The Collections

I’ve written at least one post every week since I started my blog in 2010, which means there are hundreds of articles on my site. While some people choose to read my blog from the beginning, others feel overwhelmed by that prospect. If that’s the case for you, I encourage you to begin by identifying your primary place of pain and reading through the collections below, each of which contain the top 10-12 posts for each topic. You can also read through an entire category but clicking on the Category tab on the right sidebar of any blog post, or search for a specific topic by using the Search function in the menu at the top.

Keep in mind that my body of work dovetails around different yet related topics, meaning that you may be presenting with relationship anxiety then realize that at the core is lack of self-trust or a lifelong struggle with anxiety that predates your relationship. As you learn to embrace your anxiety as a gift that points to your wisdom and wholeness instead of judging it as evidence of brokenness, you will follow its lead into a healing journey that will change your life. So don’t hesitate to read from many different collections. Trust that you’re here for a reason and that you’re in the right place.

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