Grace Through Uncertainty: A 30-Day Course to Become More Comfortable with the Fear of Loss by Falling in Love with Life

Do you struggle with health anxiety, money/career anxiety, or intrusive thoughts?

Do you worry about your loved ones dying and worry about your own death?

Do you obsessively worry about your kids' safety?

Do you struggle with change, loss, and uncertainty? 

Most people struggle with change and uncertainty, but some are more attuned to these fluctuations than others. Uncertainty is part of being human, yet one of the scariest places to be is in formlessness, in groundlessness, in nameless fear or nameless grief or nameless dread. As human beings, we aren't very skilled at sitting with the groundlessness, which is why the mind wants to attach on to something tangible, something that it thinks it can control. 

At the core of intrusive thoughts is the need for certainty. At the core of health anxiety is the need for safety. At the core of money anxiety is the need for security. Our culture tells us that we can find safety and security by choosing the right partner and making the right work choices or living in the right house. Our ego tells us that we can find certainty by obsessing on a specific question in search of an answer. None of these pathways lead to true certainty, and none of them quell the anxious mind

Ultimately, we must be willing to let go of these misguided ways that we try to control. Easier said than done, I know.

How do you let go?

How do you live with uncertainty?

How do you surrender to the ocean of formlessness when our deepest fears are around the unknown? 

These are questions that I’m asked every day in my work. These are questions that I’ve grappled with in my own life. These are questions I hear in some form from my own sons. These are archetypal questions, and they deserve an answer. Which is why I created this course. 

Just like we wouldn’t sail out to sea without a compass and anchor, so we can’t swim in a sea of uncertainty without a map.

This course is a map. The tools I teach are the anchors. Humans throughout history have relied on maps and anchors to help us find ground in groundlessness and footholds in uncertainty. But our culture fails to teach them. Healthy anxiety, money and career anxiety, obsessive worrying about your kids, the fear of loss and death - these are arrows pointing us in the direction of these anchors, the soul’s way of guiding us to solid ground. 

When you sign up for the program, you will receive:

One email from me every day which will contain an article about meeting the fear of loss at the root and a tangible action that you can take toward orienting away from fear and toward well-being.

At least one video and several MP3s each week that will offer additional insight and information on that week's topic and essential visualizations and meditations that will help you connect to your personal anchors and footholds.

Access to a private, moderated forum specifically for this program. My private forums are exceptionally supportive communities where people feel safe enough to be vulnerable and do very deep work and, while participation is not essential, it can be a transformational part of the course.

Group coaching calls where you will have the chance to ask your questions and bring your concerns directly to me. All calls are recorded and your questions will be answered regardless of whether or not you can attend the calls.

How would your life be different if you weren’t buffeted daily by your fear of loss and instead felt buoyed by a deep sense of trust?

What would open up inside if you could continue to heal your anxiety and intrusive thoughts from the root - if fear in some form didn't dominate your thoughts day and night?

If you're ready to find out, take my hand and let's begin!

Please note: This course will be most effective if you've either taken one of my other courses or have been engaged in your inner, healing work through therapy or on your own.

The September 2018 round is now full and registration is closed. If you would like to be notified when the next round is open for registration, please fill in your information below: