There are few occasions in life more awe-inspiring than a wedding. Marriage to the right man is one of the most beautiful moments in a woman’s life. But the road that leads to and from the wedding day is not always smooth. The reality is that women face a myriad of emotions – from fear and sadness to joy and excitement – as they prepare to marry. When we don’t honor the full range of emotions that accompany this rite of passage, conflict and confusion ensue and women often face postbridal depression during their first year of marriage.

For her ground-breaking book, The Conscious Bride, Sheryl Paul interviewed a diverse group of women who were on their way to the altar, or who had made it down the aisle and past the “I do’s” to the other side. The frank discussion that results covers concerns as varied as the mythology and rituals of the wedding itself, the bride’s fears about growing apart from her family and friends, and making the transformation from an independent, single woman into the new status, that whatever-it-is a “wife” is supposed to be.

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From the nationally renowned author of “The Conscious Bride,” this is the only wedding planner that addresses your psychological needs and the particulars of planning a wedding that fits your style and budget.

This book is designed to be both a source of inspiration and a practical tool. Avoid the “detail-mania” that can lead to hurt feelings and long-lasting alienation from friends and loved ones. It guides you through the minefield of the prenuptial subconscious with an engaging series of exercises. Find solutions to your nagging doubts by creating personal rituals, holding structured conversations with yourself, and keeping a written journal of your experiences. When you’ve clarified your expectations for yourself, share them with your spouse-to-be and everyone else touched by your wedding.

The author goes beyond the practical logistics of event planning; she also helps brides prepare emotionally for the wedding day, gives instruction on ways to reduce the stress and anxiety that accompanies wedding planning, and reveals why excessive anxiety over a particular task may be masking an emotional issue that needs to be resolved. The Wedding Planner encompasses issues such as how to deal with blended families, post-bridal blues, adjusting to marriage, and ways to celebrate the first year of marriage. Readers will be guided through every step, from the engagement to the wedding day, and are given guidance on how to make the often difficult and emotionally stressful transition from engagement to marriage. Sheryl Paul encourages couples, particularly brides, to get beyond the million-dollar wedding photos presented in magazines and, instead, envision a ceremony, location, and style that truly reflects the core beliefs of the bride and groom and prepares them for the journey ahead.

This hardbound book includes beautiful art, photographs, checklists, worksheets, a 12-month calendar, tabbed sections, storage pockets, a section for vendor contact information, and more! Sections cover setting a realistic budget, choosing a wedding location, creating a guest list, finding the right dress, ceremony ideas, and choosing food, flowers, and music. Sheryl also gives the reader tools for staying in sync with their mate throughout the planning while learning how to compromise. The Planner will also serve as a keepsake journal that can be referred to throughout the wedding experience.

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