Birthing a New Mother: A Home Study Program

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“This program kindly and smartly guides you through the transition of becoming a mother, even if you're not yet pregnant."  - Alanis Morissette                                                         

pregnant meditating• Are you trying to conceive and feeling frustrated, scared, and hopeless?

• Are you overwhelmed by the physical challenges of pregnancy (nausea, exhaustion, weight gain, heartburn) and struggling with anxiety about your unborn baby’s health?

• Is your marriage prepared to weather the storm that occurs after your baby is born?

• Are you a new mother and suffering from grief that your old life is over, unresolved feelings about the birth, self-doubt, and perfectionism?

• Do you long for a community of supportive women to guide you through this life-transforming time?

A loving mother-baby bond is one of the highest predictors of the long-term emotional health of your child. Yet in a culture that encourages you to focus only on the externals of ovulation sticks, ultrasounds, and buying the perfect car seat, you're bereft of a roadmap and community that can guide you through the emotional terrain of preconception and pregnancy so that you're prepared to receive your baby with open arms.

From fertility anxiety to grief about your relationship with your mother to fears about giving birth, a circle of experts and I will reveal the secrets that will teach you how to:

•  Effectively manage your anxiety

•  Bring comfort and meaning to the physical challenges of pregnancy

•  Absorb the shock of your new life

•  Babyproof your marriage

•  Give yourself the best chance to thrive

The Birthing a New Mother Program delivers what every pregnant woman urgently needs: a way to successfully work through the biggest transition of a woman’s life – the birth of a child. It provides pregnant and new mothers with a blueprint for bringing healing consciousness to pregnancy and birth, thus promoting optimal health and happiness for all concerned.”

-Dr. Christiane Northrup, author of Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom


What You Will Receive

Birthing a New Mother is a comprehensive program designed to allow you to progress at your own pace. As soon as you sign up you will gain access to:

Eight online and downloadable lessons, beginning with preconception and continuing through the three trimesters, birth, and the first year of motherhood

• Hundreds of pages of exclusive articles

Four video interviews with two psychotherapists, a professional couples' counselor, and a childbirth educator

Two MP3 audio interviews with a midwife and a postpartum doula

A written interview with a new mother

• Continued support from other women on the Conscious Motherhood online forum


Your peace of mind is worth it!



"I found Sheryl's work when I was pregnant with my twins. I was looking for someone, or somewhere, online where I could share my feelings about my pregnancy. I was part of an IVF support group for mothers who were expecting twins but I found myself feeling very alienated emotionally from the other women there. I didn't feel able to "focus on the good". Somehow that didn't feel right for me. I was full of ambivalent feelings about giving up work. I was scared I wouldn't be able to connect to my babies and I felt that I needed to honour the negative in how I was feeling because if I didn't, I wouldn't be being honest.

"Sheryl's work immediately made sense to me. I felt safe finally to let my guard down and talk about the fears I had. I loved working through her e-course. Listening to the midwife interview was especially useful for me. I could feel myself at my closest to my animal-self during my pregnancy. I felt the cocoon of pregnancy all around me and it was wonderful to know that the stages of my experience had already been mapped out and discussed by other women. I needed that introspective path and it was a tremendous help to me to have a course that gave me the permission to accept my feelings, whatever they were, and not judge myself.

"When it came to giving birth I had a very traumatic experience as I had an emergency c-section and came close to death. I know that the work I did in my pregnancy helped guide me through the horror of the birth. I couldn't bond with my children the day they were born, and the pain of that and the fear I had of not being able to bond at all with them was overwhelming. I was broken open by my twins' birth and yet I did recover from that very quickly. I was able to recover because I'd already paved the way emotionally during my pregnancy. I'd prepared myself as best I could by embracing my difficult feelings.

"I think it's a wonderfully wise course. It's gentle and yet it's very powerful. Somehow, the process itself of pregnancy and the surrender that happens during that precious time is  embedded  in the way the couse is presented. It's a heartfelt guide into the experience of preparing to become a mother, and now that I am a mother I feel the benefit of coming to know myself early on in the process. I am sure that is the reason I didn't suffer from post-natal depression and the reason that I was able to cope with the setbacks I had during the birth."

- Christine, London

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34 comments to Birthing a New Mother Course

  • Terri

    Hi Sheryl,
    I listened to some of the tele-class posted on the above page and after I got a short ways into it, I turned it off. I have read your writing and posts for the past couple years but I was disturbed to hear a group of professional women doing a tele-class in which part of the assumption is that the way we think has a significant influence on one’s fertility. It sounds a lot like the theory of manifesting to me which some people have applied to the field of fertility. I hope that you can appreciate how loaded with blame of self that theory is. It also sounds a lot like magical thinking to me. In addition, holding the mind-body/manifesting perspective as a kind of taken for granted truism also makes it impossible to critique such a theory since a person like me who takes issue with it can be written off. I see a great potential for doing harm here with such a perspective, given the complexity of fertility challenges. I would urge you to reconsider your perspective when it comes to working with women who may, unknowingly, be dealing with infertility through no fault of their own.
    All the best,

    • Thank you for sharing your reaction, Terri. I haven’t listened to that tele-class in a long time but I will certainly listen to it now as I’m surprised that that’s the message that we were sharing because it’s NOT one that I subscribe to at all! I agree that telling women that they’re not conceiving because of their thoughts is dangerous and akin to magical thinking. Fertility is, indeed, complex and mysterious, and I would never tell a woman that it’s her fault in any way.


    • Hi again Terri,

      Okay, I just listened back on it and, while I can understand your reaction, if you keep listening to the interview you’ll see that we actually touch on the topic of magical thinking and the attempt to control outcomes by “doing everything right.” In fact, it’s one of the main topics of conversation in my interview with Brandi on the actual e-course, and we go into depth about the nuances and sneakiness of the control-mind.

      All best,

  • Kate

    Hi Sheryl, I wish I had thought to look for this course when I was pregnant with my first son. The Conscious Bride was a lifeline for me at the time of getting married and I know this would have been so helpful with the difficult time of early motherhood. Now it’s many years later–I’m completely transitioned and beyond happy as a mom. But now I’m unexpectedly having another baby! I wanted more children so I am surprised that I have such mixed feelings about “going backwards” and rocking the boat within the relationship between my children and my husband and I (it seems we just found some solid ground after difficult years of transition). I wonder if this course would be appropriate–and I’m guessing not so much–if you could recommend any other resources that might be helpful. Thanks!

  • Justine

    Hi Sheryl,

    We are in our third month of trying to conceive. I am finding the “two week wait” unbearable, and all the googling I do seems to only make it worse. I am worried if I do this course, it might upset me because it includes material for when you actually are pregnant and since I’m not I’m worried if that will just upset me more. What do you think? I have previously done your conscious weddings course and it was enormously helpful.

    • The two week wait is, indeed, unbearable, and I talk about it at length in the first section of the course. I think the course would be helpful for you; you’ll just have to do the preconception section and then put it away until you conceive.

  • Olga Tonkin

    Dear Sheryl, I am unable to open the teleclass above. I would love to listen to it. I am a midwife and mother of two young girls and re searching literature on birthing and mothering and the thin support there is globally… Olga

  • Nicole

    Hi Sheryl,

    I am wondering if this course is for someone like me? I am not pregnant, but am thinking about it, but become so fearful that every month I decide to “wait until next month.” I feel like I would be great once baby was here, but cant seem to make the leap.

  • Sanjay

    Hi Sheryl.
    Me and my partner have tried to conceive for many years (without success) and are now, after a long process weeks away from receiving our first adopted child. While I can’t wait for this to happen, since knowing we’ll be parents soon, I have been very anxious. My hormones seem all over the place,…I’m worried about whether I will connect to our new baby and even more, how my relationship to my husband will change. I’m fully employed and would go on maternity leave for a year, which is another worry.
    I wonder whether you would recommend this course for me, especially as I’m not sure whether the section about connecting to your child will be based on the fact that the mother has actually given birth.
    Can you help?

    • Yes, I would recommend the course for you since it’s really about the transition into motherhood and has less to do with biology than psychology and emotions. There will be sections that don’t apply to you, but you can easily skip over those and take in what does apply.

  • Maura

    Hi Sheryl,

    I’m very interested in signing up for your e-course but need to wait a month or two until I can fit it in financially. I loved the Conscious Bride and the Conscious Bride Wedding Planner, especially the journaling questions that were part of the planner. Do you have any similar, thoughtful questions for a woman becoming a mother?

    Thank you!

  • Sam

    Dear Sheryl,

    I have been following for your blog for a while and found it incredibly helpful when i was in a new relationship. I have just recently discovered I am pregnant (around 3 weeks). Although it was a planned pregnancy, I am absolutely petrified to the point where I am considering a termination. I do generally suffer with depression and anxiety. However are these feelings about the pregnancy normal? Would this course on a birthing a new mother help me?

    Kind regards, Sam

    • Dear Sam: PLEASE do take the course before you consider termination. Feeling intense depression and anxiety in the early weeks is completely normal and can be worked on. Slow this down and take your time so that you can uncover what’s wanting to be revealed. Sending love, Sheryl

    • Clara

      Oh Sam! I feel for you! The exact same thing happened to me 5 years ago… A planned pregnancy, immediate misgivings, depression and anxiety… I only found my way to Sheryl’s work several months after it was too late. I tell my full story in an hour long interview on Sheryl’s Break Free course. If you would like be in touch w me directly, let Sheryl know. Feeling for you and holding you in my heart. These feelings can definitely be worked through, and lead to a healthy, happy transition to parenthood.

      • Kim

        Hi Clara, if you are up to it I would love to talk to you about your experience. Not sure if you will see this response as its been a while since you posted. Thanks so much!

  • Sam

    Sheryl – thank you for you reply. I will definitely be taking the course. Your words have given me such comfort knowing that its normal to feel anxiety and depression in the first few weeks of pregnancy. At the moment, I’m in a constant state of panic and anxiety I feel I need the support of other women who have been through this. As you have frequently mentioned in one of your blogs, there is very little community support for expectant/new mothers. My own mother died when i was quite young and I have no other female family members/friends that I can turn to. Would it be possible to get in touch with Clara please?

    Clara – thank you also for your reply. Your words have instantly lifted me. I thought I was the only one who has ever experienced this. I know I’m supposed to be happy, but at the moment i just feel intense anxiety and grief. I haven’t even told anyone I’m pregnant apart from my husband who is extremely worried about how I’m feeling to the point where he has said he will support me in having a termination if its what I really want. The trouble is that I don’t know what I want anymore because I cant see past the anxiety and depression. I would very much like to get in touch with you and have asked Sheryl for your details.

  • Sam

    Thank you so much Sheryl. Already I am starting to feel a little calmer. I look forward to taking the course.

    Sam xx

  • Clara

    Sam, get in touch any time! I look forward to hearing from you. Hang in there!

  • Sam

    Hi Sheryl,

    I’ve checked my emails and I haven’t received Clara’s contact details. (I’ve also checked my junk folder).

    Sam xx

  • Kim

    Hi Sheryl! I just signed up for your birthing a new mother course and was wondering how I can sign in to the message boards? I’m a little over 5 weeks pregnant and am struggling with pretty intense anxiety (which is leading to a lot of sadness). So far the course seems absolutely beautiful and so helpful. I really hope I can get through this.

  • anon

    Hi Sheryl

    I have a friend who is due her 2nd child in a couple of weeks and her 1st child (now 2 yo) is struggling with extreme separation anxiety. Can you recommend me any articles to help them, please?


  • Rachel

    Dear Sheryl,

    I cannot tell you how grateful I am that I have discovered your website. I am currently 7 weeks pregnant with my 3rd child. Ever since finding out I was pregnant, I was immediately knocked down with intense anxiety, depression, and hopelessness. I am so anxious all of the time, which has impacted every aspect of my life. I am experiencing multiple panic attacks a day, and can’t stop the “what-ifs” and immense feelings of panic and regret, which then leads to guilt since I should be excited and joyful during this time. I have been constantly reaching out to my doctor and have been seeing a therapist, but it’s discouraging how “uncommon” my symptoms seem to others. I have been very confused because this is a PLANNED pregnancy and I have a very supportive family. I have felt very alone, and it seems that I am the only one who has gone through this, and I am terrified that I will never feel myself again. I am also struggling to understand why I would feel this way being my 3rd pregnancy, like why did I not feel this way the 1st two times. I already signed up for your free course and plan on signing up for the paid one as well. I am desperate to hear from someone else that has gone through this, and have someone who understands. Sam’s story really touched me, and I am praying I can be put in touch with someone to give me a glimmer of hope! I am truely desperate. I hope you can help me, as I don’t know where else to turn. Thank You.

    • Denise

      Rachel, hi I am pregnant with my 3rd child & feel the exact same way.
      I’m terrified and my anxiety is through the roof. Telling me I can not go through this again. I don’t know what to do, everyone including my husband thinks It’s just first trimester hormones, but I never felt this way with my first 2 pregnancies.

  • marie

    Dear Sheryl, I wonder if this course addresses the question of whether I want to have a child or not. I get very confused about “how di I know if I want to have a child?” because while I was growing up it has never been a dream, I never had the “I want to be a mother” desire. It is a dilemma becauser I also never “didn’t want to be a mother”, It has ever been an open ended question.
    I see some friends that have known for long that they wanted kids, to have a baby, and I wonder how I am going to know if I never had this feeling? Another friend told me: “At a certain point I felt I wanted to have babies”. And then I wonder if it wold be this way for me.

    For my husband it has also been an open ended question. We are married for 8 year now and we never had a plan about having or not having kids.It is not something that we want or that we don’t want for our lives. We could just reply for the moment: now we don’t want to have a child.

    However, I’m 35 and many of my friends are having their kids recently, so the subject is continuously emerging. Menopause is something that is not so faraway anymore – in other words, I don’t have all the time ahead of me to decide anymore. I used to think “right now I don’t want it, maybe I’ll want it someday”. But now a few has strike: to get into menopause in my forties and found out that I want to get pregnant when my chances are very lower.

    I wonder if this course addresses such feelings. If not, do you have any suggestion of book, or other resources?
    I attended your TrustYourself and Open Your Heart programs and I’m thinking about going again through Trust YourSelf bearing the question of motherhood, but I think I need something more tailored for this specific doubt – that is so common nowadays that we have the choice.

    Thank you!

    • Dear Marie: Yes, it’s such a common struggle these days now that we have the choice, and it touches directly on the place of self-trust. As such, I would encourage you to go through the self-trust course again, either on your own or with the group next time I offer it. In the meantime, while this course doesn’t necessarily cover this question in depth, it does touch on it in the first lesson on preconception, and many women have gone through the course with this exact question in mind. In other words, sometimes spending time with material that is directly focused on the motherhood transition can help bring some clarity. The course also relies heavily on journaling, and if you’re not going so already, I encourage you to start journaling daily as a way to find your clarity. If it’s available to you, you might also consider having a coaching session with me as these sessions can be transformational in terms of finding clarity:

      • Marie

        Thank you for your valuable suggestions, Sheryl!
        I’ve always been a journal person, even if not writing so regularly so to journal is a great reminder!
        It’s great that the Trust YourSelf may help me, I’ll go through it on my won and probably take the Birthing a New Mother because I also think it could help me to understand issues related to pregnancy and motherhood, maybe help to vanish out some illusions or false expectations that could be preventing me of understanding if I want or not to be a mom.
        I am doing therapy for a few years now and for me your coursers have been very complementary to the therapy work, helping me to address questions that maybe on my own would’t have emerged.
        I think the coach session is a good idea for when I’ll have gone a little bit through this resources and have fed this question with healthy throuthful information and practice.
        Thank you again for all that you share with us. All the best!

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