Lack of Attraction

Our culture places physical/sexual attraction and the feeling of being “in love” at the top of the non-negotiable list of relationship needs, so when these experiences are lacking you might think there’s something wrong with you, your partner, or your relationship. “What if I’m settling?”, “What if we don’t have enough chemistry?” and “I love my partner but I’m not in love” are common statements from people who find their way to my work.

As a culture predicated on the romantic ideal, we are tragically misguided about real attraction and real love. We don’t understand that friendship, safety, and trust form the foundation of healthy relationship and that, with accurate information and tools, attraction and feelings of love can be grown.

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The Unsung Ingredient of a Healthy Relationship

We worship passion. We equate love and longing. We lay prostrate to the belief that "chemistry" is at the heart of sustaining a relationship. We chase after the golden idol of attraction in all of its forms. And yet, we live in a cultural that has an abysmal success...

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