This is One of the Scariest Things Humans Do

Whenever I meet someone new and we talk about how my 15-year old son is a pilot, they look at me sideways and say something like, "You're a brave mom to let him fly." As I've written about in other posts, allowing him to fly does, indeed, drag me into a regular...

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I Hid in the Bookstore to Learn About Sex

In response to an email called "Emerging Womanhood" from my Sacred Sexuality course, a member shared the following on the forum. What touches me so deeply about her response is not only the exquisite vulnerability with which she tells her stories of becoming a young...

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Gut Health, Anxiety, and the Holidays Made Simple

I'm delighted to share this guest post by Dianne Rishikof, a registered dietician and licensed nutritionist, where she shares her extensive knowledge on the connection between anxiety and gut health. I first read Dianne's incredible book, “Health Takes Guts: Your...

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Career Anxiety And How To Trust Your Path

I receive a lot of questions from course members and clients on the topic of career anxiety: "How do I know if I'm at the right job? How do I know if it's time to change paths? Have I missed my calling?" (If you're struggling the myth of a calling, please read this...

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