Sacred Sexuality: A 40-day Course for Women to Heal Body Shame and Ignite Desire

Do you struggle with your sexuality?


Do you experience a lack of desire for your partner or in general?


Do you feel shame about any aspect of your body – the way it looks, the way it smells, the way it feels?


Do you struggle with sexual touch, from kissing to hugging to making love?


Do you flinch when your partner comes close or recoil when approached for sex?


Do you feel more turned on by pursuit and longing than by presence and connection?


Do you find yourself comparing your sex life to others and imagine that everyone else is having more ecstatic and more frequent sex than you are?


If you answered yes to any one of these questions, this course is for you.

I’m so excited to be offering this information. Healthy sexuality is our vitality, our wildness, our intuition, our creativity, and our birthright – and it’s a topic that comes up all the time in my work. It’s also an area that is veiled over by tremendous taboo, and when my clients and course members talk about sexuality, it’s often in a tone that speaks to their belief that they’re the only one struggling.

You are not the only one.

In fact, I can’t think of a single person who hasn’t struggled with some aspect of their body or their sexuality at some point in their life. Our culture breeds sexual shame and body shame, which makes it very difficult if not impossible to develop a healthy relationship to our sexuality.

It’s not too late to heal.

When we excavate our shame stories,

identify the negative message,

and fearlessly explore this vulnerable, overlooked area, 

We can heal our body shame and re-wire our sexuality.

And while I will be offering a guide for those in partnership, the majority of this program is for any woman – single, dating, married, gay, straight – who would like to learn how to open the pathways and channels that lead to more aliveness, creativity, and desire.

This is the guidebook you never received.

This is the wisdom that should have been absorbed through your ancestral lineage.

This is the community of safe women who will walk alongside you as reclaim and celebrate what is rightfully yours. 

When You Sign Up For The Program, You Will Receive:

 – One email every day for 40 days that includes original content and gentle exercises to further your learning

 – Weekly videos where I will introduce each section

 – 8 original MP3 visualizations and affirmations created to help you break the unhealthy patterns that are preventing you from experiencing aliveness and desire

 – Access to a closely moderated and private forum. My private forums are exceptionally supportive communities where people feel safe enough to be vulnerable and do very deep work.

 – Group coaching calls where you will have the chance to ask your questions and bring your concerns directly to me. All calls are recorded and your questions will be answered regardless of whether or not you can attend the calls.

 – Lifetime access to all of the materials

Are you ready to reclaim the aliveness and desire that are your birthright? If so, take my hand, and let’s begin.

The January 2023 live round is now full and closed. You can sign up for the self-paced option below and join the next live round in January 2024 – which includes forum support and access to the live group coaching calls – for an additional fee.

"I so appreciated your gentle approach and focus on connection as opposed to the mechanics of lovemaking. Sex is a sensitive and dicey subject, but in your hands, it is smooth, natural and wholesome."

“I wanted to tell you how much I loved this course! I so appreciated your gentle approach and focus on connection as opposed to the mechanics of lovemaking. I always found your emails and thoughts on the calls encouraging and empowering and never judgmental or deflating. I particularly liked your email on fantasies. I found that to be so insightful and wise. Sex is a sensitive and dicey subject, but in your hands, it is smooth, natural and wholesome.

“Thank you for this course and for your intelligence and compassion on the topic. I am sad it is over as I so liked reading or hearing your kind and loving words. I will continue to practice speaking with that voice to myself.”

LB, Evanston, IL.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you. I can't find the words to say what I feel properly because it's all been so strong and visceral that what I have to say is still at the level of body."

“I guess all the insights will settle and I will be more articulate about it all. This course has left me in a position where I feel emotionally naked and where I can’t regurgitate what we did because the whole process was one of desentangling and experiencing with my deepest self and I had never really stopped to do that with my sexuality. Thank you, you’re such a goddess and a blessing.

“I set off for the course of sacred sexuality with great curiosity and the wish to continue learning on such a sensitive subject and I ended up discovering that it has been much more than a set of classes and tools to live a full and healthy sexuality. It’s really been a therapy where we were invited to dive into our deepest and most vulnerable selves to unravel and dig into what our relationship with our own bodies is, how our family history has influenced us and how culture has shaped us. It has been a very empowering journey in that I could begin to reclaim my right as a woman who feels alive and who needs to nurture her sexual life in a sacred way. This course lit up my present moment and showed me the steps to follow from now on and yes, I’ve also learned plenty of tools about the topic as I’d expected. Nevertheless and above all, this course has provided me with greater insights into who I am, what I need and where those needs originate in order to honor and live my sexuality with greater mindfulness and self-compassion. Thank you, Sheryl, and the great tribe of women who held my hand along the way.”

Georgina, Argentina

"Sheryl, thank you for writing a course that asks and answers the very questions I've struggled with all my life."

“I needed every single lesson so much and have been really blessed to have a place to shine a light on areas of life that usually hide in darkness. The healing has begun and I’m so grateful.

“To all the participants—you are brave and beautiful and thank you each and every one for what you shared. Reading each other’s stories has been so healing, and I’m grateful to each of you for opening up. I feel crazy blessed to know you here.”

Julia, Chicago, IL

"Sheryl, as the guiding one, you brought the perfect measure of challenging and supportiveness for me. Thanks for developing such a great course and for sharing your own vulnerabilities, too."

“Like some others who commented on feelings of loss that this course is ending, I totally feel the same. It has been so wonderful being a part of this community of brave women, and probably the biggest realisation I came to was just how widespread my own (closed down) experience of sex is.

“That knowledge alone has given me a chink of openness to work with and to expand into, and also I notice a sense of almost suffragette determination that I will reclaim my sexuality/sensuality… because how sad is it that we are all missing out! So, thanks for all the courage and eloquence in the postings, there was so much deep sharing, it was amazing and humbling to be a part of it.

“And Sheryl, as the guiding one, you brought the perfect measure of challenging and supportiveness for me. Thanks for developing such a great course and for sharing your own vulnerabilities too. The safe space that the emails and live sessions created were absolute bedrock to everything else.

“I put aside a day a week to immerse myself in the course material and the subject generally. This was just such a precious investment, I only hope I can continue to carve out that time and space for sacred, feminine me. There was something you wrote about having to nurture the feelings from the smallest embers, I have found the commitment and importance (ie dedicated time) I have given this course acts as a fan on those embers too and I start seeing how much sexuality extends way beyond that thing you do between the sheets. Sexual energy seems to be always everywhere in those moments of being attuned to it. It’s sublime really.

“Thanks again to you all. I will miss this.”

Nicky, Sydney, Australia

"Sheryl, I can't thank you enough for your wisdom and guidance over these 40 days. I have learned so much from this course and have had moments of being more open and confident in my womanhood than I can ever remember."

“To my fellow course members: Thank you all so much for your vulnerability and support and brilliance. I am inspired by you all. It was great to explore such a sensitive and important topic in this warm and nurturing community. Thank you!”

Amanda, Washington DC

"I have followed Sheryl’s work for 4 years now and have done all her courses at least once. As soon as I heard she was creating a course on “Sacred Sexuality” I knew we were in for a treat. Her course has helped me arrive at the threshold of my own self-exploration, knowing I have nothing to fear out there in the world or within myself. I thank her with all my heart for the work she does, for the angel she is and for the gift she offers us all."

“I have followed Sheryl’s work for 4 years now and have done all her courses at least once. As soon as I heard she was creating a course on “Sacred Sexuality” I knew we were in for a treat. This course taught me first and foremost that sexuality is pure and innocent. Having grown up in a strong Catholic environment, I attached sex to impurity, sin, lust and shame – unless of course it was for the purpose of making a baby! Having become infertile, I really struggled to love my body and embrace sex which ultimately had no goal in place other than pleasure and joy. I felt shame for doing it and shame for not doing it! Relationship anxiety seeped through every cell of my body so that I was frozen, frigid and unable to even be touched. I was trapped within my own body and I hated it.

“As the days unveiled themselves throughout the course, I felt little glimmers of awakening within my own body. I put no pressure to bring this awakening to the bedroom. But instead, I just cradled myself, metaphorically, through the programme. I immersed myself in nature, inspired by Sheryl’s words, her soothing voice, her amazingly attentive support on the forum. And in this way, without much force or effort, I softened. There was no earth shattering, miraculous, instant release from my fear and inhibition. It was subtle, yet quite magical in its own right.

“It taught me that sexuality is about so much more than sex. It is about feeling alive, confident, strong, yet childlike, innocent and vulnerable all at once. It is a part of our being from the moment we are born that has an impact on everything within our life – our intimate relationships, our relationships outside, our career path, our choice of where we live…. It is about where we belong, first and foremost within our own Self. On that note, whilst I am still gently working with my ongoing body issues, I have recently made a decision in my life that Sheryl’s “Sacred Sexuality” course has undoubtedly lead me to. I have just started my Diploma in Counselling and am embarking on a whole new vocation which before “meeting” Sheryl, I could never have begun to imagine myself doing. Her course has helped me arrive at the threshold of my own self-exploration, knowing I have nothing to fear out there in the world or within myself. I thank her with all my heart for the work she does, for the angel she is and for the gift she offers us all.”

Zoe, UK

"The Sacred Sexuality course is unlike anything else. With all the damaging masculine-driven messages we receive, this course is a much-needed antidote!"

“The Sacred Sexuality course is unlike anything else. With all the damaging masculine-driven messages we receive, this course is a much-needed antidote! It was so valuable to explore important topics, such as more covert types of abuse, learned messages about sex from culture and family, and what satisfying sex can look like. A wonderfully transformative part of the course is the ‘body love’ section. What fantastic bodies we all have! Thank you, Sheryl, for your wisdom and consistent, steadfast, refreshing, point of view.”

D.R., Boston, MA

"Your course: it's the best way to start the morning. It really is a masterpiece. This course, the lessons, the calls helped me find the divine feminine place inside myself that isn't always accessible in the fast-moving world. I write this with a deep smile of gratitude"

“Your course: it’s the best way to start the morning. It really is a masterpiece.

“What did I get from it? The way the course was designed allowed me to explore my sexual history, the origin of my beliefs, and my current struggles with curiosity, gentleness, and even compassion. I felt an invisible web of connection to all the women in the group and the healing which comes from women supporting women.

“This course, the lessons, the calls helped me find the divine feminine place inside myself that isn’t always accessible in the fast-moving world. I write this with a deep smile of gratitude.”

Kimberly, Pasadena, CA

"I’d like to thank Sheryl from the bottom of my heart and express how much I appreciated and loved the work and messages she's spreading about love and sexuality in this course."

“Her insights and exercises make sensitive souls like myself, and the other women who are familiar with her work around relationship focused anxiety, feel like someone finally “gets us” and is in a position of power to spread this message to other like-minded women. I don’t know where I’d be if I hadn’t found her work years ago! This course on sacred sexuality, specifically, allowed me to relax into what is and become much more self aware and helped me realize that I’m far from abnormal in what I, and many others, experience around anxiety about sex and intimacy. It taught me that sexuality all begins with me taking responsibility for my own arousal and not my partner, as well as helped me broaden my definition of what sex is. Now, when sexual “shoulds” pop into my mind, I’ve found myself hearing Sheryl’s voice and the wise voices of other women on this forum telling me to relax and that it’s all normal. It’s been so helpful for me to read the other posts and hear from other women struggling with the same things as me. It can feel so isolating to think you’re the only one at times or that there’s something wrong with you or your relationship. I highly recommend this course if much of your anxiety revolves around sex.”

K.C., California

"This course has been a wonderful opportunity for me to uproot old thoughts and behaviors that weren't working for me and instead plant the seeds for healthier, more compassionate practices that will help me as an I individual, and in my partnership with my fiancé."

“Thank you to everyone on this forum, and to you, Sheryl! This course has been a wonderful opportunity for me to uproot old thoughts and behaviors that weren’t working for me and instead plant the seeds for healthier, more compassionate practices that will help me as an I individual, and in my partnership with my fiancé. I am so grateful for everyone’s genuine kindness and thoughtfulness.”

JM, Seattle

"I just wanted to say thank you for the sexuality course and to tell you how it has helped me! The practices in the course have allowed me to tap into my own sexuality and aliveness in ways I did not know possible, and I have noticed flickers of desire sparked by my different senses, sound, small and taste."

“I just wanted to say thank you for the sexuality course and to tell you how it has helped me! I didn’t expect the body/self-love section of the course to be so powerful for me, as I do appreciate my body. However, I found the emails in this section touched a deeper layer and showed me where I have healing to do in this area. I’ve noticed the small actions you suggested in the course making a positive impact on the way I feel about myself. I also realised properly for the first time how the body is connected to the mind and the soul.

“Examining cultural, family and religious messages around sex was also eye opening. And I realise I’ve got more work to do here. The practices in the course have allowed me to tap into my own sexuality and aliveness in ways I did not know possible, and I have noticed flickers of desire sparked by my different senses, sound, small and taste.

“After the first 2 weeks of the course my partner and I weren’t in the same country, so I had time to focus on the material without worrying about how I felt around him. Which I think was quite beneficial. When we did reunite I felt particularly alive in myself and connected to my sexuality. We made love, and I think perhaps for the first time I felt completely open-hearted during it. I felt “in love” feelings and very connected to him and myself. That following day we had a really lovely day and felt really happy, and so grateful I had done this course. A few days after that my ego kicked in and I spiralled into anxiety, picking him and our sex life to parts, but I am accustomed to this work now and know how fear mind works!

“I think the forum was really beneficial for me (whereas in contrast I find the forums in the break free course really anxiety provoking) but I found this one a good way to unload our emotions and stories in an anonymous way. I loved all the meditations you shared, and the group calls were very helpful too.

“The course helped me in ways I didn’t expect. It’s very subtle but powerful at the same time. Now I want to share some of the learnings with my partner…”

C.P., U.K.


  1. Wow. I can’t believe how much this course speaks to me. What is the time commitment for this course?

    • The daily commitment is around 15-30 minutes a day – some days less, some days a bit more.

    • Is it only for women? What if I am a male and feel the same (lack of desire, struggle with sexual touch,…)

      • Yes, this course is only for women.

        • Is this suitable for queer folks that identify as female as well as non-binary? I am very much aligned with my female body and I also feel a sense of bothness…in my gender and body expression.

          • Yes as long as you identify as female it will apply to you. Maybe not every email but the overall messages will resonate.

  2. Hi- Would love to be notified when registration opens. Thanks!

    • If you add your information to the box above you’ll be one of the first to be notified when registration opens.

  3. Hey Sheryl,

    I resonate with lots of things on this course, but something that holds me back from being intimate with my partner is a medical matter (not serious, just painful). Do you think this course could help me overcome that fear?

    (to give it more context, being intimate with my partner triggers Cystitis and it has done for the entire time we have been together, making me pretty reluctant to be intimate.)

    So when he initiates it I recoil usually, often its because of my fear of getting cystitis…

    However I have really struggled with everything you mentioned above to in other relationships as well as my present one.

    • Yes, the course will help you navigate through this difficult territory.

    • What time does it start on Saturday.
      I’m on the east coast – Conn.
      I’m out in the early morning

      • The daily emails arrive at 3am ET and you can read them at any time.

  4. Do you approximately when the next time you will offer this course will be?

  5. I meant: Do you *know* approximately when the next time you will offer this course will be?

    • I really don’t know, Dana. My guess is that I’ll run it again in about 6 months, but possibly sooner.

  6. Oh man! I worked through the Relationship Anxiety course in an attempt to work on *exactly* what this new course focuses on! Hopefully I can save up for the next round. You are a treasure, Sheryl! I’m so glad I found your work.

    • All my courses dovetail with each other, which means that the foundation you’ve received in Break Free will only serve you when you’re ready to take this course. I’ll look forward to seeing you then!

  7. I’m scared and intrigued. I have avoided and ignored this area of my life for 20 years and my resentment and grief has grown as a result. I have a lovely husband but we do not have sacred sex and my desire is low. I’ve never had an orgasm (with anyone) and I don’t get much out of masturbation 🙁

    Writing that down is so depressing/confronting and that’s why I’m scared to sign up for this course.

    • I admire your courage to share here, and I assure you that this will be a very, very safe place in which to explore this underground area in your life. And trust me when I say that you’re far from alone with your experiences, and that sacred sexuality has nothing to do with having an orgasm. If you’re ready, I encourage you to take the leap.

  8. Hi Sheryl, I will do this course the next time round. I hope you will still be offering it for as long as possible. Its a main and common problem in our society

    • Me too, I cannot take it this summer but I do hope you offer it again!

  9. Oh man, I wish I had the money for this right now! I’ll definitely be keeping tabs on the next round and saving up. Thank you, Sheryl.

    • I’ll look forward to seeing you there ;).

  10. Dearest Sheryl, I’m in for the 24th! Yes, it was so challenging to make it money wise but then I changed my priorities for two or three months and I enrolled and payed yesterday. Sheryl, should I have received a confirmation e-mail? Because I haven’t. I remember getting passwords etc in an e-mail from previous courses. Thank you and I look forward to getting started. Love from Argentina!

    • You’re all set, Georgina, and I’m so glad you’ll be joining us! There’s no confirmation link; you’ll receive your first email on 6/21 announcing the forum registration then your first course email on June 24th. Welcome!

  11. Thank you Sheryl! Look forward to 24 June ?

  12. Bravo Sheryl for what I’m sure will be so informative for so many. Not able to register this time around – and I hope men have/will sign up for this course now and in the future. As they say – takes 2 to tango.

  13. Hi Sheryl,

    Looking forward to taking the course! I submitted the first installment payment via Pay Pal and received confirmation that it was accepted. However, should I be receiving an email with details about the course this week? I just wanted to ensure the payment was processed and I was enrolled in the course.

    Thank you,

    • Hi Larrisa – You’re all set! There was a glitch in the system and nobody received a confirmation email, but you should have received the forum registration email last night. If not, please contact Kathryn, my assistant, at [email protected]. Welcome to the course ;).

  14. Oh jeez, I did the US >> CAD currency exchange, audibly gasped and then…confirmed order anyways. 100% committed, now!

    • And you just got one of the last spots, Hillary. Welcome aboard. (And I know it’s a crazy exchange!)

  15. Is this appropriate for men as well? Keep up the amazing work you do Sheryl, you are truly a gift from the universe.

    • Thank you, Julie. No, this course is only for women. I just can’t get into the male body to know how they experience their sexuality, but I SO wish I could for a day or a week!

  16. Can this course help me be more in my body?

    • Absolutely. That’s basically what the course is about.

  17. Dear Sheryl,

    I wrote a little about my story on the “Something is wrong” post.
    I am dealing with ROCD and HOCD.
    I’m from Argentina, and even though I’m already in therapy, I’ve been thinking about joining the Break free from Relationship Anxiety course (I’m saving money!)
    But then I felt like I should join this course as well, not only because it’s nice to learn about healthy sexuality, but because I’ve been wondering if maybe my Relationship anxiety has to do something with an event that happened earlier in my life.
    I was sexually abused when I was 10 years old.
    And I was thinking that maybe that was something to have in mind when it comes to intimacy and love, because I’ve been in a relationship with a wonderful man for almost 3 years now, and around this time last year the thoughts made their appearance, and now I seem to feel more shy and “shut down” than when my relationship started. When my relationship begun I’d feel so relaxed and so open, and when the thoughts showed up, I started to shut down myself.
    Perhaps this course will help me with this issue? Do you think that maybe there’s a connection?
    Hope you can answer me this.
    Thanks so much for your work, it has helped me a lot.

    • Dear Cel: This course will absolutely help you with this issue, and I would say that there’s definitely a connection. Hope to see you there.

      • Thank you SO much for answer me. It really made me good.
        I can’t wait to join in! Xx

  18. Hi- I have been in a loving relationship for 6 years. I have never had a big sex drive and every partner I’ve had I tend to clam up during sex and just want it to be over. It is so hard for me to allow myself to enjoy it. My boyfriend is very loving but during sex i feel like he gets caught up and forgets about my needs. It makes me shut down and when I try to tell him it ruins the mood. A lot of times after sex I feel like I’m going to cry. I feel like he doesn’t care about making me feel good and I also feel like something is wrong with me. I’m only 25 and have had 0 sex drive for years. My boyfriend is loving but less expressive than I am, and I know I’m projecting a lot onto him. I’ve never been sexually abused so I don’t know where this anxiety is coming from. I also feel pressure bc we don’t have a good sex life and I don’t want this to negatively affect our relationship or marriage down the road. Would this course help me with these issues? And in the meantime before it starts again in January do you have any advice? Thank you so much for everything you do!

    • The course would absolutely be helpful to you, Jane, as it would help you learn how to express your needs more clearly and understand and accept your sexuality. In the meantime, I suggest that you read all of my past posts on sexuality, which you can find by googling “ + sex”.

      • Thank you so much! Looking forward to January!

  19. You would likely learn a lot about yourself and your sexuality through the course, Rita, but if you feel that your primary struggle right now is relationship anxiety then I would recommend the e-course.

  20. Hi Sheryl, I signed up and am so excited to be part of the next round of this course! I confirmed my email address, but the page said “check your email now” and I did not receive anything further.. should I have? Just don’t want to miss anything! Thanks

  21. Hi Sheryl,

    I recently completed your Conscious Weddings e-course and found it incredibly insightful and helpful. Now that I’m married, I made a promise to myself that the next issue I’d focus on was my struggle with sexuality and body image, so this sounds perfect. I just wanted to ask about something mentioned in a recent article about part of the course involving abstaining from the mainstream media’s portrayal of sexuality – I work in entertainment, so that will not be possible for me. How integral an apart of the course experience is that component?


    • As with all of my courses, the suggestions I offer are simply that: suggestions. We all do the best we can given our particular life circumstances, and the course will still be beneficial even if you can’t abstain completely from mainstream media.

  22. I struggle with relationship anxiety and have debated for a long time about taking the Break Free course. However, I feel the Sacred Sexuality course could not be more pertinent in my life right now. To get the most benefit out of your courses, does it make sense to take the Break Free course first, or does it not matter either way? I’ve been in a committed relationship for the past 2 years and we have recently had to begin doing long distance for the time being.

    • If your sense is that this course would be more pertinent then I encourage you to take it.

  23. I am very interested in this course, but I’m wondering if it’s necessary to keep up with it daily, or could I work on it at my own pace or on weekends? Thanks!

    • You can absolutely work at your own pace. Most people do!

  24. Hi Sheryl,

    I’ve just registered for this course (Dec 22), and have yet to receive a confirmation email. The payment has already gone through, so can you please confirm I am indeed registered?

    Thanks in advance and looking forward to learning with you and others!


    • You’re all set, Julia. There was a glitch with the confirmation email but you’re on the list and set to go!

      • Great! Thank you for confirming 🙂

  25. Hi there! Do you offer this course to couples, or is it just for women? Do you have an e-course that couples can work through on these issues at their own pace?

    • This course is just for women and I don’t have a sexuality course for couples.

  26. Hi Sheryl,

    I was actually going to ask something similar to Cel and was wondering if this course would be something for me? I was sexually abused by my stepfather at age 17 and assaulted by my stepbrother ages 20-24. I did not talk about it, until there was a “straw that broke the camel’s back”, 7 years later. Before this time, I had an incredible relationship with my boyfriend for 3 years. After disclosure, I closed my heart. I completely shut down. The relationship anxiety reared it’s head and I kept thinking it was something to do with my relationship. I’ve had this “ick” feeling everyday for 3+ years now. I experienced a big decline in my sexual interest after being re-triggered but it has gotten better – especially since moving out of the home with my stepfather. My desire does come in ebbs and flows. If you could please let me know if this would be something I should consider, please let me know. I just want to get myself back and get rid of the “ick”.

    • Hi Chantal: If you’ve addressed the sexual abuse and assault through therapy and groups then yes, I would recommend the course for you, but if not I highly recommend that you seek professional help to work through the trauma first.

      • Thank you, Sheryl. I am currently seeing a wonderful therapist working thorough it. I’ll look in to this course when I heal more from the trauma.

  27. Is it too late to get in on this round?

  28. Hello Sheryl! I would love to sign up for notification when registration opens up again in June 2018, but I can’t see any link to sign up on? Can you please sign me up or direct me to the right area?

    Thank you,

    • The box is about 1/4 way down the page. If you’re not seeing it, please try to load the page on a different browser.

  29. Hi,

    I am male, and am struggling in this area. Many of the questions you asked apply to me. Is this course helpful for men as well?


    • This course is exclusively for women but if you’re signed up for my mailing list you will be informed of future courses that may apply to men.

  30. Hi Sheryl, so much of the course resonates with my past and present struggles, however I don’t have anyone (yet) to share my learnings with. Can singles also participate?

    • Absolutely! The last third of the course is directed toward those in partnership but even those can be modified for singles. I had several singles in my last round and they loved it.

  31. I’m in the middle of doing the sacred sexuality course but I haven’t received the emails for the last couples of days (22, 23 and nothing as of yet today). I’ve checked my inbox and spam folders to double check and can’t find anything. I’ve also not received the recording for the last group call, although I’m not sure if it’s been sent yet anyway.
    Please could I get some help with this
    Many thanks!

    • I’ve sent this to my assistant and she’ll help you today.

  32. I’d like to be notified about the 2019 course! Thanks Sheryl! I just found your site and videos in the last month and they have brought me so much peace and calm. I can’t wait to try one of your courses!

    • Welcome to my work, Christina :). If you’d like to be notified of the next round you can fill in your information in the box above and you’ll receive an email. See you there ;).

  33. Hi Sheryl, I love your work and this year I invested in the anxiety course. It’s already changed my life for the better this year. I definitely am interested in taking my education and healing a step further with the sacred sexuality course. Is this course different than your relationship anxiety course? When will it be avaibale to start? I’m anxious to get working on this subject as it’s a big need in my personal relationship that I’ve been in now for 3.5+ years. 🙂 it seems that after the “honeymoon phase” wears off, I really struggle with this. Your knowledge and insight has been so life changing, I’m hoping this course opens up soon!

    • Hi Mary: I’ll be running the next round in January, and as long as you’re signed up for the early bird list you’ll receive the notification when registration opens. This course is completely different from the Break Free From Relationship Anxiety E-Course; no overlap. I’m so glad the Break Free course has been helpful and I look forward to connecting on this one!

  34. Would this course be helpful for someone whose primary issue is HOCD? I have avoided taking it out of fear and that it would be very triggering. I think I have a lot of issues about intimacy and *sensuality* as relates to same-sex friendship that are getting conflated with sexuality, but since this course is primarily about *sexuality*, I am not sure if it would address this other side of the coin. Thanks!

    • This course is not about HOCD or any intrusive thoughts. It addresses sexuality directly. For intrusive thoughts I recommend my book, “The Wisdom of Anxiety.”

  35. Dear Sheryl, this course sounds great! But i have a question. I’ve been around on the internet to find a course that could help me deal with sexual shame and loss of desire. What i fpund (until i found your course) where a lot of tantra courses. But these courses all have a (in my view) very stereotype idea about masculine and feminine and the roles man and women are supposed to have with regards to sexuality. I don’t like that at all, ie ‘women are more passive, men are more active’ etc.
    So my question is, how do you see this, and do you think a man should have a different role in sexuality as a woman? (apart from, obviously, the physical differences)?
    Warm regards,

    • I don’t subscribe to that demarcation of gender differences. Regardless of gender, we can take on any role in sex, and in my view, sexuality isn’t about roles at all but is about connecting deeply in vulnerable ways.

      • Thanks so much for your reply! I totally agree with you and will subscribe to your course as soon as my next salary arrives!

  36. Dear Sheryl, it is my dear husband who is paralyzed by sexual and body shame, anxiety and lack of desire. It was not always this way. In the beginning we were fire, so passionate strangers would approach us on the street to comment on our amazing chemistry. I miss this part of him and our relationship so much. He wishes things were different but the things he’s tried seem to increase the shame and anxiety. Is this course exclusively for women?

    Many thanks,


    • It sounds like there may be old shame and trauma arising for him and could benefit from the support of a loving and skilled therapist. Yes, this course is for women, but I know that there is wonderful support out there for men.

  37. Hey Sheryl!
    Can this course also be for couples?
    My boyfriend and I are super in love but when it comes to us having sex (which during a pandemic and continuing quarantine, and living together ie seeing each other all the time) it’s been challenging… I have my sexual experience baggage and he is not very confident sexually, self-concious about his body & very focussed on wanting to please me, which created additional pressure for both of us…
    I have a feeling this course might help but am not sure a) if he’s open for it and b) if its good for couples to do together..?
    Thanks so much in advance ❤️

    • Hi Laura: The course isn’t intended for couples as it’s very much focused on what it is to be a woman in a female body BUT I imagine he would also benefit from many of the emails and core concepts that I share in the course. You’re more than welcome to take it together :).

      • Thank you 🙂

  38. What time are the group calls? I would be interested in taking this course (if there is still capacity), but as I am in Europe, I am not sure whether the groups calls would work with my timezone.

    Kind regards,

    • I’m listing the dates/times for the group calls below (the times are U.S. Eastern Standard Time), but rest assured, they will all be recorded, so if you miss any, you can listen to the recordings later.

      Call 1: Tuesday Jan 12 at 5:10pm ET
      Call 2: Thursday Jan 21 at 1:15pm ET
      Call 3: Thursday Jan 28 at 3:30pm ET

      This round is filling fast but there some spots left. I hope to see you there.

  39. Will there be a self-paced version offered after the live round starts? I want to take the course, but I don’t know that I have capacity this month to focus on the course. Thank you!!

  40. Hi Sheryl, I’m half way through the Relationship Anxiety course and I’m wondering if I should sign up for the Sacred Sexuality live course as well since I definitely have both relationship and sex anxiety. Do you think it’s not good that I’m overlapping the courses? Thank you.

    • If you have the space and time, you could definitely do both as they do complement each other.

      • Thank you. See you then 🙂

  41. Hi Sheryl

    Does this course help in overcoming shame around casual sex, and owning it?

  42. Hi Sheryl,

    i just wanted to ask if this course can also be helpful if you are a virgin? In the past i was always the pursuer in relationsships and always thought I dont want to sleep with them because it didnt feel safe. But now I am in a commited relationship but I just cant “bring” myself to be sleep with my bf or even to have much sexual desire (I also did the break free course, and found it immensly helpful!!) Thank you so much for your work!!

    • Absolutely applicable if you’re a virgin. x

  43. What time zone do you run the ‘live’ session in?

  44. Hi Sheryl!
    I am looking to take both this course and the relationship anxiety course. Do you think I should wait and do each one separately? Or do you think having them overlap is fine?

    Thank you so much for all that you do!

    • You can take both courses at once. If it feels like too much, you could put the relationship anxiety course on hold until this one is over. You have lifetime access to all material in both courses, so you can pace yourself as needed.

  45. Would this be a good course to take for someone who has a lot of religious trauma around purity culture?

  46. Dear Sheryl, I would love to take this course. I almost finished the break free from relationship anxiety course. But I have a question regarding pregnancy. I am pregnant and i don’t know if this course would be a good combination with my pregnancy (because of all the things changing physically and emotionally) or if I should wait?
    Ps. Your work saved me in so many ways, thank you! Best, Rebecca from Denmark.

    • Rebecca: If you’re feeling ready to address your sexuality then it’s a great time to do so. Some women feel drawn to this aspect of their lives during their pregnancy and some turn away from it. I’m hearing readiness in you to address it now, which can be good timing before baby arrives, but of course trust what feels aligned for you. I’m so glad my work has been helpful 🙏🏽.

  47. What dates/times are the group calls?

    • Hi Sarah: Here are the call times:
      1. 1/19 at 1:30pm ET
      2. 1/31 at 4pm ET
      3. 2/16 at 1:30pm ET
      Keep in mind that all calls are recorded in case you can’t make the live event.


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