Break Free From Anxiety: A 9-Month Course on the Art of Living

The current round is full. The next round of Break Free From Anxiety: A 9-Month Course on the Art of Living will begin in September 2024. This course fills to capacity, so if you would like to be in the first group to be notified when registration is open, fill in your information below. The cost is to $1200 or 10 monthly payments of $130.

If you’re longing to break free from your anxiety


If you struggle with lack of self-trust, perfectionism, and control…


If you’re wondering how to work more deeply with the mindsets and tools that I teach in my book, The Wisdom of Anxiety


If you’re caught in the chokehold of intrusive thoughts and need direct guidance on how to decode their messages….


If you feel swallowed by shame and are longing to connect to self-compassion…


If you’ve been following my work for a while but aren’t making progress because you’re trapped by resistance


If you know that taking responsibility is a key component to healing but you have no idea how to do that…


If you struggle with connecting to your emotions and wonder what I mean when I say “drop down out of your head and feel your feelings”…


If you’re longing to connect with like-minded people on a similar path of healing…


If you’ve been waiting for my course on dreamwork



It takes nine months to gestate, grow, and birth a baby, and it takes just as long to shed habits that are no longer serving you so that you can birth new parts of yourself that are waiting to be born. While we can heal on our own, it’s so much more effective in a group, especially when you’re being led directly by a guide who knows the terrain of anxiety.

I know anxiety. I know relationship anxiety. I know health anxiety. I know generalized anxiety. I know panic. I know intrusive thoughts. I’ve spent the last 20 years of my professional life leading clients and course members through these dark forests and helping them find their own lamplights and flashlights, the last 15 years parenting my highly sensitive sons through their own anxious terrains, and the last 25 years studying my own labyrinths of anxiety. There isn’t an anxious thought I haven’t heard or an anxious symptom I haven’t experienced myself. I have plenty of fears, but when it comes to guiding people through anxiety, I am fearless.

This course is designed to gently and skillfully guide you into the next layer of your healing. It’s designed to address the resistance that will inevitably arise when you commit to course of this length and teach you how to harness its power. And it’s designed to help you break through your stuck points so that you can experience the inner freedom and joy that are your birthright.


This course is the roadmap on the art of living that you never received in school.

It is the culmination of my two decades of doing this work, and I’m delighted to be offering it to you now.

Course Format

The course is divided into the following six modules:


Where we will be shining light on this most powerful obstacle to change and learning tools to help you harness its power.


Where you will be learning about what it means to show up for yourself as a loving inner parent/compassionate friend.

The Physical Realm

Where you will learn the basics of healthy nutrition (including easy recipes!), exercise, gut health, and how to address insomnia at the root.

The Emotional Realm

Where you will receive a comprehensive and gentle guide on how to feel your feelings.

The Cognitive Realm

Where we will shatter the cognitive distortions that create anxiety, decode intrusive thoughts, and learn the primary tool for mental well-being.

The Soul Realm

Where we will delve into the world of dreams and the other key elements that water the well of soul.

If you’ve taken one of my 30-day courses, each of these modules is like its own course. The difference is that we will spend one week on each module then have a pause week where you will have time to integrate the material. We learn in layers and spirals, and the course is formatted to follow our natural learning style. This format will also circumvent both resistance and overwhelm which will increase your chances of being able to stay with the material for the entire nine months.

What You Will Receive:

The course will be delivered in a way that honors all learning styles: written, visual, and auditory.

1 email every day for 9 months. There will be almost no overlap with my other courses, my blog posts, or my book. This is 98% new material.

8 videos to guide you through each module

14 original MP3 meditations, visualizations, and poems created especially for this course

Access to frequent group calls with me where you will have a chance to ask your questions and receive direct support

Access to peer-to-peer small support groups

Lifetime access to all of the material

Phone/Zoom Support

The element of support is KEY to transformation. As I’ve led dozens of small groups over the years, it’s become clear to me that when we connect in real time and we hear other people’s stories, several shame layers fall away. Normalization and connection are the antidotes to shame, and nothing normalizes shame faster than sharing stories in a safe group. I very much look forward to connecting with you, getting to know you, and guiding you through your healing via these calls.

You will also be grouped into smaller pods where you will have regular opportunities to connect with other highly sensitive people and support each other through the material. We are not meant to heal alone, and the wisdom and compassion that pours through my course members never ceases to amaze me. You are wiser than you think, and one way to grow your loving inner parent is to offer support to others and to listen to the way others offer support. Many lifelong friendships have been formed through these safe, transformative groups. 

Healing is a long process, and this course isn’t a quick fix. Through the daily emails and live support, I will be walking alongside you every step of the way, creating the safety and support necessary for true healing to occur.


Connection is key: to yourself, to others, and to a higher source. This course offers pathways for strengthening connection in all ways.


We are not meant to heal alone!

"The Break Free From Anxiety course was life-changing for me"

“The Break Free From Anxiety course was life-changing for me. I’ve healed many layers of anxiety through Sheryl’s work, but this particular course gave me the time and space to go deeper. I loved receiving daily emails because they helped me integrate the information in small, consistent bits. The group calls provided big blasts of encouragement, and even though the course is over, my small group is still going! It’s amazing to connect with like minds and hearts through this program – what a gift.”

Paula, Chicago

"To have Sheryl as a guide for 9 months was not only the best treat I gave to myself since becoming a mum, but I too made some surprising 'lifelong' friends along the way (or at least I hope they will be!) - and this was not something I was expecting. "

“To wake up to daily email from Sheryl was like receiving a note of encouragement from a good friend, every morning! It was the nourishment I required to forge on ahead with my established, gone by the wayside, and aspire to have ‘practices’ to help me on my path of life. To have Sheryl as a guide for 9 months was not only the best treat I gave to myself since becoming a mum, but I too made some surprising ‘lifelong’ friends along the way (or at least I hope they will be!) – and this was not something I was expecting.

“The most illuminating part for me was the deep dive into ‘resistance’ in trying to understand all the complex ways she shows up and manifests for me, but I also loved the pace of the whole course. We got to revisit all the realms at each trimester, with ample time for ‘pause’ and the just right amount of playful food for thought and suggestion along the way to stir my curiosity.

“The group calls with fellow participants have a magical way of making me feel connected to my HSP tribe out there, and normalise so much of my internal world – that it is not only a priceless benefit – but quenches a deep thirst and makes me hungry for more!

“The small group calls (which were optional) are still continuing weekly and has wonderful plans of unions, holiday destinations and in person connection! I am so hopeful that one day it come to fruition – but for now it’s a comforting thought and so welcomed in my ‘dreams’.

“With so much gratitude – despite my inbox feeling a little blue now that it’s over – thank you Sheryl.”

Ruth, Edinburgh

"The biggest change I noticed is that I have stopped being afraid of the anxiety itself."

I came to this course having already done the Break Free From Relationship Anxiety self-paced course, which had been very helpful. The 9-month course, however, was really something else and exactly what I needed in order to achieve a breakthrough. I cannot thank Sheryl enough for all the work she put in this course, and it fully delivered. Receiving an email every single day for 9 months gave a consistent influx of energy and resulted in my response to anxiety gradually changing – which I didn’t think was possible! The forum and the group calls (including the small groups) were also extraordinarily helpful in connecting with like-minded people and in receiving and sharing support.

The biggest change I noticed is that I have stopped being afraid of the anxiety itself. I never thought I would be able to become curious about what the anxiety was trying to say, but it’s exactly what happened. As a concrete result I finally had the courage to ask my girlfriend to move in together, which I had been postponing after several years of being crippled by relationship anxiety. Not only did the fear fade away, but it was replaced by a quiet excitement and optimism towards the future. I realized probably for the first time in my life that I was the one responsible for my own inner well being. It took a lot of dedication to get there, and this course was exactly the help I needed. I cannot recommend it enough!

Hubert in Toronto

"I still remember the exact moment when I decided to enroll in "Break free from anxiety " course. I'm from Italy and I was a bit of afraid at enrolling in a course not held in my mother tongue language but I was so tired to be trapped in my intrusive thoughts. The idea of receiving a daily email for 9 months made me think: ok, at least I will no longer feel so alone and I can honestly say this online path has been a true blessing. I never felt so seen and heard. "
“I still remember the exact moment when I decided to enroll in “Break free from anxiety ” course. I’m from Italy and I was a bit of afraid at enrolling in a course not held in my mother tongue language but I was so tired to be trapped in my intrusive thoughts. The idea of receiving a daily email for 9 months made me think: ok, at least I will no longer feel so alone and I can honestly say this online path has been a true blessing. I never felt so seen and heard. Actually, I didn’t even think one could be so seen and heard without even speaking but yet the material Sheryl made available spoke of me, of my story and of my wounds. It has been a true healing journey and it still is!

“The thing I loved most were the online calls. The stories of other people all around the world helped me a lot to normalize what I was feeling – often removing that veil of guilt and shame I was used to feel towards myself – and often provided me with food for thoughts. In addition, Sheryl’s voice is already healing in itself! Would I do it again? Absolutely yes. The suffering is still there and also the unexpected as normal part of life but I’ve learned and I’m still learning to accept all of this and I finally feel like I’m in real control of my life as I can see what happen in my mind – as a response of what happen in life – and I can choose how to respond. It’s of course not always easy but at least I’m now aware I have a choice.”

Francesca, Milan, Italy

"There are many therapists and coaches out there who are a lot of fluff and flash without a lot of substance - but Sheryl is the real deal! I'm a tough customer (a type A, lawyer, perfectionist), and this class really exceeded my expectations!"
“I truly loved Sheryl’s 9-month class, and I would highly recommend it! I was unsure about taking it at first because I had never taken any of Sheryl’s classes before and a 9-month commitment to start off with seemed a bit daunting, but I’m so happy I decided to just “give it a shot.” I learned so much, and continue to learn from the materials upon further review and reflection.

Sheryl’s approach is not a quick fix solution, but a true holistic approach into all aspects of one’s life – the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Sheryl has crafted the class to speak to many different learning styles, and the very fact that she takes this into consideration, is just one example of how thoughtful and unique her class is. I looked forward to reading the daily emails which are filled with not only substantive information, but examples from Sheryl’s own life, her client’s experiences (shared with permission) and other example scenarios so that you can easily apply it to your own life or understand how the principles she is teaching relate to specific incidents so then you are able to recognize it in the future when it appears in your own life.

My favorite part of the class were the group calls where Sheryl provides one-on-one support to individual callers. She provides more insight in a 15-minute conversation then any therapist I’ve ever worked with over the course of weeks or months. Also, it was incredibly helpful to hear about what other individuals are struggling with, and I was really surprised about how much I could relate to every single caller’s experience. It’s often difficult to recognize your own struggles/limiting beliefs/etc, but by listening to other callers, I could more objectively understand the points Sheryl was bringing up and then connect the dots to my own life. Sheryl creates the most welcoming, safe and open environment so that each caller feels that they can be vulnerable and it was always incredibly beautiful and touching to hear each caller’s stories. In a world where we hear such negative news every day, I always walked away from the calls thinking that people are sensitive and beautiful creatures. Also, if you are a highly sensitive person, each call was like someone else was reading your mind and that this group of people act and feel the exact same way you do. It was incredibly validating and comforting to know there are others that think identically to the “weird” way you think and live all around the world from big cities, small towns, and even other countries.

There are many therapists and coaches out there who are a lot of fluff and flash without a lot of substance – but Sheryl is the real deal! I’m a tough customer (a type A, lawyer, perfectionist), and this class really exceeded my expectations!’

Tracey, Los Angeles, CA

"As a longtime follower of Sheryl's work, I have taken most of her courses. They are all wonderful, but I found this course to be uniquely special, as it's a deep dive into the complicated terrain of anxiety that honors the time and space it takes to make lasting change. "
“As a longtime follower of Sheryl’s work, I have taken most of her courses. They are all wonderful, but I found this course to be uniquely special, as it’s a deep dive into the complicated terrain of anxiety that honors the time and space it takes to make lasting change. As Sheryl often says, healing happens in layers and spirals, which the length and depth of this course speaks to. The more I do inner work, the more I can see just how many layers there are. Which is why this course felt so nourishing — its spiralic structure worked beautifully in tandem with the way healing actually happens.

It was a true delight to wake up every morning to a new email from Sheryl for nine months. The information had time to drop in and percolate, which gave me many new insights. In particular, the module on resistance was eye-opening for me. It helped me identify all the sneaky ways resistance has held the reins in my life and has prevented me from making healthy choices, addressing old wounds and shifting faulty mindsets. Resistance wants to keep you stuck, and this course is the perfect medicine to get you unstuck… or at the very least, illuminate the mechanisms that keep you on the hamster wheel.

I also loved the small group aspect of this course. Our group bonded on a very deep level. We met over video chat weekly throughout the nine months, and continue to meet now even though the course is done. For the first time in my life, I feel safe in a group setting, and I’m building lifelong friendships with like-minded, creative, spiritual HSPs. I don’t know how I ever would have found a group of kindred spirits like this one if not for this course.

Whether you are new to Sheryl’s work or have been at it for a while, I highly recommend this course. It is packed with information and wisdom and support, while being infused with a sense of mystery and the divine. It felt like a sacred cocoon with Sheryl as guide. I may not be a butterfly just yet, but I’m starting to trust that the transformation is possible. ”

Alina, Los Angeles, CA

"Sheryl's work has definitely changed my life, and a major part of that is due to the 9-month "Break Free From Anxiety" course."
“Sheryl’s work has definitely changed my life, and a major part of that is due to the 9-month “Break Free From Anxiety” course. The structure and content of the course have been beyond helpful for me. What has really put it over the top, though, has been the option to become part of a smaller group. That group and our weekly meet-ups have become an invaluable support for me on my quest to handle my anxiety, and I am very grateful for the opportunity that Sheryl has given us. I wholeheartedly recommend her course to anyone who wants to dive deeper and implement the various helpful tools she offers to transform a source of desperation and isolation (i.e. the anxiety) into a gift. Thank you ,Sheryl!”

Christina, Germany

"Sheryl’s wisdom and insight is a blessing in these hurting and difficult times; every course I’ve joined for has given me gifts that keep on giving. "
“I gained so much from this 9-month course! I started late, signing up right before the start date. I wasn’t sure about committing to the practices for nine months. It seemed like such a long time! When I experienced illness several weeks into the course, I found myself playing catch-up, but then I could come to the material in my own time, in my own pace. Sheryl graciously accepted and responded to my posts on the forum, even when they were out of sync with current course content. The phone calls, surprisingly, turned out to be one of the best blessings of the course. Listening to others discuss what they were going through helped me know I wasn’t alone, even if their issues weren’t exactly the same as mine. Often the calls settled, synchronously, onto a theme. I was particularly lucky to be able to speak with Sheryl during at least one of the calls, and it was amazing how she could gently hold me, even from over the phone, as I faced down old issues. Once the coronavirus pandemic hit, it became sometimes difficult to stay connected to the course material. The amazing thing about Sheryl’s courses, though, is that we have the resources forever. I know that I’ll be turning to emails and modules I couldn’t quite digest the first time at other times in my life, and with thanks. Sheryl’s wisdom and insight is a blessing in these hurting and difficult times; every course I’ve joined for has given me gifts that keep on giving. I won’t say I’m totally free from anxiety, but I’m definitely on the right path!”

Emily, Chicago

"I loved the organization of the course, the rest days, the steps, the loving actions, the questions. I loved the videos the most because it felt like watching a teacher or a loving guide. The pace was also really well thought out and I LOVED the modules on Resistance; they really helped give me that little (or giant) push when it was hardest. "

“Off the top off my head, I would like to mention that this course began when I was in the midst of moving all the way across the world, and it was my anchor in reaaaaally tumultuous times. The emails were the most helpful for me because they reminded me every day to turn inward. I couldn’t make the group calls due to the time difference, but I could still feel like a part of a community somehow – knowing that others were getting these exact emails at the exact same time was really comforting to me. I loved the organization of the course, the rest days, the steps, the loving actions, the questions. I loved the videos the most because it felt like watching a teacher or a loving guide. The pace was also really well thought out and I LOVED the modules on Resistance; they really helped give me that little (or giant) push when it was hardest.

I’ve been a follower of your work for many years, and have taken three others courses. This course solidified and went deeper into what I had already learned beforehand. So not only did it help ground me in the information, but also went a lot deeper and into so much more detail. This said, I think that this course is also wonderful if you’re new to this kind of work! Simply because of how well its organized and how well you’re eased into all the information. Everything is explained beautifully, and I felt the course unfolded very organically. I fell of the horse a lot of times, but I always felt like that was okay. The emails would be there, and Sheryl made it feel like there was never any rush or end goal to begin with.

Overall, I really enjoyed this course. As a young 20-something that goes through an existential crisis what seems like weekly, this course has been an anchor as well as a teacher. So thank you, I would recommend it to anyone wishing to begin or go deeper into their growth/healing journey. Thank you so much, Sheryl.”

Diana Carolina, Tokyo

"Sheryl is your wise guide through new and old waters, having a psychological, but also deeply spiritual and holistic perspective on life. I am deeply grateful for her and her work."
“Sheryl’s new course guides you on a journey that brings you closer to yourself and what is waiting to be shed or born inside of you. As with all of her courses,
this course gave me a lot of wisdom, insights, knowledge and tools not only regarding anxiety, its roots and how to get underneath the surface level, but also about leading a healthy, authentic life in general, how to fill your well and meet yourself where you’re at, with all your emotions and personal stories.
“I loved the 9-month structure of the course that gave different topics to focus on and come back to, but also allowed time to digest and just be.
“Sheryl is your wise guide through new and old waters, having a psychological, but also deeply spiritual and holistic perspective on life. I am deeply grateful for her and her work.
“Furthermore, I met wonderful kindred spirits through the course that I still connect with on a regular basis to give each other support and insights in our inner work.
“I fully recommend taking this course and already miss the daily e-mails.;-) Thank you, Sheryl!”
– Anja, Germany
"I would not hesitate in recommending taking this course, as it is an entry-way into learning about your inner realms and finding your anchors.”

“This past year has brought about seismic shifts in my life for both personal (suicide of one parent, stroke in another) and professional reasons (I’m an ER doctor working in a covid-19 hotspot), and this past year has been one of the most challenging times in my life. I initially started by reading the “Wisdom of Anxiety,” and this was one of the foundational books that gifted me an anchoring perspective on what I was feeling that brought me much-needed peace and permission to feel/be. I then took the 9-month e-course that Sheryl offered, which was wonderful and very helpful in terms of content, direction, depth, and daily emails it provided. I would not hesitate in recommending taking this course, as it is an entry-way into learning about your inner realms and finding your anchors.”

Shahrzad, California

"Without any doubt or hesitation, I can say this was the best investment I have ever made on myself."
As a professional real estate investor, I look at the return on investment of things in which I invest my time and capital. Here’s the ROI from Sheryl’s 9-month course:
This course cured my lifelong insomnia. This in itself is worth millions in terms of my physical and mental health. On the rare occasion when I do have it, I’m not scared of it, I know why I’m having it and I know how to tend to my body, heart and soul so that I can gently and peacefully get back to sleep.
The group calls and the small group calls were priceless in teaching me that I’m not alone, I have never been alone, and I am never alone even when I do feel like that. These calls were worth more than any therapy I have ever done in my entire life.
I finally understand that there is nothing wrong with me. From the time I was a child, for as long as I can remember, I have always felt that there was something deeply and inherently wrong with me. This is the farthest from the truth. I’m now loving and gentle with myself yet I also know when I need to push past resistance for my own growth and for my own good. I know better how to tell when I don’t want to do something due to resistance/fear or when I don’t want to do something because I truly need rest.
Without any doubt or hesitation, I can say this was the best investment I have ever made on myself.
Thank you, Sheryl, from the bottom of my heart.
Much love,
Sabrina in Los Angeles (2020-2021 round)
"I would like to tell everyone that is interested in your 9 month course to absolutely do it! "
I would like to tell everyone that is interested in your 9 month course to absolutely do it!  I was in a very anxious state with constant self talk that was confusing even to me. I was nervous to reach out for help but knew I needed the next step for myself.  I reached out to Sheryl and read her book, took the course on self trust, and then finally her 9 month course. 
I am eternally grateful for her loving guidance and thoughtful wisdom.  I have learned so much about myself and have experienced personal growth in more ways than I could have imagined. 
Her teachings speak directly to everyone I know that took her course. I discovered that I was not alone, that I was perfectly normal and turned my sensitivity into my power. 
The group of beautiful souls that became my small group through the course are now my life long friends and I would do the course 100 times over just to find them again. 
If you are aren’t sure if this is for you, it is!  It is for everyone.  We can all learn self love and can become stronger and wiser the more we learn about ourselves.The more we love ourselves the brighter the world around us becomes.
I can’t say I am fixed because there was nothing to fix, It is a constant state of learning and growing, I hope I never stop growing because life just keeps getting better the more I learn. Sheryl and her teachings are gift to humanity.  I will gladly take more of her courses in the future.
Camille in Washington State (2020-21 round)
"The BFFA course was absolutely transformational for me."

The BFFA course was absolutely transformational for me. Sheryl takes you on a personal quest and is the perfect, loving guide for the process. Trust Sheryl’s wisdom, show up for yourself, lean into the support provided through the course (group calls, your small group, the forum), and your own individual therapist if possible, and transformation will happen.

Amber in Tustin, CA (2020-21 round)

"It is hard to put into words the effect Sheryl's work has had on my life. But to say it is life-changing is as accurate a description as any."
It is hard to put into words the effect Sheryl’s work has had on my life. But to say it is life-changing is as accurate a description as any. Sheryl’s Break Free From Anxiety course is not the first course I have taken of hers, but I can say it is the course that allowed the work, for me, to go from words, thoughts, and ideas, to action. By the end of the course, I could feel the work become a part of me, and I think I can attribute that to a few things. I believe it was from learning in community through the connective group calls where Sheryl so graciously and lovingly guided us, to the individualized small group discussions where Sheryl partnered us based on our similar anxieties, to the length of the course that allowed for authentic growth and change to occur. Personally, I can say that after 9 months, I truly felt like I birthed a new version of myself. 
I know one concern I had about the course was keeping up with the daily emails for 9 months, and sometimes I did get behind, but when I got to the point where I tried to make it a daily habit, I grew to love having the space to focus my energy each day on Sheryl’s work, to turn inward, and start my day off by checking in with my soul. I also grew to love the women in my small group. We continue to connect even after the course is over because we share a special bond. We commented early on in our calls how interesting it was that we were able to be so vulnerable with strangers essentially, but because Sheryl partnered us up based upon our similar desires and struggles, we got to a layer of truth and connection more quickly than we could have imagined. They are now treasured friends on the anxiety warrior journey and a gift that has come from Sheryl’s work. Another gift that came was the ability to be more forgiving of myself, forgiving of my humanness, and forgiving of my mistakes. I am also more curious about my thoughts, and my projections, my inner world, and getting to the truth. And thanks to Sheryl, I have the tools to get there. As you can see I’ve gained a lot!
If you are wondering if you can handle 9 months of anxiety work, you can, you don’t have to do it perfectly, you just have to open your heart and let it bring the gifts that are waiting for you. Whatever you do will be enough, because if the desire is there this could be an amazing experience for you too. Because as Sheryl says, there is just learning and growing and healing waiting on the other side. And I am forever grateful to Sheryl for the labor of love that went into creating this course that made such a difference for me. 
  • Bryn in Boise, Idaho (2020-21 round)
"I can't tell you how much your work nourishes me and enriches my life. You are such a skilled interpreter/translator of this multi-layered and mysterious experience of life and I'm eternally grateful - for you and my friend who recommended the conscious bride 8 years ago!"
Thank you so much Sheryl for this wonderful course! Last summer when I was considering whether to take the 9-month plunge I was full of questions and self-doubt about my ability to give it time (I have 2 little ones) but as it turns out I haven’t missed an email and missed only 1 of our ‘small group’ calls 🙂 It’s been deeply nourishing. I’ve taken many of your courses since 2013, all of which I love, but over the years have continued to carry a level of shame about not having been able to find lasting relief from my struggles and anxieties. “What’s wrong with me that I’m *still* struggling with this issue after all these years and all this learning”. One of my biggest learnings from this course which has finally started to sink in is the concept that healing is not linear and that this journey is long-haul! I’m letting go of that sense of ‘well I’ve taken this or that course so I shouldn’t need the support any more’ and taking more of a curious and humble approach to keep learning.
I’m deeply appreciative of the way you have created a community of like-minded HSPs, which I’ve certainly been looking for for a long time, and believe that sense of mutual understanding we have is enormously healing.
I can’t tell you how much your work nourishes me and enriches my life. You are such a skilled interpreter/translator of this multi-layered and mysterious experience of life and I’m eternally grateful – for you and my friend who recommended the conscious bride 8 years ago!
Georgina, Bristol (2020-21 round)
"I’m really beginning to gain a deeper awareness and greater felt sense of what you mean by breaking free from the addictive thought cycles that have spun ceaselessly in my mind for many years -- I’m now 36."

Reading what you wrote today, I felt inspired to reach out and give a quick response. I’m really beginning to gain a deeper awareness and greater felt sense of what you mean by breaking free from the addictive thought cycles that have spun ceaselessly in my mind for many years — I’m now 36.

What I’ve come to realize through this course and doing other work is that dropping into and anchoring my awareness in my body – the felt, sensory, emotional aspects of life – opens up much more creativity in my thinking and new possibilities. And as you said, the key to doing so has been not to identify or judge my thoughts, just simply endeavor to practice self-observation w/out judgment. From that place, I see reality much more clearly and can deal with my problems effectively. I’m taking greater responsibility for my life, crafting a new way of being 😊

I could say much more, but I’ll leave it there.  Keep up the great work you do!

Matt in Jackson, MI

"In the 9 months of gestation, I've learned to welcome grief, make space for it and to appreciate its beauty and wisdom... The experience is like a slow cooker, not an instant meal. The taste is so much richer and in my experience, so much more nourishing."

“Sheryl’s BFFA course has taught me about the language and needs of my soul and the value of my body- that there is truly nothing wrong with my body and nothing about it to fix. That it is merely trying to get my attention with its symptoms, and that it will even scream if necessary to get my attention. And that listening to it with compassion and care, the way Sheryl offers her participants on the calls, is what allows my body to feel safe enough to reveal its message. A message it has been wanting and needing so desperately for me to hear. 

This course has also been a slow gestation of growth for me,  just as Sheryl intended, as it is modeled after the 9 months of gestation before birth. 
For me, the gestation was in my growing understanding, comfort and allowing of grief to be a welcome part of me -to be my teacher and my friend- rather than something to unconsciously be running from and living in terror of. 
In the 9 months of gestation, I’ve learned to welcome grief, make space for it and to appreciate its beauty and wisdom. 
I am crying now as I write this, as grief continues to pour out of me…decades of fear and loss…but now I understand that it is a beautiful, precious part of me and I actually love my “beautiful cries”, as Sheryl calls them.
Her course has also taught me to see how the traps of  my mind-self criticism, shame, guilt, and regret- had created the closed, wooden, barren, lonely prison my Soul had lived in for so many years, My learning has been to surrender to grief, as it is the bridge from the prison of my mind to the richness of my heart. A heart full of color, where grief and joy play happily, knowing that there is an “inner parent” (which I cultivated over the 9 month course) who honors them and all the “range of light” in between.
If your heart calls you to this course, I encourage you to listen to it and do yourself the honor and say “yes”. Sheryl is a wise guide who lives and breathes the material herself. She walks  the path with you, sharing her experiences, as do others callers. You are not alone. Between the emails, the calls and the small groups, your world will expand, You will be held in a safe and nurturing environment so you can reconnect to the most precious  parts of yourself, who have just been waiting to be born. 
The experience is like a slow cooker, not an instant meal. The taste is so much richer and in my experience, so much more nourishing.” 
– Nancy in Whittier CA
"This course is a game-changer. Something you need to do to make sure you put yourself first, live your best life and return to your sacred self - the self you were always meant to be."

Intrusive thoughts and anxiety have always appeared at key moments during my life: marriage, pregnancy, postpartum and now menopause, only during menopause nothing worked to fix my pain on the outside. Fortunately I found Sheryl Paul. 

On her course there were a couple of fundamental turning points which gave me courage to start healing. 

Owning my pain.

Taking Response-ability for the pain and going in to the dark cave to uncover what had been repressed for over 45 years …some gold I have found. My inner child. Self-trust emerging. A very, very loud dramatic 8-year old ego who will do anything to keep me quiet and make sure I’m a good girl and never cause pain to the people I love so I don’t feel pain. Embracing all my emotions. 

Intrusive thoughts. A big Carl Jung fan, Sheryl’s definition of these being an escape route from pain plus metaphors struck a chord with me. As it turns out I do believe one recurring thought has saved my life. 

This course is a game-changer. Something you need to do to make sure you put yourself first, live your best life and return to your sacred self – the self you were always meant to be.

Love you, Sheryl. Thank you for giving me the courage to find my way home.

  • Bex in New Zealand
"How do I feel after 9 months of BFFA? In a word, expansive. I am more about ways of being, less about ‘how do I fix it?’ (my heart is open). I feel less alone and more supported"
If you’re a fan of The Wisdom of Anxiety, the 9-month course Break Free From Anxiety (BFFA) is like its theme park—an immersive experience. Daily emails, MP3s, group calls, videos, online forums, small group video meet-ups—Sheryl gives you many ways to enter into the knowledge.
I came to BFFA contracted—wound up in my fears, having a hard time getting back into the world after COVID, and in deep need of more of the wisdom, not the tyranny, of anxiety. Sheryl’s daily emails and our small group meetings worked best for me.
I don’t know what compelled me to sign up for group meetings, but I’m glad I did. Sheryl put our group together (turns out she’s a good matchmaker, too). A wonderful group of 5 women, from 3 countries and 5 different time zones who set aside their lives twice a month to meet on Zoom…not to ‘fix’ each other but to listen and hold a safe space to speak. A lot happens in people’s lives in 9 months—root canals and termite infestations, COVID and house-hunting, chronic pain and the joy of buying a new piano. And through it all, we showed up, and talked about how the weekly lessons related to our day-to-day. We were imperfect, together. We laughed a lot.
How do I feel after 9 months of BFFA? In a word, expansive. I am more about ways of being, less about ‘how do I fix it?’ (my heart is open). I feel less alone and more supported (and found new support—from my dreams, and those who came before me/ spiritual realm). Yes, anxiety still visits, but is more of a curiosity than a tormentor. I don’t walk away cured, I walk away larger—able to hold space for all who sit at my table. 
And, good news, our group has decided to continue to meet beyond the course. Thank you, Sheryl 😊 
-Joyce B., Langhorne, PA

The current round is full. The next round of Break Free From Anxiety: A 9-Month Course on the Art of Living will begin in September 2024. This course fills to capacity, so if you would like to be in the first group to be notified when registration is open, fill in your information below. 

Are you ready to break through your anxiety?

Are you ready to heal from the root and birth the next layer of your true self?

If so, take my hand, and let’s begin.


Please ask any questions in the comments section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this course apply to all forms of anxiety, including relationship anxiety and social anxiety?

Yes, the course applies to all forms of anxiety no matter how it presents itself. Remember that anxiety can hang its hat on any hook, so while you might be suffering from relationship anxiety now, the hook could change to health anxiety or social anxiety six months from now. In short, this course addresses anxiety from the root no matter the particular theme.

That said, if you’re struggling with a particular subset of anxiety, I recommend taking my corresponding course first or concurrently with this one: ie Break Free From Relationship Anxiety if you’re struggling with relationship anxiety or Grace Through Uncertainty if you’re struggling with health anxiety

Is there overlap between this course and your other courses?

With the exception of a couple of exercises, there is no overlap between this course and my other courses. You will receive a fresh email every day and access to brand new videos and visualizations. 

I’ve taken all of your courses. How is this different?

There are several differences between this course and my other courses. 

1. While the mindsets and tools are foundational to all of my work, this is completely different material, which applies to all forms of anxiety. In other words, while my other courses are specific to sub-topics of anxiety (relationship anxiety, getting married, becoming a mother, lack of self-trust), this course pertains to general anxiety and will guide you through the daily practices and tools necessary to living a life closer to your true self. 

2. Another key difference is that you’ll be receiving the information DAILY, which will allow you to develop a consistent daily practice. This is essential to healing.

3. Thirdly, you’ll be receiving direct guidance from me, helping you to illuminate your stuck spots and work with the inevitable resistance that arises when we embark on a healing path. Keep in mind that a single, 50-minute coaching session with me is $295. If you pay monthly, this  course is $89 a month. The element of live support is worth the monthly fee several times over!

4. This course recognizes that connection and community are essential to healing. You’ll be divided into small groups and encouraged to reach out to each other through Zoom calls. Knowing that you’re not alone and connecting through shared struggles reduces shame and facilitates healing almost more than any other element. 

Is there overlap between this course and "The Wisdom of Anxiety"?

While the mindset and tools are similar to those presented in my book, none of the actual content is the same. In essence, this course begins where The Wisdom of Anxiety leaves off, so if you finished the book and were hoping to go deeper, this course is for you!

How much time per day does the course require?

That’s really up to you. The daily emails will take anywhere from 2-15 minutes to read, and most of them include opportunities for reflection and exploration. Ideally, I recommend spending at least 20 minutes a day on inner work, but any amount of time your devote to your inner world will move your healing forward. 

Is the course inclusive of all genders, ages, religions, and sexual orientations?

Absolutely. Anxiety is the great equalizer, which means it crosses all boundaries and categories. No matter who you are, where you live, how old you are, and how you identify, if you struggle with anxiety, this course is for you. 

Does this course work in conjunction with therapy?
Absolutely. The more support you have while working with the material, the better.
Will the live coaching calls be accessible if I live overseas?

Yes, you will receive call-in information before each call that includes local phone numbers.

Can I purchase the course if I live overseas?
As long as you can use Paypal, you can purchase the course. At least half of my course members live outside the United States and it’s never been a problem.
What is your refund policy?

This is a non-refundable, 9-month commitment. I’ve created the monthly installment option to make it more financially feasible, but this is not a subscription service (where the implication is that you can stop at any time). There are limited spots, so when you sign up you’re taking a seat in the class.

Also, once you sign up, you’ll have lifetime access to all of the materials, including the daily emails, the interviews, the MP3s, the recorded calls, and the videos. This means that even if resistance kicks in big time, or life comes in and throws a curve ball which makes it difficult to complete the course, you can come back to it at any time. In other words, there’s no way to “fall behind.”

If you’re uncertain about the nature of my offerings, I recommend the following: 1. Read my book, The Wisdom of Anxiety. 2. Listen to my Free Webinar on this course. 3. Read as many of my testimonials as you can, which can be found on my home page and all of my course pages. 4. Watch my videos. 5. Read my blog, where you’ll find hundreds of free articles that expound on the foundations of my work. After going through these resources, you should have a fairly good sense of me and how I work, which will help you make a sound decision.

That said, if a financial emergency arises I’m always open to discussing it. For those of you who know me, you know I’m human first and foremost and I will always listen to your humanity first and foremost. 


  1. Hi, Sheryl! For this course, will you be moderating the private online forum or will it be moderated by (or with) someone else? Thanks very much!

    • Yes, I’ll be moderating the forum. I’ll also be offering regular support through the phone calls as I’m encouraging people to connect in real time and get off their screens :).

      • Hi Sheryl!

        Your book “The Conscious Bride” has been my total lifeline during my engagement. Thank you for saying yes to writing it and beating resistance.

        Question about the course- what is the schedule for the live calls? I want to make sure I’d be able to make them before committing to the course. Thanks!

        • Hi Jennie: I’m so glad the book has been a lifeline. The calls are on Tuesdays and Thursdays every three weeks but the times vary widely: anywhere from 11am ET to 3:30pm ET. Most people can’t make every call, and if you miss one you can listen to the recoding afterward. I hope to see you there :).

    • Hi Sheryl!

      How large are the whole group and small group sizes? What entails the smaller group and how are we grouped? Thank you!

      • Small groups are typically 4-8 people and I group you based on survey answers that I ask you to fill out at the beginning of the course. Large group size depends on a few factors but the group coaching sessions tend to be intimate and in past years there’s been plenty of time for people to ask their questions and connect with me directly.

    • Hello
      I am a recovering alcoholic and was not the best mom to my eldest child. I myself was physically abused as a child, and have repeated some of the patterns I vowed I would not repeat. I did not physically harm her, however. I am racked with guilt, as I watch her struggle with OCD and anxiety-she is now in her 30’s. I have apologized to her , and am trying help myself and her heal. Would this course be a good fit for me?

      • Based on what you’ve shared and on the way you’re sharing it (with vulnerability and humanity) I do believe the course will be a good fit.

        • Is there a way to receive the daily information in a way other than email? I try to keep my email to a minimum and don’t check it daily. Do you (or would you consider doing this) post it in a private forum so that we don’t have to go into email every day?

          • Good for you for keeping email to a minimum! I’m checking with my assistant to see if there’s another way to deliver the daily content. I imagine there is, but just making sure. More soon…

    • Hi Sheryl! I have Signed up for your course. I feel lucky I finally did it after following your work for a couple of years. The thing that makes me nervous is the level of English in the small groups. My English is good but if I’m in a group with only Americans I might find it difficult to follow. Is this normally a problem? And I’m also worried about the time gaps. I live in Sweden. How does that work? Hope to hear from you ❤️

      • Welcome to the course, Maria! This hasn’t been a problem in the past. There will be plenty of folks in a similar time zone, and most of them won’t be American.

    • How much is the course likely to be?

      • For 2023 it will likely be one payment of $899 OR 11 monthly payments of $90.

  2. How helpful will this course be to those with RA? Is it a potent option for those primarily looking to heal their RA from the core?
    Thank you for the monthly payment option.

    • Since relationship anxiety is a manifestation of lifelong anxiety and, as such, an invitation to heal the underlying anxiety at the root, this course is a potent option, especially after you’ve taken the Break Free From Relationship Anxiety course (which I know you have ;)).

  3. Hi Sheryl!

    My mind was actually set on being part of the next rounds of “trust yourself” and “open your heart”, as I need to grow awareness and curiosity in these areas of life. But, out of the blue this course is being launched! So now I am not quite sure what to do as this 9 month course sounds amazing! What do you think will be more beneficial?

    • Hi Paola! Knowing what I know of your story I think this course would be the best option for you right now. At a future date, after this course ends, I recommend taking the others.

  4. Hi Sheryl,

    I’m excited by your new program. My short question, since you said “Spots are already filling fast”: Will registration be possible until shortly before the course starts or is there the possibility that the course will be full (due to a limited amount of spots) rather soon?


    • Hi Christina – Good question, but it’s hard to say as this is the first time I’m running the program. There will likely be spots available until shortly before the course starts but I can’t say for sure!

      • I think I missed the chance to sign up. But I was wondering the total cost and the cost of monthly installments. Thank you

        • Yes, this round is full. Cost this year was $899 paid in full or $90/mo for 11 months. It might go up slightly next year.

    • Hi Sheryl, I am an Indian. Will it be possible for me to register for the course?

      • Absolutely. We’ll have people from all over the world taking the course.

  5. Do you have a schedule of calls and classes?

    • Good question. I have not solidified the schedule as some of it depends on demographics of who signs up. Possible times will be (rotating): Tuesday at 5pm ET; Thursday at 1:15pm ET; Monday 6:15pm ET. HOWEVER, once the course starts I’ll send out a survey to determine which times are best for the most number of people. Participants will receive an email with all call times at the beginning of each month. Also, it’s not likely that most people will be able to attend all of the calls, and the efficacy of the course is not dependent on it.

  6. Can I sign up if I am not able to attend all the phone sessions due to my work schedule? Will this hinder my progress?

    • It won’t hinder your progress at all. It’s unlikely that most people will be able to attend every call, and there will be plenty of opportunities to connect. The times that I’ve given above are NOT set in stone, and once the course starts I’ll send out a survey to determine which times are best for the most number of people.

  7. I’m unable to participate in this round; do you expect to offer another one next year? (I truly hope so!)

    • Yes, I plan to offer it once a year starting in September.

  8. Will the phone calls be recorded so participants who can’t attend can listen to them at a later time?

    • Typically all calls have been recorded for my 30- and 40-day courses and this will likely be the same.

  9. I’ve been in a terrible state of anxiety Sheryl since the beginning of this year & we communicated several times during the first few months of this year. I never took the RA course due to how ill I’ve been due to anxiety but am now seriously thinking of signing up for this course. I’m currently suffering terrible symptoms of IBS & need to find a way to calm my anxiety. I can’t live the rest of my life feeling like this. Would this course be suitable for me given I haven’t taken the Relationship Anxiety course? Finding you & reading your blog has been a blessing for the last 7 years.

    • I think the course would be a wonderful supplement for you, Lynn. I also recommend being in therapy concurrently.

  10. I am not clear on the course format. Is it like this: There will be one week for each of the six modules, then an integration week. That’s 7 weeks. We go through that sequence over and over (about 5 times?) during the 9-month course at different levels, as in a spiral?

    • That’s pretty close :). So we have a “soft start” with three weeks of Welcome, Foundations, and Rest. Then we dive into the six modules, each of which is three weeks long divided up over the 9 months and separated by a pause week. For example, we have one week on the Physical Realm, then a pause. Then a week on the Emotional Realm, then a pause. Then the Cognitive Realm, then pause. Then the Soul Realm, then pause. Then we start over again for the “second trimester” (non-gender specific; this is a metaphoric birthing process) with the second week of each module. Then again with the third week of each module. Then a closing week, which will bring us to the end of May. Make sense?

  11. I don’t have cell phone reception at my house. Can I do Zoom calls using my landline phone or my I-pad? And I am not very techs? Will this interfere with being able to participate in peer to peer support groups?

    • For Zoom you’ll need wi-fi but I’m sure there will be other ways to connect for the peer support groups. I’m hoping people will connect voice-to-voice, for which a landline would be ideal.

  12. I don’t really struggle with overt symptoms of anxiety per se, but definitely struggle with perfectionism, control, and wanting to please others, and generally have felt disconnected from myself / my emotions. Would this course be good for me?

    • Absolutely. At the core of this course is learning to connect more deeply with yourself and your emotions, and when you learn to this by filling your inner well through the mindsets and practices I teach, the perfectionism and need to control will diminish.

  13. Hi Sheryl!

    How can you register for this course with the discount?

    • Hi Denise! When you pay in full, as opposed to the installment option over the nine months, you automatically receive the discount. This is Option Two above.

      • Hi Sheryl,

        I am a new mom to a 4 month old and my anxiety has been hanging it’s hat on a different hook every few days for the past 2 months. Old hooks have resurfaced and lots of things I didn’t think twice about are now really worrying me. I typically struggle with transitions so am not surprised at the timing however, the fear I have over not being able to protect my child in this world is very strong. I have taken your break free course in the past, and am currently working on your birthing a mother course. I would think that I should finish that course first, but since I am on mat leave for the next year, it seems like the best time to really work on this. I would really appreciate your thoughts on what direction I should take. Thank you!

        • Hi Daniela: It’s great that you have the Birthing a New Mother course, and yes, I would encourage you to work through as much of that as you can, then consider joining us on September 18th when this course starts so that you can do the deeper dive into the roots of your anxiety and receive the support of the group. There are always several new moms on this course, and it would be great for you to connect with them as well. Hope to see you there, and in the meantime sending big hugs. ❤️

  14. Hi Sheryl,

    Since this is a big financial commitment, is there a certain grace period that one could get a refund (even partial) if they felt the course was not meeting their expectations?

    • Good question, and I’ve added it to the FAQ list above.

  15. Sheryl, just wondering if you currently have to be in full blown anxiety for this course to be effective. Can i take the course for healing the root causes even though I may not be feeling anxiety at the moment. Will it still all come to me when looking in because I suffer from disconnection because I’m always in my head ruminating over intrusive thoughts. Pretty much, low self esteem/self love

    • This course focuses heavily on lack of self-love. In fact, at least half of the participants don’t struggle with overt anxiety and are joining the course to address their self-doubt and emotional disconnect. I hope you’ll join us.

      • Also Sheryl, I’m really considering this course but I wanted your opinion. When I fall into deep anxiety it brings back a flashback of fear of the world being unsafe which came from getting lost as a small child. It’s almost like a PTSD, and that’s why I have trouble connecting back in, because if the feeling I got. Which then would cause relationship anxiety because I wanted my intimate partner to save me from it. I know now that he cant but when I do get stressed out from lack of self trust or whether its moving to anew place or job, this feeling appears and it causes me disconnection. Wondering if this course would even help me.

        • The course will help, Mallory, and I also suggest addressing the trauma piece either through EMDR or EFT tapping. You can google both to learn more.

          • Sheryl I’m sorry again for questioning this but I keep going back and forth and I know that i have RA and I havent taken the course yet but I feel I will miss out on this 9 month course if I dont take it now. I go to click to pay for this course and then stop because I have no clue if I should take RA first. I am reading your book Wisdom of Anixety. I’m just so undecided.

            • If your primary source of pain and anxiety centers around your relationship I recommend taking the Break Free From Relationship Anxiety course first. You can take this one when it comes back around next year.

              • How much does the 9- month course coast!

                • Early bird for 2021-22 is $799 paid in full or $89 for 10 months. Regular price is $899 paid in full or $89 for 11 months.

  16. Hello Sheryl,

    This course is such great news!

    I have taken your Grace Through Uncertainty course, for which I kept up the rituals for a good while after, but now everything I’ve learnt has just fallen by the wayside. I am ashamed to say I never even completed the Relationship Anxiety course.

    I’ve taken several online courses and find I enjoy and complete them and get so much from the material at the time, but as soon as it’s over it’s all forgotten and I go straight back to square one.

    I have no doubt this course would be suitable for me but I’m scared of committing because I believe it’ll just end up in my online course graveyard (so to speak!) Do you think I’m just a self-help hoarder, always looking for the next thing?

    • The reason I created this 9-month course is precisely to address the tendency to fall away from online courses before you have a chance to solidify the habits AND address the resistance that arises. Dealing with resistance is built into the fabric of this course, as it’s so common, and it prevents people from taking the next step in their growth. I encourage you to join us!

  17. Hello Sheryl,

    This course sounds great. I recently took the OYH course. I got behind, so I am still working through the material. I’ve also found your book and blog articles very helpful. I have a question about something you mentioned in the FAQs above:

    “Thirdly, you’ll be receiving direct guidance from me, helping you to illuminate your stuck spots and work with the inevitable resistance that arises when we embark on a healing path. Keep in mind that a single, 50-minute coaching session with me is $295. If you pay monthly, this is course is $89 a month. The element of live support is worth the monthly fee several times over!”

    Is this direct guidance from you on the group calls? Could you elaborate on this a bit? What is the max number of people that will be in this program and how often will these calls be? I am just trying to understand what opportunities there are with this program to deal with individual issues, situations, and questions.. I’ve also considered individual calls with you to help me with issues with anxiety.. Thanks. I appreciate your work

    • Good question, Roy. Yes, the direct guidance will take place on the phone calls, and these will occur every 7-10 days. I haven’t decided on the final max number that I’ll cap the course at yet. You’ll receive support on these calls for any questions that arise about the course material but for deep-dive support you may want to consider an individual session at some point or, if you’re a Break Free From Relationship Anxiety course member, there is one spot left in my small, 6-week phone group that starts this Thursday (max of 7 people in these groups).

  18. Hi Sheryl

    Is this course helpful for quite severe generalised anxiety / panic attacks? All seems to be generally connected to fear of the future.


    • Other than the panic attacks, how does your anxiety show up for you?

  19. Hi, I am about a third of the way done with your Wisdom of Anxiety book, and loving it. I just got around to looking at your website, and saw the course starts on September 22nd. Does the course then not begin again until June or does it begin on a more frequent basis? Thanks!

    • Welcome to my work :). I’ll run this course again next September 2020. Let me know if you have any other questions.

  20. Is it too late to join the course? I have issues with dark intrusive thoughts (Pure O?). Would this course be helpful?

    • It’s not too late, Thomas, and the course will absolutely help you address your intrusive thoughts from the root. It’s a soft start, which means the first few days are introductions and getting used to the course. We welcome you to join us!

      • Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I’m currently reading your book and would like a couple more days to make a decision. At what point will I be too far behind to join?

        • There are two spots left and I’ll be closing registration in two days, unless it fills before then.

  21. Is it too late to join?

    • As long as the payment buttons are up it’s not too late to join. I’ll be closing registration at the end of the week.

      • Do I have to pay with PayPal or can I use my credit card or Apple Pay?

        I am waiting for PayPal to verify my identity and remove my spending limit. It should be done by tomorrow or Sunday but I don’t want to miss out if it’s not done on time.

        What time are the calls? I will be calling from the UK.

        • Paypal accepts credit cards. Call times will vary to accommodate the worldwide audience and if you miss a call you’ll be able to listen to the recording (most participants can only make about half the calls).. I’ll be closing registration later today as there is one spot left and then the course will be full.

          • I’m sorry I don’t think I was very clear in my message. In order to make a payment with PayPal, PayPal need to give me a code, which they say will take them 3-4 days from when I requested it (25 August). As I have not received it yet, I will not be able to pay with PayPal today. I am happy to pay today via another method if you offer it. Otherwise, it looks like this course was not in my destiny at this moment. Best of luck to everyone In the group.

            • I’m so sorry I misunderstood. Unfortunately I don’t have another way to take payment, but I’m happy to give you access to the course while we’re waiting for approval. Please email me directly using the contact button above so that we can work out the details.

  22. I’ve just discovered this now, and course is closed.

    Would you ever offer as interim wed course like some of your others? I signed up for the November 19th trust yourself. I have your book as well.

  23. Hi,

    I struggle consciously with anxiety for a few months now. The biggest wish that I have is to wake up and go to bed without burn chest and fear of tomorrow.
    I think I have sort of a career anxiety, I feel that I am not good enough… Working as a Project Manager in an enormous company where man have the most power I feel overwhelmed, hardly reaching that point where I can feel that to make mistakes it’s ok…. I judge myself a lot and sometimes I feel I sabotage myself thinking so deep into a problem and judging everything I am saying until I am insecure and unable to actually speak, have an opinion, and most important, an opinion that I trust…
    I want to get free of anxiety, of this little person in my mind with such big powers that breaks my entire emotions/body into pieces…
    How can I handle everything that it is happening? This doesn t look and feel like me at all… I was so confident and full of joy, until I started to occupy this possition that sincerly breaks mee…

  24. Hi, can I sign up for this course now?

    • Yes you can sign up now and you’ll be added to the next round, which will start in September.

  25. Hi Sheryl,

    When I signed up for the live round of the TY course, I quickly felt totally overwhelmed and anxious by the stories on the forum. The course material on the other hand was amazing and gave me so much insight and support. But I am afraid that also in this course even the Group coching calls will be anxiety inducing/ overwhelming. I was just wondering if the course also works if you don’t follow up on the live calls/forum? Also, currently I am not suffering from high anxiety or panic attacks, but I recently went trough a lot of big transitions at once (moving, career change, becoming a bonus parent, …) Does this course also work with the issues and feelings of numbness/grief/feeling stuck around change and transitions?

    • The course will be of benefit even if you’re not on the forum or the calls, although I have a feeling that you won’t feel overwhelmed by the group coaching calls at all. This course is different from my others in that we get to know each other over the nine months, which creates a deep feeling of safety and community, and this is reflected in the calls. The forum is 100% not necessary. And yes, the course works deeply with numbness and grief connected to transitions, especially in the modules on the emotional realm. I hope to see you there ;).

    • Hi Sheryl! I participated in your last live Grace Through Uncertainty course, and I’m curious if this course would be the appropriate progression. I would like to get to a place where I am just living and not constantly thinking about anxiety & spirituality, and I’m not sure if that means I should take a break, or throw myself into another, longer course.

      • I think you would love this course and I would love to connect with you again there! However, self-trust is always key when deciding on a course, so I encourage you to trust yourself and trust that whatever you decide will be good.

  26. I signed up for the monthly subscription payment. I’m confused, when do I get to start learning the material?

    • You’ll start receiving the material on the first day of the course, which is September 27th. Your monthly subscription will run for 9 months, so it will end about two months before the course ends (but of course you’ll continue to receive the daily emails and all course material). Singing up early, as you’ve done, secures your spot (spots are limited). I hope that makes sense 🙂

  27. If I sign up for the monthly subscription payment, does the first payment come out upon signing up, or upon the start of the course?

    • Good question. The first payment will begin upon purchase and will continue for 9 months.

  28. Would this be suitable for a teenager? My daughter has anxiety/OCD. Would it interfere with school?

    • How old is your daughter? It would be suitable for an older teen and wouldn’t interfere with school but I would recommend she read my book first (The Wisdom of Anxiety) to make sure that she resonates with my approach.

  29. How many participants will be in this course? Are you limiting to a certain number?

    • I limited the last round to about 100 and I’ll probably do the same this time although I’m not sure.

  30. Hi Sheryl,

    Im contemplating on joining the 9 months course. I think I didn’t read this in the description. Will shadow work be integrated in the course? I’m aware that some of my intrusive thoughts come from my repressed shadows (anger, jealousy, resentment). After years of being “the good girl” Im now opening up to these raw emotions but feel like Im stumbling there and still more in the phase of either repressing or acting them out. Next to dealing with anxiety/fear Im also looking for better ways to cope with those parts of myself.

    Thank you!

    • Hi Annemarie,

      Yes, all of my work is shadow work as it’s rooted in Jungian theory that explores the unconscious and our repressed emotions. The module on the emotional realm will be especially impactful for you.

      – Sheryl

      • Thanks for your answer!

  31. Dear Sheryl, will the calls be scheduled across time zones to make sure everyone can attend? I live in London and am very interested in the course (resistance to personal change is huge for me) and in the support community and would like to make sure the calls happen during the day for my time zone.
    I am in recovery from codependence: would this course be suitable for me? I also have individual therapy support. Thank you very much.

    • Yes, the calls are scheduled across time zones. You will likely be able to attend 3/4 of them live and the rest you can listen to via recording. And yes, the course will support your recovery from codependency as it helps you grow a more solid sense of self.

  32. Hi Sheryl! I recently completed your Grace Through Uncertainty course and I’m curious if this longer course would be a natural progression. I find lately that my anxiety is more often in the worrying that it will come and how it will make me feel, rather than actually being here. I would like to get to a place where I’m not thinking about it so much and just enjoying my spirituality without it being a catalyst for anxiety. I’m not sure if I should take a break, or dive right in to another course. Any thoughts are appreciated.

    • Hi Coralie! I think you would love this course and I would love to connect with you there! However, self-trust is always key when deciding on a course, so I encourage you to listen to yourself and trust that whatever you decide will be good.

      • Hi Sheryl,

        I live in Egypt and it won’t be feasible to me to join the group calls by phone, but I would love to join them live rather than listen to a recording, would I be able to join them via Zoom?

        Also, are you offering any individual coaching sessions as part of the program or they’re all group based calls?

        • There won’t be a Zoom option but I use Instant Teleseminar, which has local numbers and webcast options that allow you to join from all around the world. The coaching calls are all group calls.

    • Hi Sheryl

      I took the Break Free from Relationship Anxiety.

      Can i still take this course? Will there be new material?

      • Yes, this course is a wonderful follow-up to the relationship anxiety course as it delves more deeply into root causes. It’s about 95% new material.

  33. hi there – do you know when the next live round will take place? Trying to decide between this and the 9 month course, and I’d love it to be live.

    • The next live round of this class will start on September 27th. If you’re asking about the next live round of Break Free From Relationship Anxiety that will start early December.

  34. Hi Sheryl,

    Can you tell me a little bit more about the peer-to-peer support groups? I’m curious to know how many people are in the groups, how often and at what times of day the peer groups connect over the phone, and if the peer groups are moderated or guided in some way. Thank you!

    • Good question. First off, the small groups are optional. If you decided to participate, I will group you as best I can with people who I think you’ll connect with based on a survey that I send out when the course begins. From there, I’ll offer basic group guidelines and suggestions for how and when to meet. The peer groups are not moderated unless the group decides that they would like one of the group members to take on that role (but I don’t recommend that). If the group needs help, I’m available to offer guidance.

  35. Hi Sheryl, if I struggle with insomnia/sleep anxiety that isn’t rooted in the physical realm, is this the best course for me to perhaps get me back to sleeping through the night once again and make sleep something that is ‘taken for granted’ again? Thank you, Ana

    • Hi Ana: Yes, this course is holistically based, which means that whatever issue you’re struggling with will be addressed in all four realms of self. There is also a module on sleep in the course that does extend far beyond the physical realm.

  36. Hi Sheryl,
    Does this course offer CEUS? Or do you know it is can be a tax write off for a private therapy practice? Thank you for reading.

    • The course does not offer CEUs and as far as a tax write off you’d have to check with your CPA. I hope that helps!

  37. Hi Sheryl,

    I noticed that this course started 9/27/20. Did I miss the cutoff? Thank you.

    • Yes, the course is now full and registration is closed. It will reopen next August for the September 2021 round. In the meantime, I’ll be offering my Trust Yourself course live at the end of October.

  38. I took the course last year and I have been amazed at the lasting impact it has had on me. Some things that have changed for me include tidying and sweeping my room and areas every day, eating healthier and less sugar, doing yoga and meditation daily, learning to take good care of my emotions and inner worlds and appreciating and honouring my exquisite sensitivity. I have so much more confidence in myself and it feels so good to genuinely like myself and enjoy the space that I have worked hard to create.

    A big reason why these changes happened and stuck is because I have the utmost respect for Sheryl and her work, so the gentle nudges in her emails inspired me to give things a try. The structure is also gentle and well paced, which allowed for things to seep in slowly and I never felt overwhelmed. I really appreciated that Sheryl teaches the process of how to meet your inner world and intrusive thoughts with kindness and curiosity.

    I was blown away by how Sheryl interacted with participants on the group calls. Within a few sentences, she had uncovered the emotions at the heart of what was going on, and I was often in tears along with the caller! I came to consider Sheryl an artist of emotions – so who better to learn from! With the ground work from doing the course, I now find myself in a much more stable place, and I am able in my journaling and introspection to ask myself, “what’s going on underneath this?” and tend to the root, hurt, scared parts of myself that just want to be heard and loved.

    I have recently been in awe of how the brain can learn new skills, if you have the patience and courage to get good guidance and give it a try. This is the same for learning to work with anxiety and sensitivity! I would HIGHLY recommend this course to anyone interested – come and join a beautiful community where connection and what it means to be human is celebrated.

    • Dear Sheryl Paul
      I am feeling very called to your work 🙏🏽
      I recently came upon your book and have been blown away by the feeling of “ rightness “ . My anxiety manifests in fears around my teeth falling out ( a couple did break) . It is very vivid and I feel very out of control. I have been told that anti anxiety meds are needed.
      I have some that I take so rarely when I am struggling but I think that going on long term meds daily is not what I want at all .
      I am trying meditation which is wonderful but still the problems remain . I had a very difficult few years where I was living under a very oppressive regime like environment which I know has left it’s scars. I am not fulfilling my potential at this time as I find the anxiety so debilitating. I can’t seem to get off the ground anymore and take off . I used to be a creative fire ball.
      I am 53 and a woman so hormones are also in play now.
      My anxiety affects my marriage, family relationships and friendships.
      Now with the pandemic things are worst.

      I am wondering if from what I have written here if you think this course is for me or if there is another course that you think I should take first ?
      ( finance is a consideration also )
      I also feel the sorrow and aloneness of having anxiety as although I have very good friends and an understanding partner, none of my friends seem to have an issue like the one I have. Yesterday one of my childhood friends wrote to me after we had a Skype “try not to panic “
      As if it could be so easy .
      For this reason I suppress my real experience very often to sustain the image of me as happy and positive to all etc
      Or I just go off radar when things get too overwhelming.
      Thank you so much for reading this and I do hope I can find the right course with you and move forward somehow on this journey 🙏🏽

  39. Hi Sheryl 🙂
    I know it’s very early to be asking this question but I’m really looking forward to taking this course in September! I read that it’s $89/month unless you pay in full at the beginning, is that correct? Also, is there any way to hold your spot by paying a few months in advance? Thanks, hope you’re well and enjoying our first taste of spring in Colorado

    • Hi Lauren 🙂 – The best way to secure your spot is to add your name to the early bird list at the top of this page. That way you’ll be among the first group to be notified when registration opens in August. I look forward to connecting on the course!

      • So looking forward to it, thank you Cheryl!

      • Hi Sheryl!

        I’m so excited to take this course and I’ve submitted my name at the top of this page. When we will find out when we can register and pay? Thankyou so much, your book has been a life saver for me and I feel this course will be so beneficial.

        • Since you’re on the list you’ll be among the first to be notified when registration opens in August!

  40. Can you tell me the cost of the 2021 9 month anxiety course?
    Thank you.
    Linda McLyman

    • It’s $89/mo for 11 months OR $899 if you pay in full. There will be a discount for those who sign up through early bird registration.

  41. Hello Sheryl, I am wondering whether this might be the most appropriate course (out of the many you offer!) for OCD type difficulties, particularly around the experience of getting stuck in one’s head in rumination or other compulsions following intrusive thoughts/feelings. (My intrusions are not currently most dominantly around health or relationship themes, so thought this course might suit better).

    • Hi Julie: Yes, I would recommend this course as it will help you address the anxiety and compulsions at the root.

      • Many thanks. I submitted my details so hopefully will be notified when the course enrolment opens up. Wishing you a good day 🙂

  42. Hi Sheryl,

    I’ve suffered from very strong anxiety and OCD-like intrusive thoughts, as well as panic attacks around dying since a very young age (about 7 years old). As a teenager, I’ve done several years of ERP therapy for OCD and have tried many medications over the years and the anxiety and obsessive/intrusive thinking still have a VERY strong hold on me. It severealy impacts my ability to work, study, take care of myself, etc. I’m 24 now. In recent years I’ve been drawn to a more holistic, trauma-informed, psychodynamic approach and have felt tremendous inner transformation begin to come from it. I’m in therapy now with someone I consider to be highly skilled at working with the psyche and I do feel like I am in good hands. I know you have a wealth of experience, and I’m wondering if you’ve seen people with situations similar to mine (very debilitating lifelong anxiety) and how much do you think I can really benefit from this course? I know healing takes time and a part of me really does believe that I am on that path, but I guess I’m just a bit tired and discouraged from all these years of trying treatments and still suffering so much. It feels like these patterns and ways of being are so deeply ingrained into my psyche, I wonder if I will ever be able to reach deep enough to meaningfully transform.

    With so much gratitude for the work and energy you put out into the world,

    Julia 🙂

    • Julia: I really hear your suffering, and I’m very happy to hear that you’ve found your way to a more holistic approach with a skilled therapist. To answer your questions: Yes, I’ve absolutely seen many people heal from lifelong intrusive thoughts using an integrative approach and yes, I have a strong feeling that the course could be life-changing for you (and I wouldn’t say that if I didn’t feel in my heart that it was true). I hope to see you there.

      • Thanks so much for your reply, Sheryl. I took the leap and signed up for the course. I’m so excited to dive deeper into this material! 🙂

  43. I was so excited to see this email in my inbox this morning!! I have been waiting “anxiously” for this course to open. I have already registered, but I do have one question, although I am committed and know this course will help me. I am currently on an SSRI and have struggled for years going on and off of it. I have finally resigned myself to the fact that I have some sort of chemical imbalance (and it runs in my family) that will probably require a medical component for the rest of my life. But, my anxiety was so exacerbated this last Christmas when I tried to go off medication, that my psychiatrist also put me on Klonopin. I feel deeply and strongly that I do not want to stay on this long term, but I have accepted that I will be on it for awhile to get really stable. I’m really hoping and motivated to do the inner work that I believe drives the negative thinking and patterns that trigger and drive my anxiety and I’m hoping this course will help me ween off of that medication after the first of the year. Any thoughts on that?

    • I’m happy you’ll be joining us, Laurie, and I trust that working with the course material and receiving the group support will help you do the next layer of healing, which will also likely facilitate your goals regarding the medication.

  44. Sheryl, this may sound silly… but a numerologist told me not to start anything new until October 22. That’s exactly when a Kundalini yoga training starts and she took that as a sign from the universe; however, at this time things of the spiritual realm can be very triggering for me. I’m concluding your Break Free from Relationship Anxiety course now and it’s been very helpful. We got to connect on call 3 of this last round and I was able to receive your support regarding my realizing of the hurt caused by my narcissistic father.

    I’m in a stuck place. Noticing I’m afraid to make any decision. Is there any light you can shine for me?

  45. Just signed up for the course! I did your Break Free of Relationship Anxiety course before I got married, and have been working my way through the Trust Yourself materials lately.

    I’ve been experiencing a really intense anxiety relapse over the past 5 weeks after suppressing my emotions for years and throwing myself into high intensity non-stop political campaign work without attending to my inner world for too long. My parents also just moved back overseas and it has brought up a lot of unresolved grief in the form of anxiety over so many international moves growing up.

    Really grateful for the hope that joining this course provides and looking forward to diving deep.

    • I’m so glad you’ll be there, Monique. It sounds like a ripe time for you to delve deeper into your inner healing work.

  46. Dear Sheryl,

    Is this course also suitable for people who are working with trauma? I am not talking about childhood emotional neglect in a household that would probably be considered as very healthy by a lot of people – but my personal experience was very different. I have followed an MBCT course beginning of this year and I found that it did not address things like e.g. shaking when meditating (release of emotions?) and the sheer difficultly of sitting because your shoulders roll in so much when you start to focus inwards. I hope this course could dive into this.

    Thank you,

    • I meant to say « I am talking NOT talking about one-time Trauma but about childhood emotional neglect » 

    • Dear Anne – Thank you for your question. The course is trauma informed in the sense that I repeatedly emphasize the importance of listening to your body and not going faster than your body is ready to go. I don’t address specific responses that might arise during meditation, as you’re describing, but many people with severe and ongoing trauma have taken the course and felt very held and safe going through the 9 months together. Does that answer your question?

      • Hi Sheryl, yes it does! Thank you for your reply. I have registered!

  47. Hey Sheryl,
    I was wondering if this course teaches any techniques used by cognitive behavioral therapy, because i have started practicing some and I think it would be difficult for me to start all over learning a total new approach.

    • Hi Giannis: Yes, the course teaches some CBT tools in terms of correcting cognitive distortions, but is primarily rooted in Jungian psychology (which also uses some CBT). – Sheryl

  48. Hi Sheryl,

    I hope you’re well at this time.

    I posted this comment but it ended up under someone’s comment from 2019 – I have no idea how, please ignore that!

    I’m really considering signing up as I love your book and work and want to delve further, but have a question. I really want to be on the group calls but I’m in New Zealand, so that’s 18 hours ahead of Colorado (your 8am is my 2am). I’m curious as to whether I would be able to attend any.


    • Hi Georgina: About 1/3 of the calls will be held at 2pm my time, which should work for you. Keep in mind that most people can only attend about 1/3 of the live calls and they listen back to the recording afterward. Hope to see you there :). – Sheryl

  49. I was a part of Sheryl’s ‘Break Free From Anxiety’ course last year, and it was truly life changing in so many ways. From the way that I view myself (as a highly sensitive person), to how past experiences influence my anxiety (and my reactions to them), her guidance and support (as well as the support of other group members) are like none I’ve ever experienced. Sheryl and this course are a true blessing.

    I incorporate what I learned every single day and have also learned to be gentle with myself while doing so. And as a 49 year-old male, I can more clearly see the flaws in potentially harmful societal archetypes, and I know that change within myself is possible no matter one’s age. In the past, I often felt like something was “wrong” with me because of my anxiety; that everyone else was just going through their days with ease. But Sheryl, this course, and the other brave and curious participants have shown me otherwise. I now see my anxiety as a gift. And though there are days when anxious feelings arise and I start to feel overwhelming, I now possess new tools and (more importantly) new stories around my anxiety that allow me to more calmly navigate that storm, rather than trying to forcefully “get rid of” them.

    I know that I am more than fine just as I am.

    So much love and thanks to you, Sheryl!


  50. Hi Sheryl,

    I attended your webinar last night to learn more about the Break Free from ANxiety course. I have OCD and was officially diagnosed in 2015. I’ve been in therapy to address my OCD symptoms and am on a medication regiment that is working and monitored. The first 2 therapist that I saw had a more traditional view of ERP. I have since changed therapists and worked hard to establish the core fear associated with my OCD and ERP is focused on ruminations as compulsions. My themes center around sexual orientation and relationships. These are the most persistent themes as there have been others. My question to you is does your work coincide with ERP around rumination-there are planned exposures with the idea being to address the rumination as the compulsion. The exposures are very different from what I did during my time in more traditional ERP. I know that I can bombard myself with exposures but could nver move past the mental loop afterwards. I’m doing better. I started in April and I would say that I’m working at about 35% decrease in rumination. Establishing the layers behind the core fear took a long time. My biggest fear is finding that my fears will be true and that I will be abandoned and have to admit to being a fraud. So much of what you spoke about regarding resistence and the fear behind obsessive thoughts being true hit the nail on the head. Do you continue to have open thoughts? If so what are your thoughs about my participation in this group considering what I shared?

    • Yes, there are still some openings for this round and my sense based on what you shared is that the course would dovetail beautifully with the work you’re already doing.

  51. Dear Sheryl,

    Thank you for all you do in making the world a more gentle place. It may be in the info/FAQs and I’m just not seeing it, but can you tell me how often the calls with you will be? Not sure if they are weekly, monthly, etc.

    • Thank you, Debbie, for these kinds words. The calls meet approximately every 2-3 weeks and alternate between phone and Zoom. They’re all recorded so if you can’t make the live call you can listen back afterwards. Here’s the schedule until the end of the year (subject to change):

      Call 1: Thursday 9/23 at 12 noon ET – Zoom
      Call 2: Thursday 10/7 at 1:15pm ET- phone
      Call 3: Tuesday 10/26 at 6pm ET – Zoom
      Call 4: Tuesday 11/9 at 12 noon ET – phone
      Call 5: Thursday December 2 at 1:15pm ET – Zoom
      Call 6: Tuesday December 14 at 4pm ET – phone

  52. Hi Sheryl,

    You mentioned there would be small group calls once a week for two hours. Can you speak a little what that will be like? Will you be joining the group calls or will there be another moderator? Also, do you think these are necessary to attend?



    • Hi Kristina,

      The small groups are completely optional – I’d say about 70% of members choose to join them – and the meeting times vary depending on how each group decides. I lead the larger group calls that take place every 2-3 weeks, and I offer clear guidance and suggestions for how to structure the small groups but I’m not on those calls.

  53. Any chance I can still squeeze in for the 9 month course. Finally decided to go for it and then saw it was full ;(

    • Yes, this round is full. I’ll email you as well.

  54. I am also interested in this class as soon as there is an opening.

    • I’ll let you know if a spot becomes available.

  55. I would also still love to join! I had a busy (and anxiety filled week) and was just too late I think 🙁 Thank you!

    • Yes, it’s full now! But if you add your name and email to the box at the top of this page you’ll be in the first group to be notified when registration opens for the next round.

  56. Hi, Sheryl!

    First and foremost – thank you for existing!

    I have been following your work and blog for a while now, and I have purchased the Break Free from Relationship Anxiety course (then a week later my BF broke up with me and it was very ironic), I have, however, saved all the materials and am applying them, since I know RA will come back in the future 🙂
    After he broke it off, I started experiencing intrusive thoughts about different topics, it has switched to death and intrusive sexual thoughts (“will I be here in the future / do I even want to live?” and “Imagine yourself having sex with this person” – for EVERY person I lay eyes on – no physical compulsion happens, I just get genuinely disgusted). I know that I do not want any of the things my mind is telling me, but it is becoming crazily annoying and affecting my self-esteem and focus, since I have also been reading a lot on OCD and find the fact that some people suffer from it all their lives and cannot heal completely DEBILITATING and demotivating. I also have a strong reaction to labels and diagnoses and the treatment I received so far for my RA was CBT + REBT and it has not been very effective. I am also strongly against “managing the symptoms” and medication and your description, that “disorders” are not to be seen that way and that intrusive thoughts and images are flares from the subconscious asking for attention makes so much more sense. I am very interested in healing the root wounds I carry, however, my mental chatter makes it hard to access them…I want to take responsibility for my own healing and will not stop till I am free again (I had 27 peaceful years with the exception of RA happening in one previous relationship and me generally being an HSP, a worrisome empathetic person struggling with uncertainty and not knowing how my life will play out). I guess my question is, do you address the seemingly meaningless, repetitive thoughts and images too, as well as resistance and even more strategies on actually dropping into oneself?
    I really am starting to believe that this approach that includes spiritual questions too is actually better than what the mainstream psychotherapy options have to offer (cognitive realm only) and am starting to get the feeling that they just label you as “disordered” and help you manage the manifestations all your life without you ever feeling “whole” of “yourself” again. I refuse to suffer all my life, I want to enjoy it (again)!

    Thank you so much in advance for your response!

    Lots of love,

    • I’m so glad you found your way to my work and that it’s resonating with you. Yes, the 9-month course addressed resistance in depth as well as tools for dropping into the body and growing a spiritual practice that’s meaningful and relevant for each person. I hope to see you there.

  57. Hello Sheryl,

    I definitely need to do this course, however, the problem is that, at the end of this year, I will have a big surgery done on me, so I assume it’s best to wait until I am able to do the full 9 months without interruption?

    Perhaps it is better if I join the next round? Or can we work around my surgery this one?

    I’m not sure what’s better. I just know that there’s a lot going on and your content is definitely a miracle because I have always struggle with anxiety and I resonate with everything you say/write.

    For example, if I were to one day get married or have children, I know that I also need to most definitely complete your courses on that as well.

    You are a very cool person and I hope that I will be able to achieve all my goals despite all this anxiety/resistance my body clings to. You see I want to one day help people the way that you do. My major is psychology, but I have a great lot of work left to do on myself…

    I know that this is the number one priority because, if I cannot remain calm or focused, then I will never be able to ever achieve any of my big goals/dreams. I need to solve my problems first.

    I have gotten distracted before or also just simply haven’t been able to control my emotions/energy.

    Thank you so much for everything you do and if you have read this comment.


    • Thank you for your comment, Johana, and I’m so glad you found your way to my work and that it’s resonating. It’s okay to bow out of the course for a few weeks while you’re recovering from surgery. I would encourage you to take the course in September rather than waiting another year since it sounds like you’re ready to dive more deeply into your inner work and learn how to work with resistance effectively.

  58. Hi,
    I’m currently struggling with work anxiety, do you think this course could help for it too?

  59. Hi,
    I’ve bought the Break Free From Relationship Course before, and I was just wondering if there was an option to just pay for the live phone calls, because I’ve done that in the previous round and found that really useful.

    • Hi Louise: This course is different from the relationship anxiety course. It does come with live coaching sessions but the focus is on general anxiety, growing an inner parent, working with shame, etc as opposed to just relationship anxiety.

  60. Hello Sheryl,

    I am struggling with a fair amount of relationship anxiety at the moment. Would you recommend taking the break free from relationship anxiety course or this one to help me through this time? Thank you Sheryl.

    • Natalie: I recommend taking the relationship anxiety course now and if, in a month when this course starts, you feel ready for a deeper dive, you can join us then.

  61. Hi Sheryl, I’m considering taking your 9-month course but am worried that the group calls and hearing other peoples stories will trigger and spike my anxiety, instead of ease it. I’ve already taken a couple of your courses, and all of your material resonates incredible with me. But untill now i’ve never participated to the forum because I was afraid of being overwhelmed. I’ve recently given birth which has been wonderful but has also put me again in a heightened state of anxiety. In that sense, I think it would be good to take your course at this point. I’m curious what would be your advice here? Many many thanks, Helena

    • Helena: I don’t think you’ll be triggered by the group calls. It’s quite different from a forum in that it’s in real time, and you’ll see my face or hear my voice the whole time. It sounds like the support of this course could be very nourishing for you right now. Also, keep in mind that most people can’t make every group call. They’re a big part of the course but not the whole thing, and if all you do is read the daily emails and do some of the exercises you’ll receive benefit from it.

  62. Hi Sheryl!
    I’ve taken–gosh, just about every one of your courses over the years. I’m thinking that the 9-month course might be a good “tune-up” as well as help to deepen my healing.

    My question pertains to how much, if any, of the course content relates to decisions surrounding whether to take psychiatric mediations (such as those for depression or anxiety). I ask because I would not want to enroll and discover that, for instance, the course material puts forward the view that if one still “needs” medication then they cannot be “healed.” That would be very invalidating and counter-productive for me (and probably others), so I wanted to check.

    Hope I’m able to join and thanks for your response!

    • I don’t believe I mention medication anywhere in the course. I have a very open mind about medication and know that they can be essential for many people. I hope to see you there!

  63. Hi Sheryl, I have taken this course before and am struggling again as I haven’t been doing the work – would it be possible to do the course again? Thank you warmly

    • Hi Eimear. It would be great to have you back. We just sent out an email to alumni with a discount code. Let us know if you don’t receive it.

      • Thank you Sheryl, no I didn’t receive alumni email – kindly forward on please? Warmly Eimear

  64. Hello Sheryl, I hope you are doing great! I wonder if it is possible for you to include me in the current group for the course “Break free from Relationship Anxiety” or if you can suggest me an alternative because September seems very far away and I would to start working on my anxiety as soon as possible since my engagement is coming soon (I can feel it 🙂 ). Big thanks for your work, you gave me the hope and willingness to start working on myself and rebuild my relationship with myself and my wonderful partner <3

      • Hi Sheryl, thank you so much for your answer! Didn’t expect that! I’m signing up for the course definitely (I hope there won’t be any troubles with payment since I am from Serbia, Europe), also wanted to ask you if your book will be helpful too, in addition to the course? I think I have made a lot of progress, I’m not in the spiral of my intrusive thoughts anymore, I became aware that my anxiety has nothing to do with my lovely partner and that was all a projection, but I feel like there’s so much work to be done. I’m still struggling with very intense anxiety symptoms and often, I can’t decode my thoughts and certain behaviour towards my partner (pulling away when it comes to intimacy, or trying to “rescue” him whenever I feel like he’s in the bad mood because of me…).

        Please keep me in mind for your next 9-month course, can’t wait for it! I hope that this self-guided course will be helpful too, because therapist here, are not very familiar with relationship anxiety and surely not well-equipped on that topic like you. 🙂

        Love, Marija

        • Yes, I highly recommend reading the book before taking the course! You shouldn’t have any payment trouble, but if you do please reach out to my assistant and she can help: [email protected]. See you in September :).

  65. My question is, does this course have a different approach that the Grace through Uncertainty course? I took that a couple of years ago and to be honestly I didn’t find it helpful. Sorry to be so blunt but there doesn’t appear to be a way to ask a question besides on this comment post. The other course seemed to have more posts that felt like your blog posts, which I enjoy, but when I’m doing a course I’ve paid for I guess I expect something other than emails with personal stories or poems. I just found myself frustrated with the Grace through uncertainty course and I kept waiting for the actual course. I’m sorry if this sounds critical or doesn’t make sense but that was my experience.

    I will say your free mini anxiety course and your blog posts help me so much!
    I’ve never heard anyone define the daily grief, or grief about passage of time in this way and I have always struggled with it! I also relate to what you write about your sons, being a mom of boys myself, and my youngest turns 18 tomorrow! Talk about grief! Whew!

    Anyway, that’s a tangent but I am hesitant to sign up for and make the financial commitment and time commitment to this breaking free from anxiety course if it’s similar to grace through uncertainty since the daily emails and all the readings didn’t seem a helpful format for me.

    Also, the live calls tend to happen when I’m working (‘m teacher and work full time during the school year and I’m in Pacific Time zone). So that might be an issue too. I did sign up for the wait list and wanted to ask these questions while I consider it.


    • Hi Jenn: It’s a similar format in terms of receiving an email every day and having access to the course pages which include videos and visualizations, but the content is completely different.. The calls for the 9-month course occur at various times to try to accommodate the global membership, but yes they’re always during working hours for those of us in the U.S. As always with my work, self-trust is key, so if there’s something inside of you that’s leaning away from the course I encourage you to trust that.

  66. Hi Sheryl, I do not have time to take phone calls during the day as I’m a stay at home mom with a child who doesn’t nap. I’m also in Pacific Standard Time. Is it possible to still benefit from the course if I can’t make the calls?

    Also, I’ve taken “Grace through uncertainty” and “Sacred Sexuality” as well, I’m assuming that I can still find lots of valuable information. Is that correct?

    • Hi Cassie: It’s good to hear from you :). Yes, you’ll still benefit from the course even without the live calls as you’ll be able to listen to the recordings afterward. There is very little overlap with my other courses, so yes, I trust that you would receive valuable guidance.

  67. Hi Sheryl,

    I’m keen to purchase the course, as I live overseas can I pay using my credit card rather then through paypal?

    • Hi Annie: Yes! You can use your credit card with Stripe for the one-payment option. You’ll see Stripe at checkout. I’ll need to check with my IT to see about using Stripe for the monthly payment.

      • That’s okay, I’m happy to use the one off payment 🙂

  68. Hi Sheryl I am wondering if I should take this course or Trust Yourself course first considering I struggle with both.

    I have started your relationship anxiety course but admittedly have not finished it. I know its important to follow through but honestly after our phone call and beginning the course itself I found so much peace that my partner and I found each other through our struggles and we were married in June 2022 and couldn’t be happier. I have you to thank for that. Although I intend to finish the relationship course in order to truly understand any future issues that may or may not arise, as well as current ones I wish to resolve for my own peace of mind.

    With all that said the first question still stands, what would you recommend as the best path in terms of courses?
    Thank you!

    • Hi Fallon: I’m glad you’re doing well with your relationship. Regarding which course to take first, that’s really up to you. Both will address self-trust; it just depends if you want to be a part of the 9-month membership or you’re looking for a shorter course.

  69. Hello Sheryl, I signed up for your course, and can’t wait for it to start! But to be honest, last night it did spike me up a little bit. Since this course isn’t particularly for RA, but for all types of anxiety together, I got scared and distrustful. I bought your course Break free from RA, and it helped me so much! I’m planning to go through the course a few more times for sure, but i’ve also relied a lot on this live course, in some way of support and addition to my work on RA (as i struggle so much in Serbia, Europe to find good therapists that doesn’t think that doubt means don’t).

    I know that we shouldn’t seek for reassurance, but just one more time haha 😀
    Is this course a right choice, in addition or extension to self-guided course Break free from RA?
    (I’m signing up anyways, just to let you know 🙂 )

    • Yes! People often start with the relationship anxiety course, then progress to the 9-month course to deepen the work and learn the specifics of what it means to show up for yourself as a loving and wise inner parent. I look forward to connecting with you there :).

  70. Sheryl,
    I’m so happy I found this website, resources and this community. From as early as I can remember I’ve had ocd tendencies/anxiety thoughts. It started out with thinking my house was going to catch on fire, then lead to not being able to sleep at any friends houses (I would always have to have my parents pick me up), every Sunday I would get sick to my stomach to go back to school on Monday.
    My parents, that are still together today, have never had the best relationship. They fought in front of my a majority of my life while I was living at home up until the age of 23/25.
    I have been in the same partner for almost 14 years now, we started dating when we were 15 and have only been with each other. I’ve had these feelings of rOCD/relationship anxiety on and off for a majority of our relationship.
    I would say from about 2020 up until about May/June of this year was so amazing! No anxious and intrusive thoughts about him or our relationship, felt very connected to each other, had a great time together, make each other laugh, have the same values, want the same things etc. we moved back in with my parents in April of 2022 and that’s when I felt like things started to come back slowly for me as far as my intrusive/negative thoughts go. Specifically from January of this year up until now. I had a surgery in April that I kept having intrusive thoughts of “am I going to wake up?” “How bad is the surgery/post op going to be?” And I’ve done this my entire life, especially when I don’t have anything to compare it to – I’ve never had surgery before. Everything went fine! I worked myself up so much that after the surgery I had developed insomnia for about 4 weeks after surgery, I still go through spurts of not sleeping well.
    Anyways, since then my relationship anxiety has come back full swing. We live in NY and have our whole lives but we’re planning a move to Texas by the end of the year hopefully. A time that I want to be so fun, exciting, happy and full of life feels like the total opposite and some days feels like I’m making a mistake. When I think about it, deep down I want to move with my boyfriend, try somewhere new, get a new job, meet new people etc but the questions of “what if” or “are we right for each other?” “Why would I be feeling like this if we were right for each other?” I think a lot of my intrusive thoughts about my relationship also stem from the fact that we have only been with each other so I also don’t have anything to compare it to. I also haven’t seen anyone else say that they’ve only been with this one person that they’re with now so that also makes me nervous and makes me feel like *I am the exception*
    We have gone through so much together and even when I’ve gone through periods around having these thoughts and questioning things, I’ve always had a feeling to not leave. Something has always told me that staying isn’t right but leaving isn’t either. I keep getting this feeling of not feeling safe around him – even though nothing has changed in our relationship except for the moving half way across the country factor. But do I give up a perfectly healthy relationship because I’m having doubts? Or even if I did leave and find someone else down the road, would I still have this relationship anxiety? I guess that’s what keeps me up at night.
    He’s such a good person, hard worker, loves me SO much, wants to move to Texas for a better life for us, we have great conversations, make each other laugh, tell each other everything and are honest and supportive of one another.
    I just wish there was someone/something to tell me “you’re in the right relationship, this is just your anxiety that you are projecting onto your partner” it’s so difficult 🙁

  71. Hi Sheryl, will you be covering psychosomatizations in this course? Thank you!

    • Hi Anca: The course goes into depth on how we somatize emotions in the body, and provides pathways for reconnecting and reclaiming our connection to our body.


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