Celebrity Endorsements

“This is why I so wanted to do this show”


“Sheryl Paul casts new light on an old subject”

Marianne Williamson


Robert Johnson

“Sheryl Paul has been a teacher, a sister, and an inspiring visionary in my life since my twenties”

Alanis Morissette

“The wisdom and practical advice in these pages can save your sanity and shore up your relationships”

Dr. Christiane Northrup

“Anyone who ever wanted a wise aunt, or even fairy godmother, should grab this book”

Terrence Real

“The Wisdom of Anxiety is a rare and radical book that is so deeply wise it will change you from the inside out”

Rabbi Tirzah Firestone, PhD

“In a culture where we fear uncomfortable feelings and look outwards for reaffirmation, Sheryl has shown me how to change the relationship I have with my anxiety”

Catherine Ward Thomas


Marion Woodman

Webinars, Interviews, and Podcasts

In conversation with my mentor, Rabbi Tirzah Firestone, PhD, on transitions of every kind, from the beginning and ending of a day to the tragedy of losing a loved one to our planetary transitions.


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What If I’m Not Attracted To My Partner?

Sheryl On Oprah

Sheryl On Oprah

Anxious About Being Pregnant

New Mother Sadness

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