Trust Yourself: A 30-Day Program to Help You Overcome Your Fear of Failure, Caring What Others Think, Perfectionism, Difficulty Making Decisions, and Self-Doubt


Do you suffer from self-doubt?

Do you often compare yourself to others and worry about what other people think?

Are you scared to make a mistake, scared to fail, and have difficulty making decisions?

Do you try to get approval and avoid criticism?

If so, you're suffering from lack of self-trust and this program is for you!

Over the years of working with clients and course members, I’ve discerned that one of the primary root causes of anxiety – from relationship anxiety to social anxiety to intrusive thoughts to fear of pursuing a dream career – is lack of self-trust. If you could repair your damaged self-trust, your life would change in dramatic and miraculous ways and you would experience a power, clarity, and freedom that you’ve only dreamed possible.

That’s what this program will help you do, and I’m so excited to spend 30 days personally guiding you through the information, actions and support that will help you heal. I’ve spent years collecting this material, and months synthesizing it into a step-by-step, easy to assimilate format that will help you restore self-trust.

Imagine how different your life would be if you could

Let go of caring what other people think

Let go of your fear of failure

Let go of your need for approval

and instead make decisions and live your life from a solid wellspring of self, of knowing and loving who you truly are.

I can imagine it because I’m seeing it and living it every day, not only with the hundreds of clients whom I’ve helped take the leap from self-doubt to self-trust but also in my own life.

Self-trust can be repaired.

You can learn to value what you think more than others' opinions.

You can learn to make decisions with ease and joy.

You can learn to know yourself and trust yourself.

If you only knew the roadmap!

In this 30 day program I will be teaching you a roadmap in a clear and accessible way. I've witnessed hundreds of clients repair their self-trust by following these precepts and exercises and be able to live life with joy and clarity, and I have no doubt that you can do the same.

When you sign up for the program, you will receive:

One email from me every day which will contain an article about repairing self-trust and a tangible action that you can take toward this end.

At least one video or MP3 each week that will offer additional insight and information on that week's topic and/or an essential visualization or meditation that will help you connect to your self-trust.

Access to a private, moderated forum specifically for this program. My private forums are exceptionally supportive communities where people feel safe enough to be vulnerable and do very deep work and, while participation is not essential, it can be a transformational part of the work.

Group coaching calls where you will have the chance to ask your questions and bring your concerns directly to me. All calls are recorded and your questions will be answered regardless of whether or not you can attend the calls.

Give yourself the gift of learning how to repair your self-trust so that you can start living your fullest life. Take my hand and let’s begin!


We respect your email privacy

Some responses from my past Trust Yourself participants:

Hi Sheryl, Forgive me if I gush, but your programs have been truly life-changing for me, and I'm very grateful.

I was skeptical of e-courses and was reluctant to sign up for Break Free at first, but the reviews were so intelligently written and I was so desperate for relief that I took the plunge. Wow. Since joining in March of 2016, I have learned more about myself than ever before and begun a journey of self-inquiry that I intend to continue for a lifetime. I can't imagine where I would be if I hadn't found your wise path to self-acceptance and curious attention. My relationship with my partner is strong, honest, and true, but we never would have gotten here if not for your work. I now understand that fear (even of the most paralyzing, painful sort) is not an indication to run. Good and beautiful things lie on the other side.

The work I did in Trust Yourself has, for the first time, allowed me to stand firm in my own shoes and be proud of who I am, not just what I accomplish. Your stories, meditations, and dialogue on the forum helped illuminate my sticky spots and bring me into new relationship with my body. I have lots and lots of work to continue in this arena, but I'm grateful to have an entryway. The calls were a great way to connect with you and hear from others with some of the same concerns and fears as me. I also really liked the structure of the forum in Trust Yourself. Having the space to write out my thoughts and receive feedback was very, very helpful and brought more to light than journaling on my own. I can feel the work percolating... I know that it will take time to manifest in my everyday life, but I feel a shift and am very excited to lead life going forward with less fear and self-doubt and more courage and self-compassion.

Again, thank you for what you do. Thank goodness for Google for bringing Conscious Transitions into my life! 🙂

Zoe, Bethlehem, PA

Dearest Sheryl, I have learned so much from the Trust Yourself program. I've learned that there are no absolutes, but rather signposts that tell me what I really want. I have grown in watching for the "shoulds" and can identify characters and archetypes which "speak" in my psyche, and have grown in compassionate dialogue with them from a place of truth and self-trust. I have learned how dreamlike and ethereal emotion can be, fleeing when I start to think too much about them/attach too much language to them. I've also see how dreamlike thoughts and thought-patterns can be, pointing to a feeling or symbol and not the actual object.

I thought that the forum and group calls were very effective at creating a virtual community of learners and accountability, which I am already missing (as it is so difficult to start out with self-accountability in the beginning!). The Tonglen and concept of shifting intention to giving was huge for me.

I had a lot of resistance to seeking guidance, having been told since childhood to "stay positive," that if you give too much attention to an issue, you can make it a bigger problem than it is (well-intentioned, but not very functional when you are already habitually feeding the thought-spirals which aren't serving you, despite what those thoughts say ;)). The program normalized my wiring and it took away an element of shame. I have a newfound respect for myself (misplaced sometime in late childhood) and I have found my voice. I am no longer more concerned with making others more uncomfortable than I make myself (scary, but liberating). I am truly becoming an adult, by learning to connect to my inner child!

Sheryl, you are a true midwife of the soul. I am already sharing what I have learned about myself with my brother, who is also on the sensitive-anxious spectrum. This is the protein that was missing from my diet, the reason I had so little energy and true compassion to give to myself and others. Now my relationship with my partner does not freeze and shut down when I do, because I can now effectively decode my thoughts as I might analyze the behavior of a child, and am not expecting myself to "get it right." I had read about "getting underneath the thoughts" and accessing the grief/pain/discomfort and now I have a roadmap that I can use flexibly, depending on what I want. I am no self-expert, but I am becoming more fluent in the language of my body and heart. There is less indulgent pain as well.

Please know how deeply I respect you and your work, and that you have helped given me the map that returns me to me, who I had wanted to "get back to," who I tapped into in the beginning of my relationship, when I felt felt, but who I could not locate. You have returned me to me!

A full-throated "thank you" and hug from me and a silent one from those I love,

AT, Brooklyn NY

Sheryl, I can’t tell you how profound this experience has been! I felt blown away every day by your poetic and wise writing, by your original ways of thinking, by your profound respect and love for human beings. I felt so supported, light and joyful the first two weeks to have this program in my life!

You made me discover that I had a way better connection to myself and my body that I thought, that I have a voice and that life can be so much better if I listen to it. You made me discover that my mind is a powerful tool, that I can visualize whatever I want that feels loving and compassionate for me. I absolutely love everything about giving ourselves permission, trusting the flow of life, slowing down, receiving and giving space, which were things that I felt but could never assert really. 

I am immensely grateful for all the work, heart and compassion you put in this program. It truly changed me and is going to change the mother I might eventually become!

M.C., Portsmouth

Thank you so much for this amazing course and for sharing your gifts with the world.

Thirty days ago when I started this course my self-confidence had taken a dive after going through a break up. The end of the relationship uncovered so many issues with myself that I had ignored for so long, I hadn't realized that my ex partner was acting as a temporary bandage for my pain.

I can't thank you enough for holding my hand through the early stages of this transition and shining a light down the path to the center of myself. I know this is a path we all walk for our entire lives and you have inspired me to appreciate and be grateful for my journey and the people that have contributed to it in their different loving and sometimes not so loving ways.

I found all of the course content very helpful especially the work around yes's and no's and trusting that the universe is taking care of the future. I really believe that it's only with hindsight that we can truly find answers as to why certain challenges, feelings and people come into our lives so all we can do is breath into the present moment. I loved the Mp3's and your willingness to share a lot of your personal stories; it made me feel so much more connected with you and brought such a beautiful human element to the work.

Thank you for helping me to realize that this process of grief is so multi-layered, after every time I break down and think I'm never going to make it though, the stronger I become. Thank you for helping me to lay a solid foundation upon which to rebuild my self-love and self-trust. I'm excited about this next part of my journey to becoming the strong, independent and connected woman who I've known has always been waiting inside of me but I didn't know how to be - until now.

With love and gratitude,
Jaime, London, U.K

First and foremost, I want to thank you for the incredible work you do in the world. I, like so many of your other followers, found my way to your page in my own dark night of the soul. I have been dating my boyfriend for the last five years, and about two years into it, I began experiencing severe relationship anxiety. Thoughts about whether or not I loved him enough, if we were the right fit, how my relationship compared to those around me, and questions about my sexuality became a mental obsession. As you I am sure you could guess, I was of course judging and shaming myself for having these thoughts, and it even drove us to break up for a bit.

Finding your website was quite literally a breath of fresh air. My entire body relaxed knowing that at the very least I was not alone in these thoughts and that they were pointing to something much deeper that had nothing to do with my boyfriend, and actually needed a tremendous amount of love and attention. Your work was an anchor for me in that time. I truly could not be more grateful.

I made a lot of progress with ongoing therapy and by reading through your blog, but decided to sign up for the 30-day Trust Yourself program because I felt I was hitting some self-doubt/ self-confidence blocks that I could not understand. As always with your material, it perfectly articulated so many thoughts and feelings that I have trouble putting into words, and as a result I was able to face my inner world through a lens of love and compassion. The stand out lesson for me in these 30 days, was to open space in my heart for the ugly emotions that arise in life - whether it be within my relationship, at work, with family, etc. and to stop judging them. I became aware of my self-shaming thought patterns, and was able to break down a few walls. Of course, I am not fully there yet, and that's okay, but the material you shared in these 30 days will continue to serve as a source of wisdom and guidance for me.

Thank you again for leading us through this great journey. You are such a light!

Lots of love,
S.P., Miami, FL

I have been reflecting on everything I have learned since starting your marriage e course in October 2014 and its really hard to put it into words. It has been life changing. Probably the biggest lesson has been learning to walk towards uncomfortable feelings and thoughts rather than pushing them away and trying to pretend they do not exist. Your wedding course and the trust yourself course have given me the skills to acknowledge uncomfortable thoughts and feelings and go deeper - excavating the 'truth', rather than running from the scary thought that lives on the surface.

My call to healing came in mid last year, eight months before our wedding. Finally, this life changing event bought me to my knees and made me face what I saw as the unfaceable. My truth, which then I thought was to leave my partner. Now, through hours and hours of soul searching and healing - a lot which has come thanks to your wonderful Trust Yourself program, I see that my 'truth' is that my life is a gift, and my now husband is a gift. I give thanks every day now as part of my morning meditation and journaling (something that has come as a result of your course) that I am me and I live the life that I do. I still have fear and some anxiety, but I am learning that time, patience and curiosity will heal my wounds.

This journey has been so layered, just when I think I have found the 'answer' to why this is all happening, a new lesson and healing will present itself. One part of the course content I did struggle with sometimes was the focus on parenting and the role they played in developing my Self trust. I grew up in a beautiful, gentle and connected family where I was surrounded by love, I was reluctant to believe that my childhood was anything but beautiful and loving. But of course, my parents were not 'perfect' - I can see how my tendency to procrastinate and turn away from underlying issues, so that I don't hurt anyone's feelings, is directly related to my family of origin. Again, your philosophy about walking towards and addressing uncomfortable feelings has been a big turning point for me. I have never been so honest with myself, my husband or my friends and family. I am proud of my vulnerability and who I am (and am becoming).

I plan on joining your motherhood group soon, I already feel like I am grieving and connecting to the underlying emotions that sit below my anxiety as part of this transition. So different to how I approached my marriage transition. I am also reading 'the way of transition' by William Bridges (thanks for your list of book recommendations) - he is such a gentle and beautiful author. He helps me to let my tears flow.

You truly are a teacher, Sheryl, I thank God everyday that I found your work which has in turn helped me to find myself. Spirituality has been born into my life and is allowing me to release the 'strangle hold' I once had.

My deepest love and blessings to you,

Bridget, Melbourne, Australia


"I swear to you there are divine things more beautiful than words can tell." -- Walt Whitman

I feel like I've really "been around the block" in my search for inner harmony. Well, it's only been about six years, but I sure did a lot of searching in that amount of time! For me, in many courses, books and programs there is a subtle exaltation of the work above the people that are studying it. At no point did I feel that way during this course, however. Sheryl, I feel like you have not forgotten what it feels like on a very detailed level, to be someone who has not found the work yet. Even though I know they are well meaning, for me, many teachers give me a feeling of "I've cleaned up and I will tell you how to get clean, but I will not get any dirt on me with you." But with you as my teacher, I felt like I was with a gardener who does not think dirt is a bad thing, who gets her own hands in the soil and cultivates every day. I never got a sense of an exultation of the work or the product or idea above the people.

My favorite parts of the course were...

The weekly support calls: it was so soothing and powerful to me to hear your voice and to hear you interacting with people over the phone. I found myself really buoyed on the days after those calls.

The honesty: this course was not a "make yourself a better human" course. To me, it was more like a "welcome to the beauty (and drama) of humanity, let's look at all of it and help each other come to the fruits, without ignoring or downplaying any of the difficulties we can and will face." I loved that you talked about resistance right up front and let us know to expect that and how to work through it. I love that you helped normalize thoughts and concepts that I thought I was alone in dealing with.

Before I'd started this course, I'd drawn a picture of myself with a giant knotted mess of string coming out of my head. (This illustrated how my confusion felt to me). Now, after the course, this knot looks a lot smaller and with fewer strings to work through. I feel softer and I'm not as scared to approach myself. I don't walk away from myself as readily as I always did before the course. I feel stronger. I'm feeling more confident in my parenting. If I were a guitar and my tuning was a tiny bit off-key, I used to throw the guitar in the corner in agony. Now I am better able to listen to the off-notes and turn the dial until I can get closer to the note I'm looking for.

I'm so thankful that there's somebody out there who gets it and who has the clarity and gentleness to help others. I think some people may get it, but their approaches (for me) were too black and white. Either you get it and you're a winner or you don't get it and you're lost and can't use their program. But with you, those grey feelings and concerns are normal and nothing to be ashamed of.

This course was a gift to me and my family. I think it's going to cultivate much more for me than I'm even aware of now. I can't quite express it as well as I'd like to, but I hope you can sense what a difference you've made for me and my family. I would recommend it to absolutely anyone. Even more, I wish I could just wave a magic wand and deliver the course to most people because whether they believe it would help them or not, I am of the strong belief that it would.

Lots of Love and thanks beyond what I can write,

Bianca, California

This course was truly life-changing for me and I am so grateful to have found Sheryl and her work. I would recommend this program to anyone who resonates with the feelings of needing approval, fearing failure, worrying about what others think. It does not have to be this way, and it can be healed, and Sheryl provides great tools for the journey.

Sheryl offers incredible insight and wisdom in her teachings. I refer to her Conscious Transitions blog as her teachings because that is what one person’s journey can be for another who is willing to witness and observe, or in this case, read. Her teaching on “Life is Not a Popularity Contest” (June 2014) led me to take her E course called Trust Yourself. Sheryl writes: “the key is in recognizing that the common consequences of damaged self-trust – caring what others think, comparing yourself to others, difficulty making decisions, the fear of failure, addiction to approval and perfectionism – all result from one cause: externalizing your sense of self...Everyone can learn to undo these damaging messages and restore self-trust.” When I read that, I knew I needed to do this work with her. I was amazed at how accurately she worded my struggle.

What an intense 30 days of revelation. Sheryl’s daily emails, her MP3s, and the exercises create space in one’s life for deep reflection and the opportunity for growth and change from old ways. Her guidance is gentle, reassuring and powerful. I cannot say enough about her recorded visualizations. They have become a tool in my daily life to help me connect to my inner wisdom. Her soothing voice and esoteric choice of words and images really invite one to a transformative place.

As she also shares in her blog, “like all healing work, it requires time, patience, and commitment, as well as the support of a compassionate community all struggling with the same issues.” The commitment to the 30 days was easy because of the online community. There were many like-minded souls, working hard to heal, writing and sharing, and we were encouraged to do so at the pace that felt best for each of us. It was so refreshing to feel support from so many others, as well as know that however I responded to each piece, and in whatever time, was perfect.

The Trust Yourself course enabled me to reframe several things in my life for which I have often judged myself harshly because of fear of being wrong, or feeling too afraid to do it any differently. I actually left a job that was making me unhappy because this course reminded me to trust my body and my intrinsic knowing, and step out of my head where I tend to over-analyze and am often overwhelmed by the voice of fear and “what ifs.” As I said, the course was life-changing for me. Thank you.

Rhiana W, Seattle

I have nothing but positive things to say about the Trust Yourself course.  I feel lucky that I had time to sit and do the exercises fully almost each day.  I am very proud of how far I've come with my anxiety, and still realize that I need to connect with my body and my self-trust more regularly.  All of the daily emails really made me think a lot and come to deeper understanding of myself, as well as struggles others are going through.  I ended up doing a lot of learning, going deeper than just the emails.  I found the group calls helpful and appreciated that you started and ended with a grounding/breathing time. Thank you!

Anon, Madison, WI

The program has been absolutely amazing. It focuses on all the elements that need to be balanced and work together for Self Trust to grow - at least for a person that's wired like me. Nobody has ever presented this powerful combination to me before; the importance of being present in the body and heart AND connected to spirit AND be creative, let oneself play. I think of it like a treasure chest with many key holes, and previously I've only tried one key at a time and I've not been able to open the chest. Or I've forced the key, like trying to be creative but being totally hung up on making a perfect result. So you show us the keys we need, but also how to use them so they'll do the trick. I am so incredibly grateful for your work and how you've attended to all the participants in the course to help us along on our journeys.

Sunny, Norway

The Trust Yourself program provided me with tools, resources and tips that are helping me shift from focusing on answers, results and thoughts to focus on the process and on being more aware of my physical and emotional needs. It has also helped me know myself better and be more compassionate and understanding of my own issues and those of others. Learning to trust oneself and life is not easy and it's a bumpy road, but I am glad to be taking small and important steps in that direction.

Elisa, Barcelona, Spain

Thank you for providing these programs, as I'm learning so much more about trusting myself, loving myself and learning how to deal with trust issues. The program reinforced the fact that there are no right or wrong decisions, and only what feels right for you. It also encourages me not to care what people think, and how to make decisions on my own. And sometimes there are times where we'll just never know the answer to something, and need to trust ourselves that we're making the right decision. It is hard to dig deep and do the work, but it is very well worth doing so!

J.E., Bellmawr

I cannot thank you enough for your programs Trust Yourself and Open Your Heart. They have changed my life in concrete ways and helped me tap into immense inner resources. These programs have have advanced me years forward in my relationship with myself, in feeling grounded as a thriving adult, and in strengthening my fiancé and my relationship.

The largest change is that I've added daily replenishing practices to my life thanks to your programs. As you suggested, I now intentionally start and end each day with moving inward.

Another significant change in my life comes thanks to your Open Your Heart teaching about people naturally having different internal schedules. Reading about how you and your family start your day slowly and later than the typical American schedule unburdened me from the shame I've had most of my life for being a later-to-rise person. Once I let go of this shame, I became matter-of-fact about my preference to rise later. (I get up around 7am and prefer to have 2-3 hours to get ready, from Dream Journaling to meditation and running and other self-care.) I've arranged things so I now come to work an hour and half later than I used to (and stay later). This has made an incredible change in the fulfillment each day brings me. Now when I go to work, it's after having done all of the most important things for that day (meditation, exercise). I am usually beaming when I walk into work nowadays, and I cheerfully stay later in the evening (my least favorite time of day anyway - so I'm happy to spend those hours at work). I never would have had the confidence to request this change before reading this teaching you shared.

Thank you so much for your wonderful programs. Your teachings and your inner work are an incredible blessing in this world. Thank you so much.

Lailah, Charlottesville, VA

I am currently revisiting the Trust Yourself course - which I didn't complete because when I listened to myself I decided I needed to step away from learning and information - that in and of itself is different as usually I charge on with the learning regardless of how I feel.

I must say the first 10 days which I had followed, and am now revisiting, had a huge impact on me.  When I listened I realised that I wanted to step off the treadmill of London life, to stop drinking alcohol, to be in bed by 10 every night, to re-start meditating and juicing. I also felt a strong need to come off the contraception pill - all of this because I have started listening to my body and I felt compelled to get still to be with myself and fill my well...I have even started the blog I have been wanting to start for ages - first post "diving into my well of self." And it had felt more natural than all the time I have been trying to force myself to love and trust myself somehow.

So I wanted to say that I have enjoyed all your 30 day courses and for me this one has had a most profound impact. I think I needed permission somehow to get off the treadmill, surrender and get still and go within - changes are happening now I am doing that...I feel like I am touching the edges of the treasures within more and more.

Thank you so much for your powerful work - I love it so much!

Katrina, London

I cannot begin to tell you how much your teachings and wisdom in Trust Yourself have continued to change my life. I’ve always known that my natural instincts were strong but, given that I have been a recovering people pleaser for some time there was always a conflict between knowing what I wanted to do/felt inside and my habit of putting other people first. I am thrilled to tell you that since the course, I have been listening to my own inner voice so much more and it is beginning to have such a positive impact on my life and ability to establish boundaries with less worry about what other people think or a desire for their approval. You reiterated and reminded me that I already have all that I need in the gift of my own inner north star and by teaching me to turn inwards more often and to take space, I am slowly creating the life I have dreamed of for some time. Interestingly, I am in the process of a few major life transitions (including a move overseas) and the healing, space and peace that continues to open up based on what I learnt in your course, is so freeing and means I will leave Australia with a complete clean and fresh slate. Thank you!

On a different note, I have been validating/acknowledging the feelings in my work with students more and more since dialoguing with you on the forum and it is AMAZING to see how much they ‘open’ simply by being heard and seen. Ironically, as I write this I’ve realised that I am now doing this for myself more and more too! I am constantly reminded that my students teach me more than I could ever teach them!

Sheryl, your gifts of teaching, writing and sharing wisdom and lessons that come from such a soulful place have, and continue to, touch me deeply. Thank you for the influence you have had on my life and the contribution your work has made to the most intense of healing processes I have been committed too for such a long time. I thoroughly enjoyed the various mediums the course content was delivered in and have stayed in touch with someone I met on the forum, too! The Open Your Heart course has also had such a wonderful, exciting and special impact on my marriage, too – my relationship anxiety has all but disappeared and, if and, when it pops up for a visit I can manage it so much faster and more effectively.

Tanya, Australia

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  • Hi Sheryl,
    I have been so excited about this new programme you’re offering. I can’t do this particular one due to timings (and will also have to save a few pennies) but I hope it will be running again in the future?
    It looks amazing! All the best,

  • Yes, I’ll be offering it again and look forward to when you can join.

  • Megan

    Hi Sheryl,
    Your post really resonated with me in my current role at work. I’m constantly afraid of what people are thinking about my decisions and it paralyzes me sometimes. Can you give me some sense of how many people will be participating in the group calls?


    • Usually about a quarter of the participants are able to join the group calls. It’s a bridge line and it’s all anonymous, but you’ll be given a chance to ask your questions and work directly with me. I usually start with a 10-15 minute teaching and then dive into working with the program members. All calls are recorded, so if you aren’t able to make it you can send your question in ahead of time and I’ll be sure to answer it.

  • brittany

    Hello Sheryl,

    Would this be good for someone who is engaged and having a hard time with intrusive thoughts about the wedding/partner?

    I have your wedding e-course, but the problem is within me of possible not trusting myself.

  • Christina

    Im single and having a hard time meeting someone who wants to get married will the course be good to take or do you have other courses that would be fitting for my situation?

  • This course is applicable to anyone in any state of relationship status: single, dating, engaged, or married. If you suspect that one of your core issues is lack of self-love and the need to control , then this course would facilitate your healing and, in that sense, help you attract am available and loving partner. However, it’s certainly not a course specifically designed to help you meet a partner.

  • Emma

    Hello Sheryl, I am in New Zealand. I follow and find much wisdom in your newsletter and have thought of joining one of your online courses but I imagine the group calls are not easy to join from so far away and am wondering if I will miss an important and interactive part of the course by not participating in these at all.

    • I usually schedule two of the calls so that my members in Australia and New Zealand can participate. It’s never been a problem with previous courses so I’m sure you would benefit enormously even if you can’t participate in all of the calls.

  • Sue

    Hi Sheryl,
    I’ve been living with debilitating anxiety for 2 years, trying to get through my days and working on helping myself. I’ve actually lived with anxiety all my life, just not this strongly.
    Every decision I have to make fills me with anxiety.
    Your words resonated with me very strongly but I can’t afford the course. If you can share anything that would help, I’d appreciate it.
    I always look forward to your posts. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and compassion.

  • Jake

    Can you participate when living in Ireland??

  • Crystal

    Are there any scholarships available, we live on a very tight income, as my husband is disabled. This work is important however we just dont have the room right now.

  • Wow. That is me. Everything you described I can relate to. I feel so sad that I can’t afford it right now. Hubby and I are on one salary. I’ll likely be going back to work in the fall though (we just had a baby). Is there an email list to which I can register so I can be notified when the next session dates become available?

  • Nora Somogyi

    Dear Sheryl,

    I am eager to take part on your course,BUT I cannot play by Paypal, it simply does not work for me.Whenever I apply for Margaret’s courses, Valerie has my credit card number and I pay this way.Would it be possible this way perhaps, may be i n 2 payments? When not, I understand and even then I wish you all lots of joyful and uplifting moments…

    Thanks,Nora from Hungary

  • Shoshana

    I just got engaged and after reading this blog post I finally realize why I have been having so much anxiety recently. The aspects of lack of self-trust are feelings that I have dealt with my whole life. I would love to participate in your course but my fiance isn’t working at the moment and we are trying to save for our marriage. Are there any discounts that are available?

  • Katherine Hickman

    Hello, there.
    I am assisting my mother-in-law who has been living in a fog for many many many years. I believe she really needs intense counseling and I have recently decided to walk with her through all of this. I do not think this would be the only for of counseling that I would be helping her with, but she has lost sight of everything beautiful and peaceful on life. She struggles with finding happiness in anything. Please let me know when your next course comes up. I really think this is an answered prayer.

  • Peggy

    Hi Sheryl,

    I would like to be added to the list for Early Bird registration for the next program as well.
    Thanks & I look forward to it!

  • Helen

    Would love to be added to the early bird list for the next program thanks 🙂

  • sarah

    I would like to be added to the early bird list for the next program also.


  • Shila

    Hello Sheryl,

    I would like to be added to the Early Bird list for the next program if possible. I have been in a relationship with my boyfriend for 7 months now, and I couldn’t be happier. However, I keep having these thoughts (since the very beginning) about if he’s the one, or if we’re actually meant to be. It really doesn’t help that I’m into astrology and our planets and signs don’t match 100%. I also read a lot of articles online like “10 Signs He’s Not the One” and they just make me more anxious. I don’t know what else to do, I’m so scared and I tell him I’m scared, and he always reassures me not to overthink and to live in the now. I love him for that, he’s very sweet and caring, and he accepts me for who I am. The last thing I want to do is leave him.

    Thank you!

  • Carol

    Hello Sheryl!

    Could you add me to the early bird registration for the next round?

  • Lynn

    Hi Sheryl, I would like to added to the early bird registration. Thank you – Lynn

  • rosario

    Hello Sheryl, I am very interested in signing up for this ecouse, can I join or is it too late?

  • Jerry Parrotto

    Hi Sheryl – interested in enrolling in your 30-day program. What’s the process? Thanks.

  • Sue Jordan

    Hi there-
    Could you add me to the early bird list too please?
    Your mail hit a chord so loud that my ears are still ringing!

  • Hi Sheryl!

    Would you please add me to the early bird registration for this course? I love your work, how inspiring! 🙂

    • Hi Ashley,

      I’ve added you to the list for Early Bird Registration for the next round, which will let you know when registration opens. The course will likely fill, so the earlier you sign up the better chance you have of securing your spot!

  • Monica

    Hi Sheryl,
    I’d like to be added to the Early bird List for this course.
    Thank you,

  • cVee

    Please add me to the Next round of the course! Thanks.

  • Helena

    Can I be added to the next course please? thanks

  • Sharon

    Here’s another one for the registration 🙂
    Thank you!

  • Ena Ahmetspahic

    Hi, I’d like to be added to the early bird for this course.thanks!

  • Deenie

    Hi Sheryl,

    I would like to join this course but I’m limited on funds. Do you offer any deals?

  • Hannah

    Hi Sheryl, I’m currently a member of the conscious weddings e course and forum and am considering joining the trust yourself program too, however I’m a little bit anxious about group coaching calls and having them recorded. I don’t speak well under pressure as it is and in general I find it hard to articulate many things unless i write them down. I really wouldn’t like to miss out in a vital piece of the program or miss out on the opportunity to bring my concerns directly to you by not participating in the calls. So considering that, do you think it is still worthwhile for me?


    • Hi Hannah: Joining the calls is optional as they’re all recorded and available for playback when the call ends. Also, only a few people usually speak during the call as they’re only one hour and I spend the first 20 minutes offering a teaching and/or reading. I hope that’s helpful. So the short answer is YES, it would definitely be worthwhile even if you didn’t speak on the calls!

  • Gabriella

    Please add me to the early bird for the next time this course if offered. Sounds fantastic!

  • Sharon

    Hello Sheryl,

    I don’t know what my problem is, I just know I panic everyday, anytime, while doing anything. I panic and get anxious/distressed for a reason that exists/does not exist/could exist. It’s been a while now since I’m so lost. I’m always looking for support.

    Is this program for me?

  • Angela

    Dearest Sheryl,
    I have done the conscious- transition E-Course.. And that changed my life immensely my anxiety has lifted amazingly.. I’m forever grateful for your inspiring work and I also like to thank your Mother Margaret Paul.. Like mother like daughter.

  • Angela

    I feel this trust course will be just as beneficial for me… Like yourself…I tick all those boxes of trust issues. Even though I feel I understand myself better. I trust my judgements a bit better. I do sometimes lack confidence and doubt my decisions due to failure. Unfortunately, at the moment I can’t afford this course due to IVF and other expenses that have to be addressed first

  • Hirono Magistrali

    Hi Sheryl,

    I have registered for this course but have not received any mail or information yet? Please let me know what is going on?


    • Hi Hirono,

      I’m so glad to hear from you! I’ve sent you at least five or six emails asking you to confirm the email address that you used to purchase the course:

      If you check that email address, you’ll see all of my emails. Once you confirm, you’ll start to receive program information. I’m guessing that’s an email address that you don’t often use. As stated in the initial email upon purchase, if you’d like to change the email address where you receive program information, I’m happy to do so.


  • Daniela

    Im desperately in need to take an anxiety course. Can’t I enroll now?

  • Nancy Burke

    Hello! I am very interested in your next course. I am transitioning from one career to another and riddles with fear and anxiety about $. I’m also trying to accomplish a 20 lb weight loss and my husband and I are struggling through infidelity issues from a year ago. I’m not sure this is the right course for me to take but I do feel like all of these issues are connected somehow and I’m not sure how.. In a nutshell I feel stuck!

  • Elizabeth

    Hi Sheryl,

    Can you please add me to the Early Bird list for your spring 2015 course?


  • Laurie

    I would like to receive the newsletter and be notified when the next class enrollment will begin. Thanks!

  • Sarah

    Hi Sheryl, when is the next Trust course starting in 2015 please?

    And also I am looking at doing the living your dream life course. Should I wait and see how I feel after that before signing up for the TRust course or are they quite different and complementary?

    Many Thanks

    Kind Regards

    Sarah, Australia

    • Dream Life and Trust Yourself are similar in many ways, but with Trust Yourself you receive direct guidance from me and the community through the forum and group phone calls, and Trust Yourself goes into much more depth. It will likely start in early March 2015.

  • Christine

    I would also like to receive the newsletter and be notified when the next class enrollment will be.


  • Jo

    Hi Sheryl
    I too am very interested in enroll ing in your next course. Could you please advise the next date?thankyou Jo

  • Michelle Lily

    Hi Sheryl. Please add me to your list for Trust Yourself. I tick every box for lack of trust in myself so I can’t wait. Also, a brief question: have you decided upon which days of the week the group calls will be for Trust Yourself? If I know ahead of time I may be able to switch work days so that I can listen in “live”. Thank you.

    • Registration is now open for this round, Michelle. You can sign up using the BUY NOW buttons above. Phone calls are on different days and times to try to accommodate people in all world time zones, but most often on Mondays at 5pm EST.

  • Dawn

    Hi Sheryl, I read your recent article and thought the Trust Yourself program might be helpful but I was thinking the weddings e-course might be helpful as well. I have been dating my boyfriend for 2 years and I have doubts about the relationship. But I also have doubts about a career I was previously passionate about but lost confidence in my abilities. I feel afraid to look within because I’m afraid my relationship and anything else I value will be wrong. I’ve read some of your blog articles so I gather that if your afraid truth is “you have to leave your partner, etc” that’s probably not your actual truth. Which course would be more helpful for me at this point?

  • Jessica

    It just feels like no matter how hard I try, no matter how much him and I communicate through everything and try our hardest to overcome this anxiety, we are going to have to end it. And it’s like why not end it now and get it over with. Why try to fix your relationship? Why try to work at overcome your anxiety and fears when you aren’t going to end up together?

    Are these common feelings with relationship anxiety or is this a sign that it really is time to move on?

    What is a sign that it really is time to move on?

  • Vera

    Hi Sheryl,

    I bought the conscious weddings ecourse last May because I was experiencing intense relationship anxiety and ambivalence. The forum and lessons have been really helpful and I am still in the process of figuring out if my relationship is healthy for me. I think this trust yourself course would help me because I always have had difficulty trusting myself to handle things and go through thing. My questions are, do you think this course is good to do alongside the other course? I feel scared to be juggling two things at once because I want to give each a good amount of time and attention. Also, when do the phone conferences take place? I live on the east coast in the US and dont know if time would interfere with having the phone conference.

    Is the information totally different or does it overlap? I know that inner bonding is something I dont feel is a method that clicks with me. I know what helps me is learning information, and finding new ways to approach life and handle things. Thank you.

    • Hi Vera:

      This is a completely different course than the wedding e-course with different information, structure, support, and tools. I do not teach Inner Bonding in this course at all, and the call times are on Mondays at 5pm EST. Keep in mind that all calls will be recorded and you will have a chance to ask questions prior. I hope you’ll join us!


  • Gabrielle Vautour

    Hi Sheryl,
    This probably isn’t the right place but I don’t know how to contact you! I paid for the trust yourself program and I’m not sure if I supposed to receive anything by now, i haven’t revceived any emails, is this normal?

    • Hi Gabrielle,

      I’m so glad to hear from you! You haven’t received any emails because you didn’t confirm your email address. My assistant, Tina, has emailed you several times at this email address asking you to confirm but to no avail. Please contact me or her directly so that we can get you all caught up.


      • Gabrielle Vautour

        I must have typed the wrong email address! I feel so silly. How exactly should I contact you directly?

        Thank you so much!

  • Hannah

    Hi Sheryl
    Have entered my details above to receive the email allowing me to confirm my early bird subscription however the email I received has no content

  • WhoamI

    Dear Sheryl,
    reading through your website and your stories almost everywhere it says that the root cause of (relationship) anxiety is within us. So I dug deep for weeks until I found that I am scared of starting a life with my fiance is because I don’t feel fulfilled… I am turning 30, I still haven’t graduated, I depend on my parents my whole life, I don’t have a job… I have nothing. Who am I and what am I doing with my life? I feel so depressed and horrible right now!
    Any advice?
    Thank you

  • Shazana

    Hello Sheryl,

    I wanted to know more Trust Yourself program. I am eagerly waiting to be enrolled in this course. Would you please kindly add me to your Trust Yourself early bird program. Thank you!

  • Shazana

    Thank you Sheryl!

  • Suzanne

    Hi Sheryl
    On the trust yourself programme please can you tell me what days and times the calls normally are? I live in the UK, and some days I’m looking after my son. I’d like to be clear on how much of the course I’ll be able to fully participate in or not.

    • Call times are generally 5pm Eastern (New York), but know that only about 1/4 of the participants are able to attend live calls, and you will have a chance to ask your questions on the forum or the private, course pages. All calls are recorded and are available about one hour after the call ends.

  • Bridget

    Hi Sheryl,

    I am very keen to sign up for this round of Trust Yourself. I am in the incorporation phase of my marriage transition and would like support to let go of parts of my old self that no longer serve me.. It’s still a pretty challenging time during my marriage transition, with grief, fear and loneliness present during most of my days. I am rediscovering my inner child and believe my core relationship anxiety centres around fear of loss and surrendering to the risk marriage. I feel like day by day I am growing through journaling and meditation but some guidance along this road would be so very welcome. I have already purchased an am working through your Min Body Green course about how to bring more joy to your life – I understand the trust yourself program has additional support elements from you but the course content is relatively the same? Would it be best to wait for your ‘open your heart’ course to start again?

    Thanks Sheryl, your wedding e course has been invaluable to me.

    • Hi Bridget: Trust Yourself is VERY different from my MBG course. About 10% of the content overlaps, but Trust Yourself goes into a great deal more depth on the subject of how to fill your well of Self. I encourage you to join! And I’m so glad the e-course has been helpful : ).

  • Elizabeth

    Hi Sheryl, I’ll be traveling to visit family during this time and would like to be able to focus on the course more. Would you please add me to the early bird registration for the next round of this course?

  • Bridget

    Thanks Sheryl, I’ve just joined. I can’t wait for this next stage of inner growth.

  • Julia

    Hey Sheryl, Love, love, love your work! Can you add me to the early bird list for the next offering of this course!

  • Hannah

    Hi Sheryl,
    I am really, really hoping to join this round of trust-yourself using the split payment option, however i won’t be able to put my first payment down until Tuesday the 21st. I was wondering how numbers for the course are looking currently? I am nervous that the course will be full before i can put the payment down.
    If the course does fill up before the 21st, i see above that the course will be available as a regular e-course which is great! Will that be available any time soon? The preference would absolutely be to do the live program with you, but i’m thankful for the latter option if that doesn’t work out.
    Best wishes

  • Sophie

    Dear Sheryl,

    I would love to join and know I can benefit greatly from the course you are offering. Being brought up to dismiss my emotions, care for the needs and ensure the success of others and their dreams first (only), never to ask for help (such considered weakness), to not show my softer, emotional, imperfect, vulnerable, non-coping, perfectly ok acceptable me means to even contemplate that your course can help me and to be open to such is an huge step forward for me which I congratulate myself on and thank you for sharing your emails/newsletters which have helped me along this new self-awareness to where I can say I’m choosing to be happy, put abuse and less-good life choices behind me (I’m 48) and be aware of and let go of self-sabbotaging through which I have failed to let my inner light shine or feel I fit or had any purpose or right to happiness in my life; always fearful of being judged, being wrong, not being ‘perfect’, no good being me. I love me now and choose to be happy and desire to learn from your course. Paralysed by a drunk driver aged 19 (Nov 986), condition made worse in work accident May 1995, then neck and nerves damaged/further restriction when my stationary car hit by a van Dec 2005 means I’m unwaged so can offer a much smaller amount than you are asking for and I ask if you can consider such? I was attacked by a drunk man last December and after fighting for my life have realised my internalised anger from past abuse has drawn such negative situations to me, and provided opportunities to better act upon my intuition to avoid putting myself in danger and believing all will be ok. I welcome you offering me a place to join the course at what I can afford, should you choose to. Thank you. With love, Sophie x

  • Patricia

    Hi Sheryl, is it too late to join the August course?

  • Laura

    Dear Sheryl,
    I have been considering doing this course a few times but as I have a son of 14 months I have kept imagining i wouldn’t have the time to immerse myself in the material – HOWEVER , this morning I had an “aha” experience and said to myself ‘doooo iiiiiit NOW! !” so I have tried to purchase the course but am have problems doing so via PayPal, in fact o think I have just ‘paid, with a card that has no money on it…’ — because I no longer live in the UK, but my UK card is still attached to my PayPal account aaaand i can’t seem to change it , on my phone at least. . Can you reserve me a space for tomorrow? And help me pay ?
    Sorry for this crazy (lunch break ) message !

    • Dear Laura: It looks like you paid by echeck, which means it will take 5-7 days to clear. We’ll trust that it will go through on our end and I’ll have my assistant make sure that your email is added to the list. Welcome! I’m glad you took the leap ;).

      • Laura

        Thank you so much! I’m just a bit worried that the payment won’t go through, if it doesn’t I will of course make it happen 🙂 I really look forwards to starting the course tomorrow!

  • Leigh

    Any chance that I could still sign up for this course? I missed the deadline and am regretting it!

  • Sher


    I have a quick question. I am 30 years old. I suffer from relationship anxiety. I want to have a healthy relationship, but whenever I try to get involved with someone, I end up wanting to run and questioning whether I want this or if I need to be single. I know I have fears although I am not sure what they are, and I often have trouble trusting myself. I know I have attachment issues and suffered greatly from separation anxiety from my mother growing up. I am wondering if this course would be good for me or anything else you can recommend. Thank you.

  • Marisa

    When will the Trust Yourself course be offered again?? Looking forward to participating!!

  • Tina

    Hello Sheryl, I want to develop my intuition, aka gut instinct. Sometimes I have an unsettling feeling about a certain person or situation, but then I wonder whether if the feeling was actually my intuition or mere paranoia. I grew up with a mother was suspicious and anxious about many things so I probably learned the habits from her. Would this course help me distinguish true gut feeling from anxiety/paranoia?

  • Maddie

    Hello Sheryl,

    I’ve been dating my first boyfriend for three months and I’ve been having doubts for two months. My doubts exacerbated ever since he traveled to study abroad, we’re in a long distance relationship. So of course I had the doubts “what if I don’t love him enough, what if he would be better for someone else, what if he’s not my type, what if I’m just scared to be alone”, but lately I’ve been having this doubt that is really scaring me “what if I’m just with him because I want to boast about having a boyfriend, or because I want to “belong” ? ” Don’t get me wrong, I really like him, and I really enjoy skyping with him, he’s my best friend and I don’t want to loose him, but sometimes, when I fantasize about being with him, I also daydream about having people around us looking at us, like I would be happy if they think positively about me. So am i dating him because I want other people to think positively about me? Or is it just that I enjoy the attention but that it’s not related to my relationship? I know it may sound stupid or ridiculous, and I don’t know if some of your clients are in the same situation, but I was wondering if that means that I should leave my boyfriend and that I’m dating him for the wrong reasons, or that it is just a personal issue I must work on. I mean maybe there’s a part of me that does seek the approval of other people. Will this course help me with what I’m dealing with without making me leave my boyfriend? Is this course right for me?

    Thank you .

  • Angie

    I am 69 years old and struggle with core shame and a very longtime fear of “harming others accidentally” (OCD). I also find it hard to listen to my body and also to take the time to meditate. Not sure why. I have been dabbling with Inner Bonding and with a facilitator for several years now. Made a lot of progress especially lately. Do you think that this course would help me? I also have unresolved issues in my 40 year marriage.

    • Hi Angie: Yes, the course will definitely help you drop down into your body (that’s the core focus of this program). As far as your marriage issues, I HIGHLY recommend considering doing couples’ work with an EFT-trained therapist (Sue Johnson’s work; her book is “Hold Me Tight”). You can find a local therapist here: It’s the only couples’ model that actually works!

  • Rachel

    When will this course be offered again? I am bummed I missed it. Can you sign me up for the early bird notification please?

  • MS

    Hello! Is this course good for someone with relationship anxiety?

  • Albane

    Hi Sheryl,

    When I read this text above, am just frightened by the idea that trusting myself means leaving my marriage.

    I guess fear is at the driver’s seat at the moment but how do you distinguish things!?

  • Jenna

    Hi sheryl when will the next round of this course be? Thank you x

  • L

    Hello Sheryl,

    I’ve been reading your weekly emails for the last year and a half and I’ve found them to be helpful with anxiety – all of my anxieties in general. Presently, I’m struggling with agoraphobia and also a fear of being alone (specifically from my husband, I’m afraid that he’ll leave the neighbourhood and then he’ll die or I’ll have a huge panic attack and he won’t be there to comfort me — the fear of being alone having started shortly after we got married). I was wondering if this program would be pertinent to me?


    • While the program doesn’t address this exact fear, it certainly addresses the underlying fear, which is lack of self-trust and trust in life, so YES, the program would be absolutely pertinent and I hope you’ll join us.

  • greenlane

    This feels like the perfect next step after Break Free, but I’ll be away for so much of the month. I saw up in the thread that it’s best to follow along with the group. Are you planning another round?

  • Lily Simmons

    Hi Sheryl, I am in a dark place right now with relationship anxiety and lots and lots of fears about both staying in my relationship and leaving too! I do feel I’ve come a long way with trusting myself with many kinds of decisions, but this relationship decision has gotten me all tied up in knots. Do you think this course is appropriate for me?

  • Margaret

    Hi Sheryl,

    Will this course be offered again? I think this would be a great follow-up to “Break Free,” but am going to be incredibly busy this month and want to be able to devote as much time as I can to it. Thanks for all you do. You are a blessing!

  • Kaitlyn

    Hi Sheryl,

    Now that I am out of school I am starting to have a little more management over money and would love to take this course or the breaking free course. I was wondering if you had any insight into which course would be more helpful in my case. I know both would be insanely helpful to me, I was just wondering if you recommend taking one over the other or if taking both at some point, should I take one before the other? (if that makes sense) I chronically compare myself and my relationship to other people and have a lot of self doubt and fear of failure that I have discovered over the years. It is like I’m always looking for others to approve of me and my relationship that I am just so anxious at all times projecting on my relationship. I have everything I want in a relationship and my nursing career is starting to get in the right direction as well, yet I’m still not happy. Which makes me think I’m not happy with myself enough to be happy with anything else. I feel that my relationship anxiety could be handled through self work however I do not know which course would help more.

    Thank you so much,

  • Heather

    Hi Sheryl,
    I’ve been readying your blog and other people’s post and it makes me feel a little better because i truly think my anxiety is causing me to feel like I don’t love my boyfriend and makes me feel like I should break up with him. I know I don’t want to break up with him but can’t shake these thoughts. He is traveling and it all started when I found out he’d be gone for a while. I started wondering “what if I found someone else” or “what if I don’t miss him” or “what if we grow apart” which has me wondering if the root of it is not trusting myself? I just want to be happy again and not feel like I should break up with him. I had these thoughts and they went away for a while until the day before he left and I don’t know what to do.

    • Heather

      I don’t know if the feelings are real and maybe I don’t love him or if it’s just my anxiety. He’s a great guy and there isn’t any red flags so I don’t know why I’m feeling like this.

  • I have a question. What time will the group coaching calls take place? Thank you! Luna

    • Calls are generally held on Mondays at 5pm eastern. If you’re not able to make the calls (only about 1/4 of course participants are generally able to make the live calls), you will be able to ask your questions beforehand and listen to the live recording afterwards.

  • Linda

    Hi Sheryl

    I have done the break free course which has been life changing for me.
    I still have a way to go and I feel like this course would help immensely. However from the 28th of October onwards I will be doing a training course for 6 weeks so I don’t know whether I will have time to dedicate myself fully (as much as I’d want to) to the trust yourself program. When are you running this again ?


    • I’ll run it again in about six months, and yes, it would be worth it for you to take it now even though you have a conflict. Most people don’t follow along with the timeline as life does interfere, and only about 1/4 of the participants are able to make the live calls. From my experience, neither of these factors seem to have any impact on the efficacy of the course.

  • Linda

    Could I still sign up and do the course slowly and in my own time ? I maybe wouldn’t be able to participate to the calls as much as I would like to. Do you think it’s still worth it or does that defeats the purpose of having the course run at specific times ?

  • Gen

    Hi Sheryl,

    I really would like to join this course but I will be going on vacation for 2 weeks without internet access smack in the middle of this course! Should I wait for the next one? Will I have all the course information available after the 30 days are over? Thank you!

    • Most people fall behind with the material at some point, and you can pick it back up on your own timetable. You will have lifetime access to all material. That said, if you think you’re going to participate in the forum (about 1/4 of the members do), you might want to wait until the next round.

      • Gen

        will the forums still be accessible to me after the course?

        • The forums will be accessible but they won’t be moderated.

          • Gen

            If I take the course now… would I be able to access the forum during the next round? I took your break free course and it has been life changing for me, and truly an eye opener. I am anxious to get my hands on the material for this course to help me out in other areas of my life outside of my relationship. The timing is a little off but I’m trying to see if I can work around it so I do not need to wait until the next round. Thank you Sheryl for all you do!

  • gem

    HI, i have chronic fatigue which i know is caused by my thinking, ive always been an anxious person, especially relationship OCD which in the last two years turned to gay ocd. this has hit me very hard and made my life very challenging the last few years. these intrusive thoughts cause me unbelievable sadness, stress and distress. Is this course good for this? many thanks

  • Kim Seviour

    Hi, which course would you recommend first? Trust or relationship anxiety? My anxiety just ended my relationship with the best guy ever and at the at of 31 I’m sick of running and losing great relationships and afraid of winding up alone. I’ve emailed on a couple of pages here this morning, relationship ended yesterday so I’m rather weird and clutching at straws at the moment,

  • Blue is Beautiful

    Dear Sheryl,

    I am so glad I found your website, it is helping me a lot. Thank you!
    I am about to register to this program and I have some questions:

    – Is it possible to do the “Break free e-course” at the same time or is it better to wait? (both would be very beneficial for me, I think)

    – How do the calls work for international people (Europe) ?

    • I’m so glad my site has been helpful! It’s best not to do both courses at once unless you have a lot of time on your hands. You can access the calls through a bridge line and a local number; you’ll receive access information once you sign up.

  • Yelena Sigal

    When does the course start? Thank you!

  • Paola

    Hei Sheryl!

    Really love your work, and it has already helped me enormously .

    I’m currently taking your “break free from relationship anxiety”, and I have some chapters that I need to go through. This course seem like a prefect step-up, and I think it will help me enormously. After consulting a therapist this week, I think i finally understand what my core problem is (lacking of self-trust and self-love). I always need a reinsurance on everything, always comparing myself and my relationship with my BF with every body else, having hard time to accepting myself etc. Even after consulting with the therapist my anxiety were high for a couple of days (i asked if my background has something to do with my relationship anxiety, and he said that it could be, but it could also not be the case. and everything went downhill from that). So even then, I think (or I choose to belive), my self-trust was lacking. So, what do you think, is this course a good step up for continuing with inner work? And when is the next round?

    Thank you so much!

    • Yes, lack of self-trust is a core spoke in the relationship anxiety wheel and it’s wonderful that you’ve been able to recognize this. This course is an ideal follow-up to Break Free, and I generally offer it every 5-6 months. See you there!

  • Raphaëla

    Dear Sheryl,

    I took your course on relationship anxiety, which for me turned out to be an intense revelation ! I cannot stress enough how powerfully soothing it was to learn I had to take responsibility for myself. I feel so much gratitude for your teaching and would love to take your “Trust yourself” course. I’m french and live in the UK and I’m afraid that according to the layout of your course, the difference in time zone may get in the way of my participation. But perhaps I have misunderstood the structure of your programme ?


  • Mary

    I’ve signed up for the April course! I am really looking forward to the class. I’m actually having a little anxiety over it, but I know I need it. I’m afraid I’ll figure out I’ve been doing things wrong and decisions I’ve made haven’t been right, but that’s my self doubt! Can’t wait to improve.

  • Emma

    What is the affiliate ID required for payment to the trust yourself program? I have purchased abd completed the break free course; is it the same user name?! Please reply ASAP so I don’t miss out! Thank you 🙂

  • Maja

    Hi Sheryl I bought this course about a week ago I still didn’t get anything on my e-mail, no confirmation e-mail nothing. I choosed payment in 2 and I saw on my paypal acount that first payment is taken.

  • Maja

    Can you please check that out so I don’t miss this course and my money offcourse.
    Best regards

  • LDR

    Hi Sheryl,

    I have been struggling with relationship anxiety since a year and a half now. I really really really want to participate in any of your courses, especially the Trust Yourself course because I don’t believe that I can pick the “right” partner, because I have done it wrong in the past. My boyfriend has the most beautiful personality I can ever ask for. I am working really hard to see through this curtain of anxiety and don’t let those intrusive thoughts get to me. Your courses would be of great help. Unfortunately, I am a student and can’t afford your courses. Is there a student price available?

    I feel bad for asking this. I hope I can join you for the Trust Yourself course this time. I am really excited about it.

    Warm hugs from Belgium!

  • Mary

    What is the price for this?

  • K.A.

    Hi Sheryl,
    I’m interested in doing this course the next time it’s offered, but am struggling with a fundamental idea of it. In my religion, I’m taught that the problem of life is not trusting God enough — not so much about whether I trust myself. How would you recommend approaching this, or how have you seen others work with this question? Thanks in advance for your wisdom — it is a touchstone for me and my marriage!


    • That’s an interesting question, and I imagine the response is more of a theological one than a psychological one. From my spiritual perspective, God is both bigger than me and contained within me, so when I’m trusting God I’m also trusting myself and when I’m trusting myself I’m also trusting God. I hope that helps!

  • Batsh

    Hi Sheryl! I just found your website like last week, and I don’t even remember how, but I’m SO grateful. I would love to join this 30 day program for fear and failure- this is literally my thing I can’t seem to get past. I’ll be honest though, when I looked at the price I thought forget it, right now I just can’t. Then I scrolled down and saw people request scholarships. I am a full time grad student and not working at the moment. Do you offer a sliding scale at all??

    Thank you so much! I can’t stop watching your videos.

    • I’m not offering any discounts at the moment but I do offer discounts twice a year on my e-courses on Memorial Day and Thanksgiving week. Make sure you’re signed up for my list so that you receive the announcement!

  • Michelle

    Hello Sheryl
    Wondering if this program would help with Pure ‘0’ anxiety type thinking

  • Mohammad

    Hi Sheryl,
    I see the payment option is still activated.
    can i still join the current course round?

  • Kyuji

    Hi Sheryl!

    First, I want to thank you for your work, since over the course of the last few months you helped me a lot with my engagement anxiety. Thanks to you, I realized that I have a lot of work to do in order to heal from a lot of sad and sometimes even traumatic relationship experiences.

    In order to do all of this inner work, I decided that I probably don’t only need to complete the Conscious Wedding E-Course, but also the Break Free From Relationship Anxiety Course, the Open Your Heart course and the Trust Yourself cours.

    Recently, I realized that most of the problems I have in my relationship are probably linked to my own confidence and my own feeling of self-worth. For example, my worst anxiety spike at the moment is linken to humor: When I tell a joke and my fiancée doesn’t find it as funny as I do, I start to worry, to be over-dramatical and to think that our relationship is doomed because we don’t laugh together enough (even if we laugh together pretty often). But recently, I realized that these worries are probably linked to my own feeling of self-worth – because sometimes, when I don’t focus on her reactions to my jokes and don’t worry about it – I can still enjoy telling jokes and being silly with her, even if she doesn’t find it as funny as I do.

    So, I would like to know in what order would you reccommend me to do these several courses? At the moment, I plan to do complete the Conscious Wedding E-Course, then the Open Your Heart course (me and my fiancée want to do it together – we will spend 4 weeks in Japan, so we thought this holiday might be a good chance to do the course while travelling and being together all the time), the Trust Yourself course and last but not least the Break Free From Relationship Anxiety course. Do you think this is a good order or would you reccommend me to take the Trust Yourself course, before doing the Open Your Heart course?

  • Darlene Sperlazza-Anthony

    Hi Sheryl ,
    I am interested in attending the 30 day course “trust yourself”. I noted that the start date is 11/10/18 . That time frame makes me nervous due to the holidays and having time to focus on the course work. Is there another start date in December or January?

    Thanks for your response

    • Hi Darlene: I know it’s a busy time of year with the holidays, and that’s usually exactly the time when people need to turn inward the most. I won’t be offering the course for another six months, so I hope you’ll join us.

  • Kathryn

    Hi Sheryl, I’m trying to decide which course (this one or relationship anxiety) would be morst beneficial for me at this point in my life. I’ve been wanting to take the relationship anxiety one very much and I believe I have a bad case of that and it’s the crux of most of my anxiety right now, but reading this trust course description also resonated with me completely, and so I’m just not sure which to spend my money on. I really want to make the decision of whether or not to marry my boyfriend (we have been dating 5 years and he’s waiting on me) and that feels like the most urgent thing in my life, but I’m also overcome with anxiety and trust problems every day. Please let me know what you think. Thank you.

    • The Break Free From Relationship Anxiety course is my foundational course, and as it’s your primary struggle right now I would highly recommend you start there. Lack of self-trust is a primary root cause of relationship anxiety, and I recommend taking this course the next time it comes around, but for now I encourage you to gain the tools and information that I offer in the Break Free course so that you can move through your stuck place and find your clarity.

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