut off from the sustaining touch of comfort and love. It is an ache that resides in the heart, the faint echo calling us back to the times of loss. We are called back, not so much to make things right, but to acknowledge what happened to us. Grief asks that we honor the loss and, in so doing, deepen our capacity for compassion. When grief remains unexpressed, however, it hardens, becomes as solid as a stone. We, in turn, become rigid and stop moving in rhythm with the soul. When we are in touch with all of our emotions, on the other hand, we are more verb than noun, more a movement than a thing. But when our grief stagnates, we become fixed in place, unable to move or dance with the flow of life. Grief is part of the dance.” – p. 20

Following is the recording for the 5th group call for the Break Free From Anxiety 9-month course (the meeting was held over Zoom and this is the audio recording):


Following is the recorded video from the Zoom meeting on October 19th where I discussed the guidelines for the small groups:

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