Relationship Anxiety

The posts below are just a small sampling of the depth with which I write about relationship anxiety, but if you’re new to my work it will give you a sense of how I address this debilitating issue. Relationship anxiety is one of the great equalizers in that it transcends gender, sexual orientation, race, geography, age, and religion. It can show up on the first date or it can hit twenty years into a marriage.

The essential key to breaking free from relationship anxiety is to know that as long as you’re in a healthy, loving relationship (keeping in mind that every relationship has challenges) the source of the fear lives in you, and your symptoms – intrusive thoughts, difficulty functioning, pervasive doubt – are a profound invitation to heal a lifetime of anxiety. Once you break through the compelling but false projection that the problem is your partner, you’re well on your way to freedom. 

Relationship Anxiety and the Million-Dollar Question

It's the question that wakes you up on the middle of the night. It's the question that gnaws at your gut and makes your stomach drop with roller-coaster fear. It's the question that Googled you to many sites and articles that confirmed your biggest fear, and...

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Does Relationship Anxiety Ever End?

Among the many questions that dart through the mind plagued by relationship anxiety, the one that can cause either hope or despair is, "Will this anxiety ever end? The short answer is yes: the acute anxiety that you're experiencing - the one that wakes you in the...

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Am I Only With My Partner Because S/he Makes Me Feel Safe?

There are so many ways the ego tries to dismantle real love, and it's favorite is to perseverate on a single question until it tires itself out, then jump to the next story. I've dissected many of these questions on this blog and in my courses, approaching each in the...

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Relationship Anxiety: Intuition or Fear?

A subset topic of the million-dollar question -  is my anxiety/doubt evidence that my truth is that I’m with the wrong partner or does it mean something else? - is the issue of intuition versus anxiety. In other words, embedded inside every question of the mind...

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The Critical Moment to Break Free From Relationship Anxiety

"Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom."  - Viktor E. Frankl If we could slow life down to micro-moments, if we could literally alter time like a movie turning...

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